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Goosebumps 2000 ReviewsBooks 1-12    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

Cry Of The Cat

3 ThrillsAlison had a collection of toy mice that she loved. She had the lead role in the school play, along with her friend Ryan. One day she was riding her bike with Ryan to a play rehearsal when a black cat ran right in front of her tire. She ran the cat over while almost getting run over herself by a truck. She looked around for the cat's owner. She told Ryan to go ahead to the rehearsal while she looked for the cat's owner. Alison carried the cat to a house she thought it might have come from. A girl there told her she knew the cat and its name was Rip. The girl's name was Crystal. Crystal told Alison that Rip wasn't an ordinary cat and that she shouldn't have messed with him. While they were talking the cat came back alive in Alison's arms and then ran off. Alison hurried on to the rehearsal . While she was there she kept hearing a meow. She was asked to bring the royal scepter from the cupboard. She opened it and the cat Rip jumped out at her, smothering her. She threw the cat off her. Some other people working in the play accidently dropped a big, heavy thrown on the cat. When they lifted it they found the cat was smashed and dead. The cat blinked and ran off, alive. That night the cat tried to smother Alison in her sleep and she was struggling with it. She threw it out a window. She realized that she had just killed Rip again, for the third time. She ran outside and the cat came alive and ran away again. What was going on? How could the cat keep coming back alive? Why was the cat after Alison? Read Cry Of The Cat to find out!

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Bride Of The Living Dummy

2 ThrillsJillian hated her 6 year old twin sisters Katie and Amanda's doll Mary-Ellen. Katie and Amanda took her everywhere, pretending she was real, even feeding her. They drove Jillian crazy with it. Jillian wanted to entertain some little kids at a birthday party by being a clown. She was going to do a clown act with her friend Harrison at a birthday party. She was going to get paid $30 for doing it. Jillian had to take her sisters to a ventriloquist act done by a guy named Jimmy O' James and his dummy Slappy. At first the show was sort of funny, but after a while it wasn't as funny. The ventriloquist was making Slappy say mean things to him. The ventriloquist seemed so embarrassed and scared. It was just an act, wasn't it? Then the ventriloquist asked for two volunteers to come up and Katie and Amanda offered and ran to the stage. Slappy started saying mean things to them and insulting them. Hardly anyone was laughing. Then Slappy saw Mary-Ellen, who Katie and Amanda had brought with them, and he started insulting her too. Amanda was crying and Katie was angry. When the show ended Katie and Amanada ran off looking for the ventriloquist to tell him how mean he was. Jillian went looking for them and found Jimmy O' James and Slappy. Jimmy was talking to Slappy, saying that he shouldn't have embarrassed him like that, Then Slappy hit Jimmy and gave him a bloody nose. Jimmy told Jillian it was all an act. Jillian found Katie and Amanda outside at the water fountain. When they got home Slappy was there. Harrison popped out from behind him. He had brought it home because he found it in the garbage. Then Jillian found Slappy eating her lizard, wrecking the kitchen, and writing "I want my bride" on the mirror with lipstick. The next day Jillian found Jimmy O' James and told him she had Slappy. He told her to stay away from Slappy and to get rid of him before it was too late. Too late for what? Was Slappy alive? Find out by reading Bride Of The Living Dummy.

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Creature Teacher

3 ThrillsPaul wasn't the best student in his school. He was a joker. When he got nervous or afraid he would make a joke so it wouldn't seem as bad. He brought his talking parrot, Harold, to school one day. During class his parrot said "don't do your work, your teacher's a jerk." Paul was the one who taught Harold to say that. His teacher took him to the principal's office and on the way he accidently tripped his teacher. That night his parents got really mad at him a and decided to send him to a boarding school. They made arrangements and exceptions to get him into the best boarding school. The school was called The Caring Academy. At the school they worked too hard. On Paul's first day a man took him to his dorm, where he unpacked. Two girls named Molly and Celeste, who were in Paul's new class, showed him to the class room. Paul's new teacher was Mrs. Maaargh. When Paul got to his class he met Mrs. Maaargh. She was big and had two squishy feet. She had no shoes on and had no toes. Paul stared at her feet and she asked him what was wrong. She asked if no one had told him she was a monster. Paul was shocked. She explained to him about the food chain and how you have to work to get to the top of it. If you were on the bottom on a certain day you would get eaten by the bottom feeder, who was Mrs. Maaargh. She picked on Paul because he was new. She called him up to show how to do a problem and he accidently stepped on her feet, causing one of her claws to break off. Mrs. Maaargh moved Paul down the food chain two places (he was at the top to start). Was Mrs. Maaargh kidding? Would Paul survive or get eaten? Read Creature Teacher to find out!

