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Goosebumps 2000 ReviewsBooks 13-25    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

Return To Horrorland

3 ThrillsWhy would Lizzy, Luke and Clay return to Horrorland? That's what they were asking themselves. Lizzy, Luke and Clay's favorite TV show was THE STRANGE REPORT. It was about two people, Derek and Margo Strange, who surveyed and did reports on things that seem strange. Like a guy who tried to eat a car, or a woman who has 100 cats and gives each one of them a tongue bath each day. There was even a kid that had some green goop that he said was monster blood and that he and his hamster, Cuddles, grew huge by eating it. The reason why Lizzy, Luke and Clay like the show is because it is so unreal and funny. They think people do it just to get on TV. While they were watching an episode someone arrived at their door. They answered it and it was Margo and Derek! They want to take the three kids to Horrorland. They think Horrorland is up to something and want to expose it to the public. They found them by reading the patron list and they wanted someone who had been there before. Their parents said no because Horror land was too frightening. They convinced her to let them go but she couldn't come along with them. They were to be a regular family with Derek and Margo as the kid's parents so they can record the things that happen. Their mom didn't like the idea of that. But they told her that they would be completely safe and watched over at all times and offered her ten thousand dollars. She finally agreed to it. Soon Lizzy, Luke and Clay were on their way to Horror land... again. They came to the place looking like a normal family. They saw a horror, which are the people who work at Horrorland. Horrors look like monsters but Lizzy, Luke and Clay know they really are. Once they saw the horrors they started to doubt coming to Horrorland. One of the horrors saw their camcorder and told them NO CAMERAS. He threw the camcorder to the ground and stomped on it. Derek and Margo told them they knew that was going to happen so they brought along some miniature cameras to record the stuff. They continued on their way. They decided to start at a pyramid looking building called MUMMY WALK. They went inside and started going through rooms, although it was too dark to see. Then in one room they were in they heard hissing sounds. They felt slithering things and then a dim light came on. They saw that there were over a dozen snakes in the room, in a snake pit. Luke laughed and walked over to the snake pit thinking it was fake but one his and lurched forward at him. Lizzy thought that it had bit him but it didn't. It went up his pants, through his shirt and up to his shoulder. Luke was frozen in fear. They ran away as fast as they can and found a room with many coffins laying in a row. Then they heard some sounds from the coffins. They were saying, "Help me... let me out". It took them a while to figure out it was a recording then Luke found an open coffin and went into it for fun but then the coffin closed on him, he couldn't get out and didn't have much air to breath... Will Luke survive? Will they all survive Horrorland? Will they expose it to everyone? To find out read RETURN TO HORRORLAND!

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Jekyll And Heidi

3 ThrillsHeidi's parents died in a car crash. Heidi is being sent to live her uncle Dr. Palmer Jekyll in a small town. She got on a bus to go there. When she got there, there was nobody there to pick her up. She went over to the phone boot and called the operator and asked for her uncle's number but they said he was unlisted. Then a kid, about her age, came up to her and asked her what she was doing. She said that she was looking for her uncle because he forgot to pick her up. He said his name was Aaron. She asked him what he was doing there and he said that his mom works on the other side of the bus station. She asked him what people do for fun and he told her some neat stuff. Then he asked her who her uncle was. When she told him he gasped. He told her not to go there. He told her that there was a beast that attacks the town at night. People see him coming from the mansion Dr. Jekyll lived in and think the Dr. Jekyll is the beast. Heidi laughed because she thought Aaron was just trying to scare her. Heidi knew the story he was telling. Her uncle Jekyll probably got teased about it a lot when he was a kid. The story was that Dr. Jekyll was a scientist and drank one of his chemicals and turned into a beast named Mr. Hyde. Heidi told Aaron that just because her uncle was a scientist and his name is Dr. Jekyll doesn't mean he is a horrible beast. She asked for directions to the house and he told her them. The house was a mansion on a hill overlooking the town. When she got to the house she knocked on the door and her cousin Marianna answered. Marianna was her uncle Jekyll's daughter she was the same age as Marianna. Marianna screamed at Heidi. She said that she has to go, to run away. She told Heidi to get away from the house. Then the maid Sylvia came and welcomed Heidi into the house. Heidi was confused about Marianna. Was she trying to warn Heidi? Or was she trying to play a joke on her? Marianna quietly showed Heidi her room. Heidi expected her room to be dark and depressing like the rest of the house. The house looks like an old horror movie. Heidi was surprised because her room was bright and happy. Heidi went to her uncle's lab to say hi to him. She heard animal cries from inside. She opened the door and gasped. It was only a rodent he was working with. She said hi. He welcomed her. She asked him about the story Aaron told her and he said it wasn't true and freaked out. That night when she slept in her new room there was screams and sirens out her window. She looked out and saw fire engines and police cars, flames and people screaming. She went downstairs to talk to her uncle. He wasn't in his lab or room. He wasn't anywhere to be found. Then he came into the house with his clothes all ripped up. He looked a ripped up. He saw Heidi and asked what she was doing up. She asked why he looked all ripped up and he told her it was because he went for a walk and fell. She asked about the things going on in the town. He said he heard it but didn't see what was going on. Heidi didn't believe him because she knew the truth. She knew where her uncle was and why. It was just like Aaron said. He drank a chemical in his lab and turns into a beast. He was a beast and every night he attacked the town...

