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Redwall Book ReviewsEssential Books    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps


4 ThrillsRedwall Abbey is the home of several peaceful creatures, who suddenly find themselves under attack by a horrid one-eyed rat named Cluny The Scourge. Cluny The Scourge wants Redwall Abbey and is prepared to wage an all-out bloody war to get it. They want Redwall Abbey not only for the treasures it contains, but also because all the peaceful creatures would make great slaves for Cluny The Scourge. Matthias is a young mouse who is destined to follow in the footsteps of Martin The Warrior, the bravest creature who ever lived. Because neither his body nor his weapons were ever found, Matthias decides to go in search of the weapons, and especially the sword, to help him defeat Cluny The Scourge. The wise old mouse Methuselah goes with him on his journey. Along the way they must solve many puzzles, riddles, and mysteries to not only find what they are seeking, but to learn of Matthias' true destiny. Will Matthias find the sword? Will he be able to follow his destiny and destroy Cluny The Scourge? Will Redwall Abbey and all its peaceful creatures be saved? Read Redwall to find out!

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4 ThrillsVerduga, King Of A Thousand Eyes, has had tyrannical control of Mossflower and its peaceful inhabitants for many years. Despite his ways, he does treat them with a shred of dignity. He becomes sick and his daughter, Tsarmina, turns out to be more of a tyrant than he was and does not treat the people well at all. The people who inhabitant the area are forced to leave, as they cannot meet Tsarmina's demands for "tribute". She decides they should not be able to just leave and decides to stop them. A young mouse named Martin steps forward to lead the charge against the evil Tsarmina. The legendary Boar The Fighter needs to be contacted for help and the people believe Martin is just the one to do that. He goes with information provided by Bella, Boar The Fighter's daughter, and a companion in the form of mouse thief Gonff and seeks him in Salamandastron. Can Martin find Boar The Fighter? Can they stop the evil Tsarmina and save Mossflower? Will the people who live there ever be free from tyranny? Read Mossflower to find out!

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4 ThrillsA feast for the Summer Of The Golden Rain is in the works at Redwall Abbey. Mattimeo's mom has put him to work helping to get things ready. Mattimeo's father is the guardian on Redwall and Slager The Cruel has decided to kidnap Mattimeo and other children from Redwall to shake things up there. He plans to use the children as his own slaves as a way to get revenge on Redwall. When he was young, Slager (whose real name is Chickenhound) watched his mom get killed by Cluny as a traitor. Matthias, Mattimeo's father, has to try and save Redwall's children and he uses Orlando The Axe to help him. He takes Orlando The Badger, Jabez Stump, Jess Squirrel, and Basil Stag along with him to save the children. While Matthias and the others are off trying to save the children, Redwall is under attack by Ironbeak, a crow who wants to control the area. Can Matthias save the children? Can Mattimeo and the others stay alive, or even get free? Can the people of Redwall fend off the birds? Read Mattimeo to find out!

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Mariel Of Redwall

4 ThrillsMousemaid Mariel gets thrown off her ship when it is taken over by pirates. Luckily, she washes up in Mossflower instead of being lost at sea or drowning. She is hungry and worn out from her ordeal and has lost most of her memory, including who she is. The other creatures in Redwall Abbey take her in and nurse her back to health, when she remembers who she is and why she hates Gabool, the pirate rat king. Once she gets her memory back she decides to find and rescue her father and get revenge on Gabool. She is a warrior as well as a daughter, and plans to use both skills to find her father, Joseph The Bellmaker. Dandin, Tarquin L. Woodsorrel, and Durry Quill decide to accompany her on her quest. Shortly after they leave, Redwall Abbey is attacked by some of Gabool's crew and one of his captains, and the creatures there must defend themselves. Mariel and friends have to find her father, who is being held captive by gabool, then get back to save Redwall Abbey. Can they find and free Joseph The Bellmaker? Can they get back alive? Can they save Redwall Abbey? Read Mariel Of Redwall to find out!