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Invasion Of The Body Squeezers, Part 1

4  ThrillsJack was always called "Saucerman" because he thought he saw a flying saucer in the sky. It turned out to be just a street light hidden in the trees. His sister Billie was very annoying and would always compete with him. If Jack found found something big she would have to find something bigger. If Jack found something cool she would say she had seen it or found it. Jack and Billie were watching television when a special news announcement said there was some unidentified object entering the Earth's atmosphere that wasn't burning up. The scientists thought it was a meteor. Jack went outside to spy on his neighbor, Mr. Fleshman. A few days before Jack had seen an ugly monster in Mr. Fleshman's house so he had been spying on him to figure out what it was. While he was spying on him, Jack spotted something coming down from the sky. He thought it was the meteor, but it was just his friend's ball. They all laughed at him for thinking it was the meteor. The next day he decided to go over to Mr. Fleshman's house to ask for the ball back because it had landed in his yard. He didn't actually care about the ball, but he was curious about the monster. He rang the doorbell but no one answered, so he looked in the windows. He saw Mr. Fleshman fighting with the monster. They wrestled a while, then Mr. Fleshman dropped to the ground. Was he dead? Jack didn't wait to find out. He went to call the police. When he go to the phone it rang and he picked it up. A voice said "Jack - I'm a monster. I know you saw me. Now I have no choice. I have to come over there AND KILL YOU!" What was this monster? Who was that on the phone? And what about the meteor heading toward Earth? To find out, read Invasion Of The Body Squeezers, Part 1. Also be sure to read the next book in the series, the sequel to this book - Invasion Of The Body Squeezers, Part 2!

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Invasion Of The Body Squeezers, Part 2

4 ThrillsAn alien had just cracked out of what Jack thought was a piece of the meteor that hung overhead in his room. It started as a small insect-like creature and grew into a HUGE alien. It was green and slimy. Jack started to run because the alien had his arms stretched out as if he wanted a hug. Jack's teacher, Mr. Liss, came to Jack's house to see if he was alright because he just ran out of the school to his house. Mr. Liss saw the alien and he thought it was friendly and just wanted a hug, so he hugged the alien. The alien stuck its nails into Mr. Liss' back and sliced him. Then the alien possessed Mr. Liss' body. Mr. Liss made some clicking t-t-t sounds and green bubbles came from his ears. Jack's mom got home and she didn't believe what he said about an alien, besides Mr. Liss seemed regular. When Mr. Liss was alone with Jack he said he wanted to hug Jack and he wanted to possess Jack too. Jack wouldn't let him. Mr. Liss hugged the mailman and the alien possessed him. The mailman hugged another person. Jack went to Mr. Flesher's house and found out the aliens were possessing everyone to get their bodies. One day when everyone in Jack's family except Jack was gone, orange rocks started falling from the sky, cracking into aliens who were hugging people. Jack locked his door and tunred on the television. Even the weather man was possessed and making the t-t-t sounds. What was going on??? Why were the aliens possessing people??? Could Jack survive??? Read Invasion Of The Body Squeezers, Parts 1 and 2 to find out!

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I Am Your Evil Twin

4 ThrillsMonty is staying at his Uncle Leo's house while his mom is out of town. Monty's cousin is Nan. She has a lot in common with Monty. Uncle Leo is a weird scientist and is always in his lab working. He says his work is top secret and no one is allowed in the lab. One night Monty had a strange dream where Uncle Leo used a scalpel to get some skin samples from him. Luckily it was just a dream. When Monty was at school one day he accidently knocked down some paint, so after school had to come in and clean up the mess. After school when he went in to clean up the art room everything was smashed and paint was all over. A girl was in the middle of the room crying. She said it was Monty's fault and she saw him smash it all and then go through the window. Monty didn't know what she was talking about. His teacher came and found the mess. The girl told the teacher what she saw Monty do and his teacher took him to the principal. The principal said that Monty got in trouble earlier for mouthing off in class when he didn't. Another day at the assembly, Monty went to go get his music because he was doing a piano duet with Nan. When he got back Nan was doing a piano duet with someone who looked exactly like him. After the duet, Monty followed his double back to his house. Nan followed Monty. When Monty got in his house, he was searching for his double. Nan came in and Monty told her about his double. She didn't believe him. Monty found a paper Uncle Leo wrote and it said something about his successfully cloning someone. That's when Monty realized he was cloned. Nan and Monty went to talk to Uncle Leo. They went into his lab and found four other Montys! Why did Uncle Leo clone Monty? Why are Monty's clones trying to ruin his life? You'll find out when you read I Am Your Evil Twin!