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Scream School

4 ThrillsJake's dad is the "King of Horror". He is a director and has directed the famous horror movie "Scream School" and all of the many sequels. For Jake it is fun to have him as a dad but he has to put up with a lot of stuff. Jake's dad insists that he call him by his real name Emory instead of dad. Emory is always saying Jake is scared but he isn't and Emory won't listen. When he was filming a movie, Jake's chair collapsed under him. His dad said that the movie scared him out of his seat. He told him the chair collapsed but all he said was that Jake needed to start admitting he's afraid. Jake's friend is Chelsea. He hangs around with her a lot. Then at dinner when Chelsea was over his dad was making joke about how scared he was at the filming. Then he gave Jake the chicken bucket. He took it and screamed. There was an eyeball dangling out of it. Everyone laughed. It was just a joke. Jake got really mad at his dad. He was saying that Jake was scared but he wasn't. The next day Jake was playing basketball when Emory's dog came up to Jake and started licking him. Jake was trying to get the dog off because he didn't like the saliva. Emory came up to Jake and said that he didn't know Jake was afraid of dogs. Jake wasn't afraid of dogs. He tried to tell Emory that and Emory just told him that he needed to admit his fears. Jake was mad. He wanted to prove that he wasn't scared to his dad, but how? Jake was walking home from a friend's house and green mist came up all around him. Johnny scream came up to him. (Johnny Scream was a character in the movie and a very nice guy) Jake thought it was Johnny Scream trying to scare him. He tried to take off his mask and it didn't come off. Then the green mist came up and surrounded him. Then he was awaked. He was having a nightmare. Emory woke him up. Emory said that he was having a nightmare. Jake was saying that everyone has nightmares. Emory said that Jake needed to admit his fears. Chelsea and Jake were hanging around the set when Emory said he needed some extras. They got to be extras in the art class painting a picture. Then the main actor got sick and Emory noticed how his son looked a little like the main actor. So he went behind a door to bank on it for his part. The scene involves real snakes but they were defanged and harmless. One of the snakes got loose and Emory said not to worry about it. Jake started his part when he felt something slither around his foot. He screamed and Emory came. He checked it out but it was just a power cable. Everyone laughed. The main actor came in saying that he felt better so Jake didn't even get to be an extra. Jake made a big deal. He said that he loved scary stuff and wasn't scared of anything. On Jake's birthday his parents told him to meet them at the set. When he got to the place a man let him out of his car and led him to a deserted set and locked the door behind him. Jake went over to look around. He found old costumes. Then something rose from the stack. It looked like one of the ghouls from Emory's movie. There were 2 of them and they were talking about how they wanted to make a movie now and how Jake will be the main character. They said that Chelsea already was one. The brought out a stick with only Chelsea's head on it and said they wanted Jake's head too. Jake ran but they blocked the exit. He began to cry. Then all of a sudden a curtain rose and everyone he knew shouted surprise. He was sobbing from being scared in front of everyone. The ghouls took off their masks. Emory said that he thought Jake liked scary stuff because he made such a big deal about it. Then Jake got up and ran. Emory ruined his birthday. But soon Jake would see worse when his dad starts filming a new movie at an actually haunted school... Will Jake survive? Read Scream School to find out!

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The Mummy Walks

4 ThrillsMichael was just a plain American kid until he went on a plane trip to Orlando to see his aunt. He flies a lot but this time his parents were making such a big deal about it. He was going to fly alone. They handed him a letter. He opened it and read it. It said: WE ARE NOT YOUR PARENTS. Michael thought it was just a joke and didn't understand it if it were. When he got on the plane he noticed that there was nobody else on. So he decided to get off it because he thought he was on the wrong plane. But as he left the door shut. He went over to the cockpit and knocked telling the pilot that he needed to get off because he was on the wrong plane, but there was no answer so he tried to open the cockpit door but it was locked. The plane started to move and someone came on the loudspeaker saying that the plane couldn't take off until he was in his seat so Michael sat in his seat. Than the plane took off. He looked out the window and saw the ground below them. Then he saw the ocean... the ocean? He was going to Orlando from Long Island. He shouldn't be crossing any oceans. Then a man stepped out of the cockpit. Michael started to ask what was going on and where he was going. The man introduced himself as Lieutenant Henry. He said that that was all he could tell him. He called Michael Excellency. Michael didn't understand what was going on and why the Lieutenant Henry was calling him Excellency. He decided to go to sleep. When he woke up he was no longer over an ocean he was over a dessert. The plane soon landed. Michael asked Lieutenant Henry what was going on and he said that a man named General Rameer would tell him what was going on. When Michael got out of the plane he saw many people cheering and a band playing. Was it all for him? Why? He was led to a Limousine where a man was inside. Michael refused to go in and said he wanted to talk to his parents. The man inside said he was General Rameer. He told Michael that his parents were already dead. Michael was upset he told General Rameer that he saw his parents drop him off at the airport. General Rameer told Michael that those were the Clarkes and they weren't his real parents. He told Michael that his real parents died in a war that they were having against rebels. Michael asked where they were and he said they were in Jezekiah a small country. He told Michael that the Clarkes took him to America to hide him so the rebels didn't kill him. He had lived with the Clarkes for all of his life. He was just a baby when he was in Jezekiah so he didn't remember anything. Then the general said that he was the son of the rulers and now the war was over and it was time for him to become the ruler of Jezekiah. But first he had to take a test. They arrived at the palace and it was huge. General Rameer told Michael what the test was. When Michael was a baby the kingdom had a treasured mummy called the Pukrah mummy. His parents had hidden a sapphire in it that was Jezekiah's valuable treasury. He told Michael that his parents put a computer chip in his brain that revealed where his parents hit the mummy so the rebels would not get it. They locked Michael in a room until he remembered where it was hidden. But the main problem was that Michael couldn't remember and if he couldn't remember they would have to cut open his head to get the chip out...

