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Remnants Book ReviewsEssential Books    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

The Mayflower Project

4 ThrillsIn the year 2011 an asteroid the size of New Jersey is on a collision course with the Earth. Jobs, a fourteen-year-old computer geek who gave himself that nickname in computer guru Steve Jobs' honor, knows what is about to happen. He and 79 other people have been chosen to leave the Earth and start somewhere else on an old shuttle that has been retrofitted with new technology. The shuttle has been named "The Mayflower" in honor of the Mayflower used to bring people to America in its early days. The people who have been selected to go must leave behind their friends, families, and everything they have in an attempt to save the human race from certain destruction. Just like the pilgrims who crossed the ocean on the original Mayflower, the people on this Mayflower are looking for a place to colonize and begin again. Those that are to be left behind and know about the asteroid know they face certain doom and can do nothing but wait for it. The majority of the population, however, do not even believe the asteroid is coming and are surprised when a piece of the asteroid hits San Francisco and starts killing people. Jobs is actually one of those who don't believe the asteroid is coming, but since he was selected to go on the shuttle he goes. This book begins to introduce some of the 80 characters who will become the focus of the books in this series.

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Destination Unknown

4 ThrillsOver 500 hundred years have passed since the Earth was destroyed by an asteroid. The people who left the Earth on The Mayflower to try and colonize elsewhere wake up to find the ship has landed. Only about 1/3 of the original 80 people who left Earth survived the trip. The place where they have landed seems strange, yet familiar at the same time. The new world has much to offer, and not all of it is good. Of the remaining people who survived the trip (who call themselves The Wakers), some begin to develop new diseases that they have not seen before and do not know how to treat. Worse yet, they have no food or water. In the course of investigating the planet and trying to survive, they realize the ship shows no signs of having landed on the planet. It appears as if it was brought there and set down. The surroundings seem more and more familiar to the people left, as if they were created from Earth's artwork. It is obvious there is another species on the planet, but who or what are they? At a time when the humans need to stick together, fear and anger pull them apart. Can they find out why they were brought to this place? Will they learn who brought them there? Is it possible for them to survive on the new planet? Read Destination Unknown to find out!

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3 ThrillsThe Remnants have come to realize that their surroundings are not real, but rather just a computer-generated facade created by a ship that is capable of replicating both human life and existence. The survivors of the Mayflower ship, who are 500 years from their home, have divided into two groups. The one group with Jobs, Mo' Steel, and 2Face have made contact with an alien named Blue Meanie, who has invaded the ship which they are on. While exploring, the group finds a structure that resembles the Tower of Babel and decide to try and hide in it from the alien. The other group also finds the tower and decides to take it in any way they can, regardless of who gets hurt. Inside the tower the first group finds paintings of what appears to be hell. Realizing that the paintings were generated by the computer, which has been trying to recreate their own world on the ship, they begin to wonder if they are in hell after all. As things get weirder and weirder they begin to think they truly are. Will the two groups be able to work together to find out what is going on? Who is making the fake world for them? Can they figure out why the world is being shown to them? Will the alien get them before they can find the answers? Read Them to find out!

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Nowhere Land

4 ThrillsThe Remnants have been trying to figure out their surroundings ever since they got there and woke up, but all they really know is that they are strange. They ride around on devices they call blimps, that allow them to move throughout their world. Before they know it they have find the ship the USS Constitution and people have fallen overboard. Things just keep getting stranger and stranger. After much effort, they learn that the place where they are, which they assumed was a planet, is actually a ship. Everything they see around them is computer-generated just for them. They get into the core of the computer and destroy its power source, which lets them see their true surroundings. What they find is even stranger that what they saw before. The two factions of the group join together to deal with the challenge presented by the new world they have discovered. Can they figure out how to survive the world on which they find themselves? Will they be able to work together to make things better? Read Nowhere Land to find out!

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4 ThrillsAfter a horrible accident shatters his body, a lost Remnant named Kubric DiSalvo is transformed by the ship. Instead of skin he has a slightly shiny plastic coating that is see-through covering his body. Mo' Steel and Billy meet up with him when they get cut off from the rest of their group and are very curious and somewhat scared by his appearance. They decide to try and find the others before the ship does something else to one of them. Jobs, 2Face,Yago, and the others back on the Constitution end up in a computer created battle at sea that seems very real. Mo' Steel and Billy meet up with them and something weird begins to happen. Billy realizes out he can actually communicate with the ship, as well as see some of the future. The rest of the Remnants have always been curious about Billy, who is something of an outsider, and are even more curious now. Can Billy get the ship to stop what it is doing? Can he keep himself and the others safe? Can he get control of the ship and have it behave normally? Can he learn any answers from the ship? Read Mutation to find out!