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Revenge R Us

3 ThrillsWade wants revenge on her older brother, Micah, because he is ruining her life. He embarrasses her in front of her friends, plays cruel tricks on her, and steals things from her room. One day Wade invited a few of her friends over to watch a movie. Her brother had her underwear on his head and was marching around in front of the guy she had a crush on. When she had to go to a birthday party, he was supposed to drive her there, but he was purposefully late. She had to go after him in her brand new white sundress. Micah deliberately drove through a puddle to splash it on her dress when he was picking her up. One time when she was swimming at the pool with Carl, her best friend, and Steve Micah read her diary in front of everyone. Wade is willing to do anything to get back at Micah. She finds an ad for a place called Revenge R Us and thought she'd try it out. That night she went there and they put a revenge spell on Micah so that he would itch all over, even in his eyes and ears. It won't stop itching until he scratches all of his skin off. That night Wade started to itch and couldn't stop, even her tongue and ears itched. She itched so badly that she started to tear her skin. She couldn't talk or walk. She realized the spell wasn't on Micah, it was on her! What was going on??? Can she still get her revenge on Micah? And why was SHE itching? Read Revenge R Us to find out!

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Fright Camp

4 ThrillsAndrew and Tyler love horror movies, especially R.B. Farraday movies. Those are their favorites. So when their dad came home with a brochure to R.B. Farraday's Fright Camp asking if they wanted to go they had to say yes. The camp is really cool. It shows a new R.B. Farraday movie each day. And is filled with scary things from the movie. When they were on the bus on the way to camp they were talking to two girls named Meredith and Elizabeth. When the bus stopped because a man was in the road. The man came into the bus and the driver told him he couldn't come in. The bus driver and the man got into a fight and the man pushed the driver out and began to drive off, hijacking the bus. All the kids on the bus screamed and cried but Andrew and Tyler. They knew this was all a trick. It happened just like R.B. Farraday's movie "Vacation of Endless Doom". It was just the beginning of fright camp. They saw the entrance to fright camp ahead and waited for the man to turn and stop at the camp take off his mask and welcome everyone to fright camp. They waited as he sped past the entrance. Now everyone was screaming "you missed the turn". Andrew and Tyler weren't sure anymore. Was the bus being hijacked? The bus turned in to a rocky driveway and a sign came up saying, "Welcome to Fright Camp". The man stopped, pulled off his mask and costume and welcomed them to fright camp. He was just a counselor. And the other entrance was a fake. They all unloaded and went to their cabins. Counselors called a camp meeting in the lodge and they all went and sat down. Counselors came by and locked everyone in chains. Chris and Jack Andrew and Tyler's roommates made a big fuss about it so Alonso said that their cabin, cabin 3, was the lucky cabin. He introduced R.B. Farraday. Everyone was screaming and asking why they were chained up. R.B. Farraday asked if they remembered the Fear Meter in his movie "The Revenge of Dr. Cruel". He asked for Alonso to pick a volunteer to experience the fear meter. He picked Chris. They put Chris into the fear meter and it started to electrocute Chris. Mr. Farraday screamed for Alonso to turn it off. Alonso tried and then Chris passed out onto the floor. Alonso and Mr. Farraday got into a fight. Mr. Farraday was saying Alonso was too evil and that he should have never taken him out of prison. Mr. Farraday completely forgot that there were kids there. The next morning the Spin-and Scream ride from R.B. Farraday's movie "Carnival of Disgusting Horrors" opened. So Tyler and Andrew decided to go on it. It started out slow and spinning then got faster, faster and faster but then it started to go too fast. The guy who controlled it had left the controls. People passed out and vomited. The guy who controlled it came and tried to pull the lever to stop it but it broke. Then the ride came to a stop. The control man had unplugged it. Andrew, Tyler, Meredith and Elisabeth thought that the stuff at the camp was a little too scary so they went to complain to Mr. Farraday. When they got to his office the heard loud screams and then Mr. Farraday answered hiding something with the door half shut. Andrew opened the door to see what had made the screen and saw 2 strange monsters. R.B. Farraday said that he shouldn't have done that. He told them that it was special affects but they didn't believe him. Then he repeated that cabin 3 was being watched. It was the lucky cabin. They didn't even complain they just got out of there. On their way to the cabin they realized that cameras were all over the camp filming them. That night counselors came into every cabin and stole everyone's shoes so they couldn't escape. Chris and Jack said they knew what was going on. They said that Mr. Farraday was planing to use cabin 3 as an experiment. He was going to use them to see how much fright it takes to kill a kid to make a kid scared to death. Are they prisoners? Why are they being filmed? Why does everything go too far to scare them? What is wrong with Alonso and Mr. Farraday? Why do they want to scare cabin 3 to death? To find out read Fright Camp!