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The Werewolf In The Living Room

3 ThrillsAaron's dad is obsessed. His dad is a sheriff but he is convinced he can find a werewolf. He took his son to a country called Bratvia to catch a werewolf. Aaron keeps having nightmares that a werewolf catches him or a werewolf attacks him. Then he had a dream that he went outside and his dad wasn't there so he went out to look for his dad and an animal had a tacked him. He soon found himself back in his bed and realized it wasn't a dream because he could feel the pain from the animal attack. His dad said that he had seen the animal and chased it away. He said they would hunt it the next day. Aaron fell asleep again, when he awoke he saw the animal at the end of his bed. Aaron screamed for his dad. The animal threw something on his bed and ran off. When Aaron's dad arrived he told him what he saw and showed him what the animal threw. It was a tooth on a pendant. Aaron's dad told him to wear it for good luck. The next morning Aaron went outside for breakfast. They split from camp and started hunting the werewolf. Dad told Aaron he saw the werewolf. Aaron followed him when he found the werewolf it was just a fox. Aaron's dad got mad at himself for looking for a fox because at day a werewolf would be in human form. Aaron looked up at birds in the tree wondering why there were so many blackbirds. When he looked back down his dad was gone. He ran through the woods calling out his father's name but couldn't find him anywhere. Aaron kept running until he got to a clearing with a cabin in the middle of it. He went up to the cabin and looked inside. Suddenly the door swung open and a lady came out of the cabin. She asked what Aaron wanted. He told her he was lost. She told him to come in. She was telling him that it was very dangerous to be in the woods. He told her why he was there which was because his dad was hunting werewolves. The lady told Aaron a story about the werewolf. She said that the forest once was full of happy children until a stranger entered it. The villagers had said that his eyes were wolf eyes. Then one night the villagers heard loud howling and cries. When they went into the woods there were dead animals everywhere. People hid in the woods to see the creature. They saw him transform into a werewolf. They escaped. Others went in later to capture the creature but never returned and now no one enters the woods. Aaron found the story interesting but started worrying about his father. Even he was starting to believe in werewolves. Aaron had a sip of tea and his tooth on a pendant fell out from under his shirt. The lady all of a sudden got furious. She was yelling that the pendant was the sign of the werewolf and told him to get out of her house. She got a red-hot poker from the hearth and started after Aaron with it. Aaron got out and ran tripping over everything but running. Finally he escaped the lady but now he was surrounded by fierce dogs. They were all lowering their heads getting ready to attack. Aaron started to climb a tree to get away from them but he fell onto his back. Then he thought of a really stupid idea. He thought that if the tooth scared the lady it would scare the dogs so he held up the tooth and the dogs started backing off and they ran away. Aaron couldn't believe it really worked. Then he started following the path and calling his father's name. Finally his father answered. He told Aaron to walk to the tallest tree and there would be a clearing. When Aaron got there his dad had a man in chains. He told Aaron that that was the werewolf and he knew because he followed the werewolf footprints to the man's cabin. Aaron didn't believe the man could've been a werewolf. They loaded him on the ship to go back home. Aaron went on deck when a storm suddenly hit. He almost went overboard when someone saved him. The man who his dad thought was the werewolf saved him. His dad came up and told Aaron to stay away from the werewolf. They went to the room. Aaron's shoulder started to itch. He forgot that the werewolf had attacked him there. He never told his dad. He looked at the cut under his shirt. It was covered in thick black hair. Just like a werewolf....

