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Nightmare Room ReviewsEssential Books    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

Don't Forget Me

4 ThrillsDanielle Warner is a 15 year old girl who is bugged by her 9 year old brother Peter. She and her family have just moved into a new house that is a little strange, but that's the least of her problems. Whenever her friends come over, her brother always bothers them and Danielle sometimes wishes she didn't even have a brother. She even says it aloud, but her mother hears her and reminds her she doesn't really mean it. Danielle and Addie, her friend, are practicing pretending to be hypnotized for a school event and then she pretends to hypnotize her brother Peter. Everyone knows hypnotism can't really work... or can it? If it didn't work, then why is Peter acting so weird all of a sudden? He can't remember the things he should be able to, even important things. What he does know is that he is hearing strange voices now. And Danielle keeps thinking she sees a man following her around. Worse, the house is starting to seem creepier and weirder - it moans and shudders. Are Peter's strange actions because he was hypnotized or because of the house? Or could it be because Danielle wished she had no brother? And who is the guy who is following Danielle and what does he want? Can she find a way to make everything normal again before it is too late? Read Don't Forget Me to find out!

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Locker 13

4 ThrillsLuke is very superstitious and wants to start out the new school year right, so he wears his lucky shirt and carries his lucky charm. But once he gets there, he thinks he is the least lucky kid in the world, and especially in the entire seventh grade. He gets stuck with locker number 13 at school. It's not as if the number itself were unlucky enough, but it also sits all by itself in a dark spot. He blows the swim team tryouts and makes the school bully mad at him. Luke has a friend who looks to him to be the luckiest person in the school. His friend Hannah has a locker by the cafeteria and not in some dark corner, she has all the teachers she wants, has the things she wants, and even won a car for her family in a contest. One day Luke goes to school and everything changes. He wins a contest himself, then gets to join the basketball team. He finds out a computer program he wrote will be featured at a show and he could win some money for it. On the other hand, Hannah's luck starts to go bad suddenly. Coincidentally, on the very day the luck started to change, Luke found Hannah's lucky charm. Is it the lucky charm that has caused the change in luck, or something else? Is the change permanent or temporary? What consequences will come from it? Read Locker 13 to find out!

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My Name Is Evil

4 ThrillsMaggie O'Connor is having her thirteenth birthday. Her best friends, Judy, Jackie, and Jilly Mullen (who are triplets) decide to go with her to a carnival for her birthday. The Mullens want to have their fortunes told by a fortune teller, but Maggie is not sure about it. She decides to go ahead and do it. Her friends get their fortunes told, and they are the standard fortunes a person gets at a carnival. But when Maggie goes into the tent and has her fortune told, the fortune teller says that Maggie has evil powers. Then strange things start happening and everyone is against her. The only person who stands by her is a boy who she has had a crush upon for a while. Maggie doesn't understand why he hasn't turned against her like the others. Is it somehow connected with the fortune? Does she really have evil powers? How can she go back to being shy, normal Maggie? Read My Name Is Evil to find out!

Liar, Liar

3 ThrillsRoss Arthur has it all. His father is a big movie executive, his family lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills, and he has everything he could ever want. This isn't enough to make him happy though. Ross doesn't like to do the things he is supposed to do, so he makes up ridiculous excuses and stories why he can't do them. Suddenly things begin to get bizarre in his life. He goes to a party and across the room he sees his identical twin, only he doesn't have a twin or even a brother! Everything he touches gets ruined and he has such bad headaches he can't think straight anymore. He begins to realize that all the stories he has told have blurred the line between truth and lies and he is trapped in the very world he has created. Can he get things to go back to the way they were? And even if he does, will he have learned his lesson? Is there a way out of the Nightmare Room? Read Liar, Liar to find out!

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Dear Diary, I'm Dead

4 ThrillsAlex Smith is your typical twelve-year-old boy in most ways. He does like to make bets with his friends, even though he generally loses the bets. One day in class he bets $100 with a girl named Tessa that his journal for class will get a better grade than hers. One problem - he's never written a word in his journal. When he gets home and opens his journal there is an entry in it. He didn't write the entry, but there it is all written out for him. The strangest part is that the journal entry isn't about what has happened - it is about what will happen. Alex can tell the future with his journal. He takes this knowledge and uses it to win every bet, knowing he can't lose since he knows what will happen. What he doesn't realize is that there is more to this than just the ability to tell the future - in the Nightmare Room there is always a cost involved. Is it a cost he is willing to pay? What will happen if he doesn't? Read Dear Diary, I'm Dead to find out!

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They Call Me Creature

4 ThrillsLaura's parents got divorced five years ago and she chose to live with her father near the woods she likes instead of moving to Chicago with her mother. Laura loves animals and loves taking care of them. But lately things have started to change. When she goes for walks in the woods she hears strange howling and bats attack during the day. Her father has started acting differently as well, spending all his time locked in an old shed. Laura starts spying odd creatures, ones she knows never existed in the woods before, and wonders if her father is not involved somehow. She begins to suspect he is doing some sort of bizarre experiments, involving the animals and the woods. When she decides to check it out, what she finds is worse than she even imagined. What she does learn could get her hurt or, even worse, killed. Can Laura keep the secret? Will she be able to stay safe? Read They Call Me Creature to find out!