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Are You Terrified Yet?

4 ThrillsCraig is a scaredy-cat. He's Afraid of everything, dark, thunder, scary movies, even the sound of a locker shutting. Everyone calls him C-C-Craig because he stutters when he is scared. Everyone likes to sneak up behind him and scare him. But now he gets to start over. His family moved over the summer and he is going to a new school where no one knows how much of a wimp he is. He is going to act brave. On his first day of school Craig was riding his bike to the school when he thought a giant bug had landed on him. He was totally frightened but he had found that is was just a leaf. He was beginning to thing that starting over was impossible because he still gets frightened over a leaf. Then his bike had toppled over. He went skidded. But when he was down he spotted a car rolling right towards him so he pushed the bike off him and got out of the way. He would have spotted the driver when the car went by to tell him to slow down but there was NO driver. A baby was crying in the back. Then a lady was screaming "My baby, my baby". Then hearing her scream Craig reached for the handle as it rolled pass, but missed. So he sprinted towards the car and caught up with it. He reached for the handle and missed again. On the third try he grabbed hold of the door. He climbed in the car and hit the brake as fast as he could. Then the lady came and congratulated him. She said that was the bravest thing she has ever seen anyone do. She told everyone around that Craig jumped off his bike to save the baby, that he was a hero. But he didn't jump off his bike he fell off it and he didn't know why he did the rest. Everyone was cheering and this girl named Amy was congratulating him. That day, people he didn't even know waved to him just because of the morning. Everyone was mentioning his name. Maybe he was changing, maybe he has a chance to start over. Then he met up with Amy and another guy named Travis. They asked if he was always that brave. And he said that he was. Amy said that Travis could challenge Craig and he would do it. Travis asked about beating up Grant, Brad's brother. Grant was a ninth grader that was always picking on Brad. Craig started to get a little scared when he saw grant stuff Brad in a locker. He excused himself out of it by telling them that brad just needed to stand up to Grant. Then when Craig was walking home Amy dragged him over to a tree a girl was standing. The girl said that her brother was stuck in a tree. Craig saw a boy in the tree. Amy wanted Craig to climb up the tree. He did to save the boy but the boy figured out how to get down by watching Craig get up. Then Craig heard the branch he was on crack so he reached up and tried to grab the branch above him but only grabbed a bird nest and fell to the ground. But everyone cheered because they thought he saved the bird nest. But brad and Travis didn't, they thought it was an accident. Amy didn't believe them. But it was true. Then Amy told them to challenge Craig. So later the challenged him to stick his hand in a jar full of spiders for five minutes. He did it because Amy bet Travis $30 that Craig could do it. Craig was terrified and the spiders bit him. Amy said that was easy money. So she bet them double or nothing to challenge Craig better. Then Craig found out what his next challenge was. He had to go into the funeral parlor, open the first coffin he sees and climb in it even if there is a dead body in it. When Craig opened the coffin the dead body that was in it... grabbed him...To find out what happens next, read Are You Terrified Yet?