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Horrors Of The Black Ring

3 ThrillsBeth is a goody-goody. The opposite of a boy in her class named Anthony. He likes playing mean jokes on people. Beth really likes animals. Once he had told Beth that her cat that she really loved was dead in the street. She went outside o see and her cat was just normal. He's not only mean to her he's mean to everyone. Anthony wanted to be the head of the spring carnival coming up but no one voted for him so he was being meaner to Beth because she is one of the heads. Beth's sister, Amanda, wanted Beth to take her to the petting zoo but she had plans to plan the carnival. Amanda said that Beth would rather spend her time with a guy named Danny. Danny was also a head. Amanda said she knew that Beth had a crush on him. Beth denied it even though she knew it was true. All of a sudden they heard a scream. They looked behind them and saw Anthony speeding down the hill on his bike. He screamed saying he had no brakes. He came straight toward them. They couldn't move in time. Then at the last second he squeezed his brakes and veered away from them. Beth was mad. He was laughing. Then he started down the hill and almost ran over a hurt bird. Beth stopped him. Then she went over to the bird. Its wing was broken. She told Anthony to tell their teacher Miss. Gold that she would be late. She ran to her house and gave the bird to her mom. Her mom took it to the vet. Beth got to class late. When her teacher was passing out papers Beth noticed a black ring on her finger. She asked to look at it. Miss Gold said she found it in the parking lot. Beth was surprised. There seemed to be a head in it. She asked Miss Gold what it was. She said it was just a flaw. At the art room Beth was painting a picture of hands shaking to symbolize brotherhood but she couldn't get the fingers to work right. Anthony was making fun of her drawing. She looked at his and it was a picture of her cross-eyed with snot dripping from her nose. She went over to Danny to talk to him. She asked him to come over because she needed his hand as a model for painting. Anthony was calling them lovebirds and making fun of them. Beth was blushing then Danny started a fight with Anthony. The teacher split them up. At lunch Danny walked in the hallway with Beth. He asked if he could sit by her at lunch. She said sure. They both heard a scream. They went to go see what it was. It came from Miss. Gold's classroom. They went into the classroom and saw what was wrong. All over the chalkboard there were the words "the carnival is doomed". Miss Gold didn't understand why anyone would do it. Then Anthony came in and asked what was going on. He said he was allergic to chalk dust so he couldn't help out with cleaning up. He lifted up his hands and they were covered with chalk. They asked him why it was. He said he didn't do it and ran off. They thought it was Anthony because he is jealous. Then they came in after school to paint art for the art sale. When they got to the art room everything was ruined but Anthony's gross picture. They thought Anthony did it. Miss Gold then allowed them time to make more art for the sale. After school Beth, Danny and the other head were in the home economics classroom baking cookies. The cookies weren't in the oven very long. They smelt smoke. They opened the oven and fire came blasting out. They started running. Beth looked back and saw Anthony running from the classroom. Then on the night of the carnival people heard about the fir and baked a lot of cookies for the sale. Beth snuck a brownie. She felt something disgusting on her tongue. She barfed. There were maggots in the cookies and brownies. Then they went over to the dunking Dan and Danny was going to test it out. Anthony threw two misses. Miss Gold said it was a bad idea but they didn't understand why. Then Anthony made the target and Danny fell into the water. Then he screamed. They all went over to help him out and felt the water. It was scolding hot. They went to the office to talk to the principal. They have to call off the carnival or more bad things might happen...

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Return To Ghost Camp

3 ThrillsDustin's parents are going to make him go to a camp called camp full moon. He doesn't want to go. He is a skinny kid that doesn't play sports and hates bug and most things about camp. But he has to go anyway. His parents said he should go and try to be a new, braver man. He had a nightmare that the bus driver came and he had fleas crawling all over him. He woke up the next morning and went out to the bus. It came. The bus driver was not like he imagined in his dream. The bus driver said that there was 1 more stop, then they would be on their way to the camp. The last person to get on the bus sat by Dustin. His name was Ari. He was talking to Dustin about some practical jokes he played and decided he wanted to play a practical joke at the camp. They decided to change identities. Ari became Dustin and vise versa. Dustin didn't really want to but he went along with it because he thought it would make him a different braver man. Ari gave dustin all of his stuff and so did Dustin. When they got of the bus they got greeted by the camp runner. His name wasUncle Lou. He gathered everyone around the cabins. He started assigning people to them. He called Dustin's name and Dustin almost answered to it but Ari answered to it first. Uncle Lou said that Dustin was in the crooked messed up cabin in the back. A kid told them that all the new campers get that cabin. Ari and Dustin are both new to this camp. Then they called Ari's name and Dustin answered to it. He said that Ari was in a different cabin. The best cabin in the camp. He didn't understand why because he was new. Then the guys from the cabin came and asked if he was Ari. They gave him high fives and told him that he was the man. Dustin had no idea was going on. He followed his bunckmates to the cabin. They unpacked his clothes and let him have the top two drawers. They let him have the best bunk and all the candy and soda he wanted. They kept giving him high fives and saying he was the man. They asked him if he knew why he got all the best things and Dustin lied and said he did. They went out of the camp to a clearing where the camp was having a campfire. They sat down and Dustin's bunkmates went to go get him all the food he wanted. Dustin didn't understand why they liked Ari so much. Why did they serve him like that? Maybe it was a new kid practical joke. Then he saw Ari. Ari came up to Dustin and said he wanted to switch back. Dustin said he did not want to switch back. He was having fun being Ari especially since they all were being so nice. He asked Ari why they liked him so much and he said he didn't know. Then Uncle Lou told everyone to be quiet. He told all the old campers to welcome the new campers and told them to welcom Ari especially. Then he started to tell a camp, ghost story. It was about when the camp first started. The people who lived around the camp new something and didn't want the campt to be started but no one listened. There were many kids who were happy to be the first campers at the new camp. One kid who had never been to sleepaway camp before wandered out into the woods. No kids worried because they didn't know about the snatcher. Later they heard a scream from the forest. They hurried into it to find what was wrong. They found a lot of wolves and a wolf-like creature. It was the snatcher. The kid was never seen again. The snatcher can shapeshift into any animal and hit hunts the forest around the camp for new victoms. Every year a kid is reported missing because they are a new victom to the snatcher. Uncle Lou ended the campfire and someone grabbed Dustin and pulled him to the forest. It was his bunkmates. They said they needed to talk with him in private about the snatcher. He called it a stupid story and they thought he was joking. The snatcher was real. They said that they didn't understand because he said he knew why he got the nest of everything. Dustin ran away. He got lost in the forest and couldn't find his way throug. He got attacked by some wolves but his bunkmates saved him. They told him that he was chosen to be this year's victom for the snatcher...

