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A Series Of Unfortunate EventsBook Reviews    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

The Bad Beginning

4 ThrillsKlaus, Violet, and Sunny Baudelaire's entire world changed when their parents are tragically killed in a fire that destroys their house. Their parents stipulated that they be sent to live with a relative, but unfortunately the only one available is Count Olaf. Olaf runs a theatre company with some unusual people in it - a man with hooks for hands, a person who looks more liked a monster than a person, and some other odd looking people. Olaf is cruel to the chilcren and forces them to not only cook their own meals, but to cook for the people in Theatre company as well. If cooking were their only chore it would be bad enough, but each day Olaf had a list of impossibly hard chores for the children to do and beat them if they were not done right. The children learn that they will inherit a fortune once Violet, who is 14, becomes an adult. When Olaf learns of the fortune he begins to scheme of ways to get his hands on it. He decides the best way to get it is to force Violet to marry him. The three children decide that will not do and work on a way to avoid it. Klaus, 12, is the researcher and planner of the group, Violet the inventor, and Sunny is.... well, an infant. They decide to try and get in touch with Mr. Poe, a friend of their parents' who works at a bank and who took them in for a night before they came to Olaf's house. When they tell him what is going on, he does not believe anyone can be that cruel and thinks they are making it up. Now there is no one to help them. Can the Baudelaires figure out a way to deal with Olaf? Can they keep him from forcing Violet to marry him? Will their lives ever get any better? Read The Bad Beginning to find out!

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The Reptile Room

4 ThrillsSunny, Violet, and Klaus Baudelaire are three orphans. After their parents' deaths they are sent to live with their evil uncle, Count Olaf, who wanted to steal their inheritance by forcing Violet to marry him. The kids manage to escape Olaf and are sent to live with a very distant relative, a nice man named Dr. Montgomery. The interesting thing about Dr. Montgomery is that he has a Reptile Room because he is a herpetologist, or snake expert. More than that, he makes yummy things to eat, and even plans to take him with him to Peru to explore. As usual, things don't go right for the Baudelaire orphans. A mysterious and evil man shows up and things start to get weird.... and bad. First there is the deadly snake, then a car accident, and finally a murder. The kids are caught in the middle of it all. Can they stay alive despite all the danger around them? Can they figure out what is going on and why, and stop it? Will there lives ever consist of anything other than unfortunate events? Read The Reptile room to find out!

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The Wide Window

4 ThrillsViolet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are taken by Mr. Poe to stay with another very distant relative, Aunt Josephine, their second cousin's sister-in-law. They go to live with her in house on a cliff at the top of a mountain overlooking Lake Lachrymose. They soon find out the Aunt Josephine is afraid of everything. She refuses to use her radiator to warm her house in case it explodes, she won't use the phone in case it electrocutes her, and she eats her food cold because she is afraid of being burned. She does have one joy in her life though - grammar. She constantly correct Violet, Klaus, and Sunny's grammar, but at least it's better than living with Count Olaf. Just when they start to think things are as bad as they will get, the Count himself shows up as Captain Sham, the captain of a ship. Even though he has managed to fool Aunt Josephine, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny know who he is and what he is after - their fortune. Very suddenly Aunt Josephine appears to commits suicide talking on the phone to Captain Sham. Not only that, but has left the children's care to him. Can the Baudelaire children escape from Count Olaf? Will they be able to keep him from getting their fortune? What really happened to Aunt Josephine? Read The Wide Window to find out!

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The Miserable Mill

4 ThrillsViolet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire have once again managed to elude Count Olaf and his schemes and are being taken by Mr. Poe to yet another distant relative (called Sir by everyone because no one knows how to say his name). This time they are going to the Paltryville, to Lucky Smells Lumbermill where they are put to work. They live in a crowded, damp dorm, have to share on bunk, eat only one meal a day plus chewing gum for lunch, and have to work with sharp saw blades. No one who works in the mill gets paid, they only get coupons they cannot use. Klaus breaks his glasses and when he goes to Dr. Orwell, the optometrist for new ones, the kids realize the receptionist is really Count Olaf pretending to be Shirley. Klaus is hypnotized and becomes a mindless drone rather than a person with his own mind. When the kids meet the receptionist from down the street they realize he is really Count Olaf pretending to be Shirley. The optometrist and Count Olaf are working together to get the kids' fortune. Can they unhynotize Klaus and return him to normal? Will the kids be able to escape from Count Olaf yet again?Will they be able to leave the dreadful conditions at the mill and find a better place to live? Read The Miserable Mill to find out!

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The Austere Academy

4 ThrillsViolet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are sent to live at a boarding school called Prufrock Preparatory School, which they think is a great idea as they will actually get to go to classes. However, there is something strange about the school. There is a large stone arch with the school's motto, "Memento Mori", carved on it. When translated the motto means "Remember you will die." The nice thing about being at the school is that they are safe from Count Olaf, who wants the fortune their parents left them when they died. However, Vice Principal Nero is not a big improvement on Count Olaf and he makes them live in the Orphan Shack. The Orphan Shack is made of tin and is decorated with little green hearts. There is a strange dripping fungus inside it, and crabs that crawl around and grab the orphans' toes live there. The schooling that the kids were so excited about proves to not be what they expected. Vice Principal Nero subjects the students to six-hour violin recitals, harsh punishments, and huge comprehensive exams. The Baudelaires make some friends with two out of three triplets who are also orphaned, named the Quagmires who have bad situations of their own. When Count Olaf shows up, this time disguised as Coach Genghis, the Quagmires try to help. Naturally having help only serves to make things worse, as is always the case with the Baudelaire orphans. Can the Baudelaires get away from Count Olaf yet again? Can they find somewhere better to live than at Prufrock Preparatory School? Will their new friends be able to help? Read The Austere Academy to find out!

