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R.L. Stine Book ReviewsEssential Books    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

Halloween Night

3 ThrillsBrenda's cousin Halley has family problems. Her parents are splitting up. There is so much going on in her house that she decided to stay at Brenda's house until everything gets fixed. Brenda was excited about her cousin coming to stay. It would be like a sister her age. But Brenda isn't as nice as she seems. Whenever Brenda's parents aren't around she says rude comments and has a cold attitude. Halley seems to do every chore for Brenda's parents to make Brenda look bad. Brenda was starting to not like her. She even seems to be flirting with Brenda's boyfriend. One day when she was talking with her friends Dina and Traci, They saw Halley and Ted outside together holding hands and laughing. Brenda got really mad but her friends told her to calm down because she was just walking with Ted. Dina always seemed to be defending Halley but Brenda realized the reason was that she had been through the same divorce situation. Halley asked to borrow Brenda's car so Ted could help her learn how to drive well. Brenda hesitated at first but let her. Brenda was mad because she didn't say thanks. Then Traci thought of a good idea. They were going to murder Halley. While Halley was in the car learning parallel parking with Ted, Ted bumped her pocket book and it opened. When Ted picked it up he found a card that had Halley's picture and said driver's license. He didn't understand. She needed help on driving for her driver's test but she already had a driver's license. She told him it was a way to get him alone and kissed him. He told her he shouldn't but went in for another kiss. Then Halley asked what they were going to do about Brenda. At Brenda's house Brenda and her friends met to talk about their plan to murder Halley. Their English teacher had given them an assignment to write a murder mystery and they decided to write it on murdering Halley. It was harder than they thought to write a murder mystery and they couldn't keep their mind on the subject long. They were talking when Dina looked outside. She was surprised and everyone else came to see what was wrong. Brenda yelled at the top at her lungs when she saw it. Halley and Ted were kissing in Ted's car. Brenda said she would really kill Halley. The next morning Brenda tried to talk to her mom about Halley but she won't believe Halley and keeps telling her to leave Halley alone because she was going through a hard time. At school Brenda was in the hallway when she saw Halley with Traci's boyfriend, Noah. They were laughing and talking. Brenda felt like going over to them and yelling at Noah but she just stood there. When Halley left Noah came up to her and told her not to run and tell Traci because she was just talking with her. She said she wouldn't. That night Brenda was going to bed when something looked at her from the window. She screamed and everyone came to her room. She realized it was just a mask. She picked it up and it said, "see you on Halloween". Everyone said they didn't do it but Brenda knew it was Halley. When they left she thought about it. Was it a joke? She remembered that she had a party on Halloween. The next day Brenda walked into her room and saw writing on the wall in blood that said see you on Halloween. Her parents wanted to call the police but they decided not to. They said it was vandalism. Brenda knew it was Halley and she told her parents that but they didn't believe her. Then when she was talking with Traci in a restaurant Traci saw Noah and Halley in a booth together. She went over to him and told him how mad she was and ran off. Then when Brenda got home there was a dead bird in her jack-o-lantern and a messaged that said you're next, on Halloween. A few days later Halley came home and got Brenda to come down to see her car. She had gotten into a wreck with it. Brenda got really mad and jumped on Halley trying to strangle her. Her parents had to stop her. A few days later Brenda called Traci and told her exactly what she meant. "I'm going to murder Halley for real!"...
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4 ThrillsSara Morgan has gone back to her home in Pennsylvania after a relationship ends and becomes a college student. She meets Liam O'Connor, an Irish college professor who is visiting the United States with his sister Margaret. Liam teaches superstition at the school, trying to teach people about the danger that even a small amount of spilled salt can bring and Sara is one of his students. Right from the beginning they are in love with each other and they get married. They have to live in the same house with Liam's sister, but Sara and Liam are very happy. But then a string of murders happen at the college campus, and Liam knew all of the people who were murdered. Sara begins to wonder what how her husband is involved in the murders and whether she is next. As the story progresses, we learn that Liam is possessed by an ancient demon that entered him at a very young age and forced him to murder his own mother. The evil side of Liam comes out when he sees a superstitious custom being disregarded. To find out what happens to Sara and whether Liam gets to her in the end, read the book...

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