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4 ThrillsMara, daughter of Urthsipe, Badger Lord of the Fire Mountain, is in grave danger, as is Redwall's neighboring community of Salamandastron from the weasel army of Ferhago the Assassin. Salamandastron is a mountain land with rumored badger treasure. It is the badger treasure that Ferhago the Assassin is after, which is why he is attacking Salamandastron. Mara is tired of her life and decides to run away, taking her friend Pikkle Ffolger with her. The two runaways meet up with Klitch, who is he son of Ferhago the Assassin, although no one knows it. Mara and Pikkle are taken hostage by the weasel army. The sword of Martin the Warrior is uncovered by a lightening strike and Samkin keeps it. The sword is stolen by two stoats who were passing through Redwall, which leads Samkin, along with his friend Arula, to Salamandastron and Mara. Can Mara and Pikkle get free? Can the people of Salamandastron stop the weasel army? Can Samkin save Mara and Pikkle? Read Salamandastron to find out!

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Martin The Warrior

4 ThrillsThe evil Badrang The Stoat wants to rule the empire of Marshank, no matter what the cost. A young mouse named Martin is being held prisoner there after being captured by him when he tried to stop Badrang from taking his father's sword. Martin is made into a slave, along with many other creatures. One day he is taken outside to be killed and he sees a mouse named Rose and a mole named Grumm. They are in Marshank looking for Rose's brother, Brome, another slave there. They, with some help from the sudden appearance of Captain Clogg and enemy of Badrang's, are able to rescue Martin and Brome. They, along with their friend Felldoh, decide to go to Rose's home, Noonvale, and pull together an army to go back and save the other slaves in Marshank and get Martin's father's sword back. On their way there, martin, Rose, and Grumm become separated from the others and continue on to Noonvale without them. Will they meet up with Brome and Felldoh there? Can they free the slaves of Marshank? Will Martin be able to get his father's sword back? Read Martin The Warrior to find out!

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The Bellmaker

4 ThrillsJoseph The Bellmaker has not heard from his daughter, the mousemaid Mariel, for quite some time and is worried about her. Martin The Warrior tells him in a dream that tells him that he has a right to be worried. Joseph sails off with some friends to find his daughter. He runs into Foxwolf Urgan Nagru, a fox wearing a wolf's skin, who has taken over the kingdom Southward and captured Mariel and her friend Dandin. Mariel is putting her faith into the spirit of Martin The Warrior to come and save her, not imagining that her father is in on the whole rescue attempt. On the way there, Joseph has to deal with problems of his own including a shark, bloodthirsty toads, wrecked ships, and abandoned children. Once he finally gets to Southward, Joseph heads over to Castle Foxwolf (the former Castle Floret) to try and save Mariel and Dandin, as well as free Southward from its evil ruler. Can Joseph save Mariel? Can he and his friends stop the evil Nagru? Will they be able to give the people of Southward back their lives? Read The Bellmaker to find out!

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Outcast Of Redwall

4 ThrillsThe evil ferret Swartt Sixclaw and his good rival Sunflash the Mace have sworn a pledge of death on each other. Young Veil Sixclaw, the son of Swartt, is banished from his home and all he knows when he is very small. He is raised in Redwall Abbey by mousemaid Bryony. Although he had a good upbringing, Veil begins to show evil tendencies that must have been inherited. He is sent away from the Abbey when he begins to cause too much trouble with his wicked ways. Veil has vowed revenge on the Abbey for throwing him out and promises to come back and destroy it. Byrony follows his when is his outcast and tries to persuade him to come back to the Abbey and be good. Veil has to choose between good and evil, as well as between his old home and new. He accidently meets up with his father, who is searching for Sunflash, and they immediately dislike each other, not knowing who they are. Will Veil follow through on his threat to destroy the Abbey? Can Byrony convince Veil to become good? Will Swartt and Veil find out who the other is and their relationship to each other? Read Outcast Of Redwall to find out!

The Pearls Of Lutra

4 ThrillsEmperor Ublaz, who is more often called as Mad Eyes, rules the Isle of Sampetra. He has decided to send a lizard army out to capture Redwall and make it his. He is upset because he believes someone from Redwall has stolen some pink pearls, the Pearls of Lutra. In reality, one of Mad Eyes' own army had stolen the pearls from him many years ago. Tansy the Hedgehog found the skeleton of the soldier and some clues to the pearls. The inhabitants of Redwall are trying to find the gems themselves by solving the six riddles that will lead them to the jewels. Mousewarrior Martin, grandson of the great warrior Matthias, takes an army with him to stop the lizards. Along the way, the otter Grath joins the group. Grath is the only survivor of Theft of the pearls. The group ends up having to go to Sampetra, which is exactly where they don't want to be. Can the inhabitants of Redwall find the pearls first? Can Martin and his band stop the lizards? Can Redwall be saved and peace returned? Read The Pearls Of Lutra to find out!

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