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Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid!

4 ThrillsIt's summer vacation and Emily and Connor are spending it at home. They have already been on vacation. They have seen and done everything they could in the neighborhood. Now they were bored, very bored. They had done everything. They were sitting in Connor's back yard pulling grass and just sitting. All of a sudden people started going to their weird neighbor, Mr. Zarwid's house. He seemed to be having a garage sale, which was odd, because he wasn't a really nice man. They did not like him and he didn't really like them. In fact, he didn't like kids. He sent a St. Bernard after Connor just for being a kid and selling candy at his house. They went over to check out the garage sale. It was a lot of junk. Then they found a table with cool figures of dragons and things like that. Mr. Zarwid told them to leave because it wasn't for kids and he said they would steel. They said they were just looking and wouldn't steel but he just told them to go away so they ran back to their house. When they got back Connor put a box on the table. Emily asked what it was. He said he stole it from Mr. Zarwid. He got so mad at him for embarrassing and accusing him of steeling that he just took something on the way out. They looked at the box it said, "Be Afraid". He opened it to find some cards. It was some kind of a card game. Their friend Kyle came in. They showed him the game and he said he had played it before, it was an RPG card game. He told them to sit down because they could play it. He set the cards in 4 piles and had Connor draw a card to see what he was. He was a King. Then he let Emily draw to see what she was. She was a Goth. And last Kyle drew a Krel. Then the rolled the die to see how powerful they were. The King was very powerful and the others were week. Connor picked up the next card it had a lightning bolt on it. Then all of a sudden a thunderstorm started and there was a lot of lightning. They all thought it was a major hat a coincidence. Then he turned over a black card. The lights went out. He thought it was weird. Then Mr. Zarwid was at the door. Connor went over to the door. Mr. Zarwid said some cards were missing from the garage sale and wanted to know where they were or who stole them. Connor told him he had no idea where they were. He said he hopped not because those weren't a game and were very dangerous. He left and they all started laughing. How could it be dangerous? It was just a game. Emily drew an action card; it had swords and a helmet. It was an army. The army attacked the king's castle. The king, Connor, had to get an army to conquer a neighboring castle. He rolled and got a very strong army, which attack the neighboring castle. Then he rolled the dice to try to defeat the very strong kind. He had to get at least a 20. He had defeated the king and gained the castle. He heard battle noises, attacks, and screams. He decided the game was too real so he put up the cards. Then from the hall came a dwarf-like creature. He thanked them for setting him free and screamed that he was free. When he left, all three of them were stunned because it looked exactly like a Krel. They searched for the card but couldn't find it. He dropped a dragon card and started hearing footsteps. He thought it was a dragon but it was just his parents. The parents asked if they had heard about the next door neighbors. They said no so she told them to go check it out. He went outside and saw the house was totaled. He went closer and saw that there were many people and police gathered around the house. He asked one person if it was the storm and they said that they said it was an attack. He went around to where the neighbors were explaining to the cops what happened. He was eves dropping on the conversation. He heard her say that an army of knights just like in a movie attacked them. Then Mr. Zarwid came over to Connor and asked if he knew anything about the cards now. Connor told him no. Then he ran up to his room. Those were his knights from the game that destroyed their house. The game was way too dangerous...