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The Ersatz Elevator

4 ThrillsThe Baudelaire orphans have been sent to live in a fancy new 71-bedroom home on 667 Dark Avenue. The owner of the house is Esme Gigi Geniveve Squalor, the city's sixth most important financial advisor, and her kindly husband, Jerome. Esme is into trendy causes and the most current cause is orphans. However, the most currently out trend is elevators, so in order to reach the penthouse where the Squalors live, the Baudelaires have to climb 66 flights of stairs. Mr. Squalor seems to really like the children, which is a change for them as no one ever likes them just for themselves. The Baudelaires find a secret passage in the elevator shaft and try to figure out where it goes and what it is for. When Count Olaf shows up again in Disguise, no one will believe them as to who he is and what he is after. He and Esme run off together, taking something the Baudelaires value with them. They do worry though about what has happened to their friends from the Austere Academy - the Quagmires who Count Olaf kidnapped. This time instead of avoiding Count Olaf, they are actually trying to find him and save their friends. In the midst of all that is happening, they manage to figure out what they initials V.F.D> mean. Can they use this information to help them? Can they find and save the Quagmires? Can they stop Count Olaf for once and for all? Read The Ersatz Elevator to find out!

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The Vile Village

4 ThrillsMr. Poe is unable to find any more relatives, no matter how distant, to send the Baudelaire orphans to so he allows them to fo to a guardian program. The motto of the program is "It takes a village to raise a child" and is quite libel in attitude. The kids are taken by bus to a village called V.F.D. or Village of Fowl Devotees, which are the mysterious initials that had to do with the Quagmire triplets' disappearance. V.F.D. is overrun by crows to the point it looks like night even during the day. The oddest thing about it though is the noise. The crows aren't making any noise except the noise of their flying. The town has a Council of Elders, who make the rule of the town and wear crow hats, who made it a rule that no one can hurt a crow. Breaking a rule in the town can lead to be being burned at the stake. The Baudelaires move in with Hector, a handyman in the village, and for a brief time are content. Hector feeds them well and actually quietly breaks come of the rules. The orphans, as well as Hector, have chores they must do every day in the village. The kids find some couplets written by Isabel Quagmire under a tree, which makes them wonder even more where the Quagmires are. They learn that Count Olaf, or Count Omar as he is known in V.F.D., has been captured. However before they can find out if this is true or not, Count Olaf is mysteriously murdered. The detective in charge of the investigation turns out to be Count Olaf in disguise, and before they know it the Baudelaires have been accused of murdering the Count. Can they prove that the detective is the Count? Can they get out of this horrible town? Will they ever find a safe and happy place to live? Read The Vile Village to find out!

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The Hostile Hospital

4 ThrillsThe Baudelaire orphans had their pictures printed on The front page of The Daily Punctilio because they were falsely accused of murdering Jacques Snicket (aka Count Olaf), and ever since they have been fugitives. They used a hot air balloon to escape from Count Olaf, who is very much alive, but the balloon deflated and they are left in the middle of nowhere. They become hospital volunteers for a group called VFD (Volunteers Fighting Disease) who sing and handing out balloons to patients. They end up at Heimlich Hospital, where they work in the records department which gives them a chance to find information about their parents' deaths and about Count Olaf. They find some clues and a picture just as Count Olaf's girlfriend finds them and manages to capture Violet. Violet is anesthetized and readied for a cranioectomy, a surgery in which her head will be removed. The other two orphans try desperately to find her. Count Olaf tries to trap them in the hospital after it is on fire, but they manage to jump into the trunk of his car as he is speeding away. Will Count Olaf be able to give Violet a cranioectomy? Will the Baudelaires be able to prove that there is no Jacques Snicket and that Count Olaf is really alive? Where will they end up in the trunk of Count Olaf's car? Read The Hostile Hospital to find out!

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The Carnivorous Carnival

4 ThrillsThe Baudelaire orphans are in the trunk of Count Olaf's car, without his knowledge, after leaving Hemlich Hospital (which no longer exists). They end up at Calarigi Carnival where they find man-eating lions, a fortune teller who knows almost everything, an archival library and some freaks. They learn the fortune teller can tell Count Olaf where they are, but they a;so learn she has a secret. They decide to hide in the carnival to get some clues about what VFD means and disguise themselves as carnival freaks at Madame Lulu's House of Freaks. Violet and Klaus pretend to be the two-headed Beverly/Elliot and Sunny pretends to be Chabo the Wolf Baby and they all are right under Count Olaf's nose. Count Olaf tells everyone that the next big attraction is the feeding of one of the freaks, chosen as random from a hat, to a lion. Will the Baudelaires find the answers to their past? Can the evade Count Olaf and get away? Will they survive the carnival? Read The Carnivorous Carnival to find out!

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