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3 ThrillsBilly has figured out how to communicate with the ship's core, known as Mother, and they begin to form a strange connection. Mother is responsible for making the world in which the Remnants find themselves, simply because she is lonely after being all by herself for hundreds of years. It is because of her relationship to Billy and her boredom that she even bothers to keep the Remnants alive. But not all the Remnants are good and even Billy's relationship with Mother may not help once she starts to delve into Yago's mind. The Remnants have to decide whether Mother can be trusted and is on their side, or if she is a danger to them. Not only do they need to assess the danger from Mother, but the potential danger from some of the other Remnants as well. A bizarre computer-generated battle breaks out when Mother learns of the intentions of some of those Remnants. Can the Remnants trust Mother? Can they forge an alliance with her? Can they figure out what Yago and the others are up to and stop them? Read Breakdown to find out!

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4 ThrillsMother, the power source for the ship on which the Remnants have found themselves, has to taken control of and the Remnants set out to do just that. If they have control, they can create a new Earth and begin living again. However, not everyone is in control of themselves, so how can they control Mother? The Remnants have become divided, and now there are three different groups of the survivors. Each group is trying to achieve the same end, get control of Mother and make a better life for themselves. Another problem arises as well. One of the Remnants is a traitor, betraying the group. The group has no idea who it is or how to find the person, but there is no stopping the war that has begun. Tamara becomes the focus of an attack by the Squids and Blue Meanies, as they want her baby (who wants to take over the ship). This would not be good for the Squids and Blue Meanies at all! Billy and the Baby have to make their way to the bridge of the ship and take it over. Can they make it to the bridge? Can the Remnants win the war? Can they make their new home into a habitable place for them all to live? Read Isolation to find out!

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Mother, May I?

4 ThrillsThe Remnants have settled in, as much as possible, and learned to get by in their virtual-reality world on Mother, the ship. Billy is in charge of the computer generated reality and all the programming. Jobs finds something that seems as if it may be remainders of what Earth was and he tries to convince Billy that they need to go find out what it is. The only problem is that it will break the Big Compromise and put them in a bad situation.Meanwhile, the Blue Meanies are trying to find Yago and demand that they get to see him. A new remnant named Amelia is found, but she is more than the normal remnant. She is an unusual mutation and her existence brings up questions about Billy and who and why he is. Can the Remnants convince Billy to break the Big Compromise? Will the Blue Meanies find Yago? Will they be able to learn more about Amelia and Billy? Is that really the remains of Earth out there? Read Mother, May I? to find out!

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No Place Like Home

4 ThrillsEven though the Remnants are trying to make peace, the Blue Meanies are trying to stop them. They have created a super weapon that will destroy the Remnants and everything and everyone they value. The Blue Meanies go after those who are trying to bring about the peace, trying to stop them and ruin their mission. Meanwhile, Yago is going ahead with his plan to become ruler, despite the potential consequences. A stranger arrives on the scene and seems to know many of the secrets and events that are happening. Even as the Remnants wonder who he is, they also wonder if he is a friend or an enemy. One of the many secrets is Violet's secret. Could what she knows help the future of the entire human race? During all this Billy tries to find a way to save the Remnants and solve all the mysteries surrounding them and their environment. Can Billy save them all? Who is the stranger and what does he want? Can the Blue Meanies be stopped? Will Violet finally reveal her secret? Read No Place Like Home to find out!

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Lost And Found

4 ThrillsThe Remnants made Mother change her course and break the Big Compromise ninety days ago. They have gone on a long journey and now they are to where they wanted to go. They have gone to their home, but not exactly the home they remember. Rather, a home that existed 500 years before, before they were born, before the Mayflower, before any of this. There are only 13 of the Remnants still alive, so working together is more important now than it ever was. However, Yago does not want to work with the others and, in fact, wants to take over. Yago wants to rule and he wants to do everything his way. Earth is a total graveyard of debris and ash, making it doubtful the remaining Remnants can survive without them all working together, even Yago. If they don't manage to survive, humans will no longer exist. Can the Remnants work together to make a life on Earth? Can they get Yago to join with them as part of the group instead of trying to run it. Will they be able to survive on the forsaken planet of Earth? Read Lost And Found to find out!

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Dream Story

4 ThrillsAfter spending all their time wishing they were back home on Earth, that is exactly where the Remnants are. However, it's not the Earth they remembered or wanted. Yago has taken over control of Mother and managed to strand the Remnants along with the Meanies and Riders. As if trying to deal with them wasn't enough for the Remnants, Jobs finds some Earth Remnants. These survivors only know about the Earth and no other planets or places. The Remnants have to try and convince the newly found ones to join with them against the Meanies and Riders. In the process of all this, the Remnants become part of a Dream Storm, which is a form on psychoenergy that creates a storm. As is their world and lives weren't weird enough, this storm makes everything seem like a dream and strange. Can the Remnants get free of the Dream Storm? Will they get the Earth Remnants to join them against the Riders and Meanies? Can they ever get their lives back to something that resembles normal? Read Dream Story to find out!

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