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The Haunted Car

3 ThrillsMitchell loves cars. He makes car models, draws cars and knows everything about cars. He even dreams of driving a car. But he is still too young. Mitchell and his family moved into an old ratty house a while ago because of their dad's job. They were always trying to fix things in the house. They barely had lights up. Todd, Mitchell's brother always believes the house is haunted and there are ghosts all over it. That is probably because he watches X-Files, scary movies and reads scary books. Although the house did look like it was haunted. Todd came into Mitchell's room screaming because he said he saw a ghost in his closet, but he always says that. Mitchell had to follow him to reassure him. He got to his room and saw something in Todd's closet. At first he thought that it could be a ghost but realized there was no such thing as ghosts. He went up to the closet and realized it was just some type of bag that looked like a ghost. He had finally calmed Todd a little when they heard a loud crash from downstairs. The ran downstairs to find out what the noise was and found that the bookshelf their dad had put up fell down. Their dad came running in. He said that he used the wrong brackets. Mitchell told his dad about Todd thinking it was a ghost and he was a little mad. He told Todd to try to stop seeing ghosts because there aren't any. He decided to go to the hardware store with Mitchell and Todd to pick up new brackets. When they got outside Mitchell was complaining about their fourteen year old puke green Chrysler Lebanon that was all banged up. He was upset that he had to drive all over in the ugly banged up car. He asked his dad when he was going to buy a new car and he said he liked their car. They started driving towards the store. The car zoomed around the corner, down the street. As they started down a hill they started to go really fast. Their father pumped the brakes but it didn't work. The brakes were out. He couldn't stop. They kept going down the hill and all of a sudden a truck was in their way. They almost hit it but they luckily missed it and crashed into a tree. They were all alive and not hurt. Mitchell then asked, "So does that mean we're getting a new car?" They got home and Mitchell started searching all of his car adds right away for a new car. Mitchell got up the next morning to get the car adds out of the new newspaper. He found one from a guy in the area who was selling the car and they got to name their own price. He approached his dad with the add right when he got out of bed. His dad said to calm down and let him wake up. Later his dad called the owner of the car and planned to come to checked out the car. The man who owned the car was a little weird they noticed that when he wouldn't let them see inside his house at all. They went out to see the car. It was an awesome blue car. It was built like a sports car but with four seats. Which was awesome because there were four in their family. Mitchell was so excited about the car; he already decided he wanted it. His dad, although, wasn't sure. He asked the man what was wrong with the car because he was selling it. The man told him that nothing was wrong; he just wanted to get rid of it because he had no use for it. He let them go for a test drive but he didn't want to come something made them think he was scared of the car. The car was nice and barely used. Nothing was wrong with it. He told Mitchell that it was a good car but probably not within their price range. Cars like that were very expensive. When they got back the man told him he would sell it to him for five thousand. Mitchell's dad was surprised. He asked if he meant as a down payment but the man said that he mean all together. The realized it was a good deal and bought it. That night Mitchell just couldn't stand that he was supposed to be doing his homework. He snuck outside to sit in the car. He loved it too much. He played in the car a little and tried to get out but the doors were locked. He tried to find the unlock switch but couldn't find it. All of a sudden he heard a girls evil laughed. He was scared. He was locked in a car forever...

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Full Moon Fever

1 ThrillAlesha and Robbie love scaring their dog Scruffy. They also like to scare the kids they baby-sit across the street. They like to be scared so why would they have a problem with going to their Uncle John's house for the night? Uncle John always tells them scary stories. Their problem is that Uncle John is too scary. He lives in the woods where there are wild animals howling and getting into his house. He tells them really scary stories that he says are true. But their parents are forcing them to go to their uncle's house anyway. They got to their uncle's house and he popped popcorn and got snack cakes and cider so they could sit down and he could tell them a scary story. They heard a howl outside and their uncle told them it was probably full moon fever. He told them that he was in the north woods a year ago on Halloween. He had been following the trail until he accidentally got off it. He got lost and kept wandering. He realized he lost his way but he saw what looked like the light from a fire. He wandered towards it and found a house. He went up and knocked on the door. He told the woman who answered the door he was lost and she invited him in. She gave him soup and helped him get cleaned up. As he left she told him not to look up at the full moon so he doesn't catch full moon fever. He sat back down because he wanted to hear what the lady was talking. She said that full moon fever was like a disease. It started out like the flu and you start to transform into a beast creature like a werewolf. She says that on Halloween if you stare at the full moon at the right time you will catch it. When you have it you have to live away from all humans because you get so angry you can't control yourself and so hungry you will eat humans. She told him that the only cure for it was to look up at the right moment on the next full moon. He left and started to walk down the path laughing at the story. Then he looked up at the moon because he forgot the story for a moment. He got sick and started growing hair and now he is still a beast. Uncle John jumped at Robbie and Alesha trying to scare them. Robbie and Alesha screamed and Uncle John started laughing. He told them it was just a story and they were too easy to scare. The next morning they went home still thinking about how they got scared by such a dumb story. They both caught the flu and it wasn't over until right before Halloween. Because of that they couldn't plan their scary Halloween costumes. They took a few things and put together a costume that would work for that night. Robbie was Zorro and Alesha was a Teletubbie. They started out to trick-or-treat with their friend Maggie. When they were done Robbie wanted to go to one more house, Mrs. Eakins house. Maggie and Alesha didn't want to go because Mrs. Eakins hated them. Mrs. Eakins lived in an old house and really didn't like any of them so Maggie ran off. Robbie forced Alesha to go with him. She seemed really nice she gave them each two candy bars. Then they left while eating one. They both thought it tasted really good, it was called a best bar. Then Robbie stopped he remembered the full moon fever and wanted to see if it was true. Maggie and him looked up at the full moon thinking that nothing would happen but then they both heaved over feeling sick and they passed out. Next morning they found themselves in their beds. Their rooms were torn to shreds and their beds covered in fur. They walked over to their mirrors to see what had happened and saw that they had snouts and were covered in fur. They had caught full moon fever...