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The Howler

4 ThrillsSpencer Turner is a thirteen year old gadget freak - he loves electronics and is always looking for new ones. He still blames himself for his cousin Ian's drowning last year while the two of them were ice skating and he could not save his cousin, although he nearly died trying. Since that time has tried repeatedly to contact Ian and apologize to him for letting him die. As a last ditch effort, Spencer goes to a store called the Little House of Spirits with the last of his money to try one last time to contact Ian. When he has the chance to buy a new gadget called The Howler, which is supposed to let him hear the howls of ghosts and communicate with them, he jumps at it. Unfortunately, the gadget doesn't work the way he had hoped. Instead of allowing him to listen to ghosts and communicate with them, it has opened a portal that allows some of them to come through. Five very angry spirits come through, spirits who have been waiting over 100 years for their chance to get revenge for their deaths. How can he close the doorway he has opened? How can he get the ghosts back through it before he does? How can he stop the ghosts from causing any harm? Read The Howler to find out!

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Shadow Girl

2 ThrillsSelena Miles is twelve years old. She really doesn't like her cousin Jada, even though they don't really know each other and only met once when they were six years old. Selena's mom tells her she is going to spend a month with Jada and her family, which really makes her angry. All her friends try to reassure her and tell her that after six years her cousin will have changed and they will get along now. However, once Selena gets there she finds she dislikes her cousin as much as ever because Jada hasn't changed at all - she's still a mean person who tries to make Selena's life as terrible as possible. Then she stumbles across the reason Jada is so mean. She is getting Selena ready for something, something that will make this all seem like fun! Selena is to become a superhero named Shadow Girl despite the fact that Selena doesn't even want to do it. But it is her fate and she can't change it... or can she? Can she survive Jada's cruelty? Can she become the superhero she is meant to be? And why does Selena, a person who just wants to be normal, become a superhero? Read Shadow Girl to find out!

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Camp Nowhere

4 ThrillsLast summer at Camp Hawkwood all the other campers teased Russell because he was afraid of everything. Russell goes back to camp this year to prove how brave he is. He has decided to take his canoe right over Forbidden Falls with the rest of the senior campers. At camp there is a legend about a group of five campers who went over the Falls and were never seen again. Everyone says that the Falls are haunted by the lost campers. The senior campers take their canoes over the falls, but at the other end they realize they have lost their canoes, as well as one of their people. They realize they are lost in the woods without any supplies. When they try to find their camp instead they find Camp Evergreen. Outwardly Camp Evergreen seems to be a normal camp, but something is not normal there. Drew keeps trying to tell them something about the camp, something they should know. What exactly is going on at the camp? Can they get back to their own camp? Read Camp Nowhere to find out!

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Full Moon Halloween

4 ThrillsIt's Halloween and one of the teachers at school, Mr. Moon, is having a Halloween party. Both twelve-year-old Tristan and his best friend Rosa have been invited, along with other students from the class. Tristan is not too excited by the idea and thinks he'd rather be trick-or-treating with his friends than going to his teacher's party. Rosa is a tall girl who gets teased about her size and everyone assumes she must be tough because of it. Before the party there had been a series of animal attacks in town that were making everyone a little nervous. Some people were spreading rumors that the attacks were caused by werewolves because of some paw prints. When they do arrive at the party, Tristan and his friends find that Mr. Moon has some unusual and spooky party guests - werewolves. Are they real werewolves? Are they responsible for the attacks in town? Will the kids get out in one piece? Read Full Moon Halloween to find out!

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Scare School

4 ThrillsSam was kicked out of his old school for causing trouble and now he is starting as a new kid at Wilton Middle School. What he soon finds out is that there is much more at the school than just books and learning. Strange things, such as musical instruments being ruined when no one is around, school events being sabotaged, and a class pet disappearing without a trace, keep happening. There is some sort of creature, a sort of imp with claws and sharp teeth, that is in the school. The imp tortures students and it picks Sam as its latest victim because he is the new kid. Sam steals something that belongs to the creature, which really angers it. Sam has to figure out what the creature wants and why in order to stop it, but there doesn't seem to be any explanation as to why it is after him other than he is the new kid. Can Sam stay safe from the creature? Can he keep from being blamed for the things that it does? Can he stop the creature for once and for all? Read Scare School to find out!

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3 ThrillsBen Shipley looks for space ships with extra terrestrials every single day, but he's never seen one. Still, he knows they must exist. For one thing, he lives in Bitter Lake, New Mexico which is just out side Roswell - THE Roswell. The Roswell military base is nearby, where aliens are supposed to be kept, and many of the area's residents work at the base. One day he reads a notice in an online chat room that says that dangerous aliens are coming to invade Earth within the next week. Ben's fascination with aliens makes him laugh off the notice, especially the part about spontaneous amphibian replication, but his brother teases him about it anyway. His father is no help, as he feels Ben's obsession is just silly. So Ben continues to watch the sky, but he keeps quiet about it. But even as he watches the sky, some of the things in the online notice begin to happen. People start to act strangely and display the same symptoms the notice said they would. Then Ben suspects that someone he knows well is actually an alien. Since the aliens are on Earth to take it over, he has to try and stop them. Can he figure out who the aliens are? Can he stop them from taking over the world? Read Visitors to find out!

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