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Slappy's Nightmare

3 ThrillsJimmy O' James is a famous Ventriloquist. His dummy's name is Slappy. Slappy isn't like the normal dummy though. He is alive. That is what makes Jimmy O' James such a good ventriloquist. He doesn't actually say anything, the dummy talks by itself. There is only one problem... Slappy is evil. When he replies to what Jimmy says he says rude comments and makes bad things happen. Jimmy O' James was preparing to go onstage for their performance. There were many kids coming to see his show so he hoped Slappy would be good. He wiped off some lint off of Slappy and Slappy told him not to touch him. Jimmy told Slappy not to ruin it. He said that it was Slappy's last chance. They went onstage where Jimmy said something to Slappy and he said something back. Slappy said some rude but funny comments that everyone laughed at. Then Slappy started to get rude and cruel. The audience stopped laughing. They didn't think it was funny. Then to stop the quietness, Jimmy asked if anyone wanted to come up and meet Slappy. No one raised their hands so he said there would be a surprise for whoever came up. A whole bunch of kids raised their hands and he picked a pudgy kid from the back. The kid came up and Slappy made a rude remark and said he looked like a meatball. Then he kept saying he wanted to know if he tasted like a meatball. Slappy went up to the kid and bit his ear and hung on. Everyone in the audience gasped and tried to get him to let go of the boy. The boy was screaming for him to get off. People ran to the doors to find that they were locked in. Slappy finally let go and then he made a high pitched howling sound. Everyone covered their ears screaming. Jimmy had all the doors unlocked so people could get out. He grabbed Slappy away from the crowd. He put Slappy into his dressing room and closed the door most of the way. He started yelling at Slappy about how this was his last chance. Then he grabbed out a crate and opened it. It had another dummy that looked exactly like Slappy. Jimmy told Slappy that an evil sorcerer who also created the other dummy created him. He grabbed some yellow sheets and told Slappy that the papers were instructions for how to wake up the other dummy, Wally, and put Slappy to sleep forever. Slappy got mad and took away Wally. He ripped apart and tore off his head. Then he went for Jimmy and started trying to pull of his head. All of a sudden he went limb. Jimmy turned to see a young girl standing in the doorway. She thought it was cool how good he was at making that fight look real. She said that she had missed the show. Then another girl came in and the two started arguing. The first girl said her name was Georgia and the other girl was her brat sister, Stella. She said that her mom asked the man if they could come backstage because they missed the show. Georgia said that she was into ventriloquism and was practicing acts of her own. Jimmy told her that if she waited out in the hall for a few minutes he would have a surprise for her. Her and her sister waited out there. Jimmy closed the door and started to chant words from the instructions. Slappy started begging for him not to do it. Slappy said he would do anything to stay alive. Jimmy stopped and then read some other words. He told Slappy he had set a curse on him that he could stay alive only if he could do three good deeds in one week. Slappy said he would do anything but that. Jimmy said it was too late because he had already set the curse. He let Georgia back in and said he had a new dummy and that she could have Slappy. She was so happy that she had a new dummy. She got home and she practiced with it. Slappy acted limb and wasn't being evil. He knew he had to stay alive because once he had he could get revenge on Jimmy for putting this curse on him. He started thinking of ways he could do a good deed. Time was going by fast and Slappy couldn't do anything about it. Slappy knew this had to be his worst nightmare...

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Earth Geeks Must Go!

3 ThrillsJake has always been a normal kid. The most average, normal kid in the 6th grade. Nothing exciting or special has ever happened to him. He has a good family and good friends. He gets pretty good grades in school, no the best. He never gets overly excited or depressed he is just an easy-going guy. But now he wonders what happened, why has his life suddenly changed? Why was he now so different? Well it all started when he started 6th grade. He was sitting in his assigned classroom waiting for the teacher to come in when he realized that he didn't recognize anyone in his class. The school only has two 6th grade classes. They get a lot of new kids each year but there had to be at least one of his friends in his class. The teacher came in and introduced himself. Then he started writing on the board. Jake couldn't read what he was writing for some reason. The teacher wrote in a bunch of squiggles. Then he turned to the class and welcomed them to the twelth grade. Jake didn't think he heard him right because he thought he said trelth grade. He thought that he must have been hearing things. Than the teacher called on him to finish the equation written on the board. He looked up at the foreign writing on the bored and told the teacher he never learned how to do it. The teacher said that he was starting with something easy and he called on someone else who went up and solved it right away and she too wrote in that strange foreign language. Jake felt really weird and he didn't understand what was going on. He didn't hear what the teacher was saying so when the kids got up to do an assignment he didn't know what to do. Since all the kids were going to the computers in the back of the room he went to the last open computer and sat in front of it. Jake looked to the kid next to him and asked him what they were supposed to do. He told him that they were supposed to type up what they did that summer. Jake looked down at the keyboard to see the keys and he gasped. The keys were all in the strange foreign language that was on the board. The teacher came over to ask what was wrong and Jake blurted out that he didn't know what to write. The teacher asked him if he had any vacations over the summer and asked him where he was from while pointing at a map. Jake looked at the map and didn't recognize it. He turned his head to the side to see if he was looking at it sideways but he still didn't recognize it. There were a whole bunch of oceans and the seven continents he recognized were gone and in there place were unfamiliar continents. The bell rang and the teacher told them to go to lunch. Jake went outside the classroom and realized the school looked different. The rooms were in different places and the halls looked different. He went to the lunchroom and looked around to find that none of his friends were there. He didn't recognize anyone. Jake opened his lunch bag and took out his sandwich and started to eat it when he looked around and realized that everyone was eating their food... through their armpits. Jake thought it was disgusting and then tried to eat his sandwich again but then he heard a girl say, "Oooh, gross! Were you really going to put that sandwich in your mouth?" Jake didn't understand but he decided to say he was just joking. He looked around and saw a girl looking at him. She must have noticed he was different. Jake panicked. He picked up his lunch and started running. He ran right out of the school and into the woods. He kept running because he heard footsteps behind him. He ducked into a bush to hide. When he got out of the bush because he thought the coast was clear he noticed there were these hairy bubble-like bugs all over him. He plucked them off and ran running right into the girl that was looking at him in the lunchroom. She said she noticed he was different and that she was different too. She showed him that she had no food hole in her armpit. She asked him if he knew where they were from and they both realized that they couldn't remember their last names much less where they are or where they are from...

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The Ghost In The Mirror

3 ThrillsJason is a big wimp. He is always so easy to scare. His older sister, Claudia, constantly plays jokes on him to scare him and it works every time. She once put a dead rat under his bead and told him there was a rat living underneath his bead and when he looked underneath she pulled a string to move it. Another time she put spaghetti in his bed and when he went to bed he screamed because he thought it was a bunch of worms. Claudia is also constantly betting him things. She bet him that he couldn't go a day without glancing in a mirror and he couldn't do it. Then she followed him up to his room and started making fun of his furniture. His dad doesn't have a job right now so they don't have much money and Jason still has all of his baby blue furniture from when he was a baby. Jason's mom told Claudia to stop making fun of him just because they can't afford new furniture and told her to be nicer to him. A few days later Jason and his best friend, Fred were tossing a football. Actually Fred was chasing the football because he wasn't really good at football or any sport even if it was a video game. Fred had to go home and Jason's parents had called him into the house for some type of a surprise. When he got into his room he saw a brand new wooden dresser and a large mirror. They were great and his baby blue furniture was gone. That night he came into his room and he found a crinkled up yellow note in front of his mirror. He read what it said, "Beware. Bring this into your house... And you bring death." At fist he thought it was from the mirror but then he realized who it was. It was Claudia, trying to scare him again. He called Claudia into his room and told her he knew it was her. But she had a serious look on her face and said it wasn't hers. Then she told him it was from the mirror and that the mirror was haunted. And he believed her. She laughed and told him he was too easy and left to her room. After she left Jason looked at the note. It couldn't be her note because she always admits when she plays a joke and it wasn't in her handwriting. He went downstairs to show his dad the note and she called Claudia down. Claudia got in trouble for writing the note although Jason still didn't think it was her. That night Fred came over to Jason's house and they played video games but Fred kept looking at the mirror. Then he had a frightened look on his face. Jason paused the game and asked Fred what was wrong and he said he thought he saw something move inside the mirror. Jason told him nothing could move inside the mirror. The next day he was passing a soccer ball with Fred and Fred was missing the ball as usual when they heard a loud barking or yipping from inside the house. Jason didn't think it was Buzzy their dog because he was a small part terrier that never really barked unless he was really frightened. Jason went inside to find Buzzy. He followed Buzzy up to his room where Buzzy started barking a lot towards the mirror. He was afraid of the mirror or something. Jason calmed the dog. That night he told his parents about the dog barking at the mirror and they jus thought it was funny because dogs were always afraid of mirrors. Then during dinner they heard something growling. Jason went up to his room and found Buzzy there with a hunched back and growling at the mirror. Jason had never seen him like that before. He went down to try to calm the dog but then the dog jumped up and attacked him. He bit his neck and started attacking him viciously. Finally Jason's dad came in and took the dog out. He locked the dog in the garage for the night. Fred came over that night and Jason and him were playing video games. They kept looking at the mirror and they went to look at the mirror and they saw Buzzy in the mirror. It was very strange but then Jason went downstairs to get some soda and when he got back Fred was gone....

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