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Headless Halloween

2 ThrillsBrandon loves to scare people. He thinks it is funny. He laughs when people scream. That's why his friend Cal and himself like Halloween so much. Brandon has many victims, his sister Maya, cousin Vinnie, and the kids that he baby-sits Jennifer and Ray. They are all such fraidy cats. He hides in Maya's closet with a scary mask and waits for her to open it so he could scare her. He slipped a worm down Vinnie's back and convinced him it was a poisonous snake. He has two mottos. One is "Make 'Em Scream" and the other one is "Oops -- just joking". When his mom asks why he scared someone he says "Oops -- just joking". When he gets asked to babysit Jennifer and Ray, he always scares them with a scary story. Last time he babysat them he brought them down to their basement and told them that the basement was haunted. He said that a girl and boy came down and the ghost chopped the boy's head off and the girl ran away. Then he told them he would prove it to them. He came down with his coat over his head and a mask standing on top his head. He came down and had them take off the mask and they found no head. They were scared to death. When Brandon turned around he found their parents at the top of the steps looking very angry. They had fired him for scaring their kids. But that didn't matter to Brandon because he had just thought up a brilliant idea. He and Cal would go headless for Halloween. When at school Brandon was carrying a beaker and told Vinnie it was acid as he tripped, all the liquid landed all over Vinnie and Vinnie thought it was acid. But Mr. Benson, the science teacher caught him and told him not to scare others. He gave him a lecture about it. Then he told Brandon to come after school every day to clean the science lab. That made Brandon mad so he decided to go to Mr. Benson's house on Halloween and trash it. Halloween night came and they were ready to scare kids, steal their candy, maybe lock a few of them into the haunted house, and trash Mr. Benson's. But when Brandon came downstairs his mom told him he had to take Vinnie, Maya and 3 of her friends trick-or treating. There was no way he was going to do it so he and Cal decided to ditch them. They waited till they were trick-or-treating then ran off. But they heard footsteps behind them. Vinnie was following them. Vinnie couldn't see much in his costume and thought that they were going on without him. So Brandon and Cal brought him to the haunted house and told him to trick-or-treat there. Vinnie opened the door and screamed. Brandon and Cal ran off and ditched Vinnie even though they heard a scream. They ran straight for Mr. Benson's house. Outside they found some dogs that attacked them. They got inside but weren't safe. Brandon jumped out the window but Cal got stuck in the window. The dogs started to attack Brandon so he decided to save himself and he tried to jump the ravine. But he didn't make it; he fell onto the jagged rocks... Fell to his death. Is Brandon dead? What happened to Vinnie, Maya and her friends? Have the dogs killed Cal? To find out read Headless Halloween!

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Attack Of The Graveyard Ghouls

4 ThrillsSpencer lives in a small town called Highgrave. Highgrave is called Highgrave because there is a hill with a graveyard on it called Highgrave hill. The graveyard is so high you can see it from everywhere in the town. At night people see mist float over it which makes it look like there are graveyard ghouls there. People also have nightmares about the graveyard ghouls. Spencer read a story he wrote about Highgrave to the class and that gave his teacher a good idea. Tomorrow the class was going to go up to Highgrave hill and get some grave rubbings. The next day Spencer had to borrow his brother, Jason's backpack. Frank and Buddy, the class bullies, were making fun of the backpack because it was a small purple backpack made for little kids. Audra, Spencer's friend, caught up with Spencer. They walked into the graveyard and found many graves in rows. They found a grave that said a person was hung and they got rubbing of them. Spencer found a double gravestone that said "Oswald Manse, 1770 to 1785. Martin Manse, 1772 to 1785. Together in life, together in death." Spencer showed Audra the gravestone and he tripped over it and knocked it over. He noticed some writing on the bottom that said, "DISTURB OUR REST AT YOUR OWN PERIL." When it was time to go Spencer put down his backpack and tried to pick the gravestone back up when he thought he saw a hand come out of the ground. He got scared and ran off. His cap flew off his head. That night Jason came into Spencer's room to ask if he has seen his backpack and Spencer realized he left it at the graveyard. He called Audra and asked her to go up to the graveyard with her even though it was night to get his cap and backpack. They went up there and found the backpack. Audra told Spencer that Frank had called after he called so she told him she was going to the graveyard but she told Frank not to come. Spencer found his hat but under it was a human skull then Spencer heard someone say "Spencer give me back my head." And they repeated it over and over. Spencer turned around and saw Frank, Buddy and two other guys. They said the Spencer was a ghoul and got out a rope. Audra ran for help because they were going to tie Spencer to a gravestone. They tied him to a gravestone and he just sat there. All of a sudden a mist started to force into Spencer's body saying, "I need your body". Then Spencer was floating above looking at his body, as a ghoul possessed it Audra came back with his parents and rescued Spencer. Except it wasn't Spencer... It was the ghoul in Spencer's body. After they left the other ghouls in the graveyard told Spencer he was a ghoul and that he could get his body back because Oswald Manse was mad at him for knocking over his grave. And Oswald is evil, pure evil. When he was a kid he burned down half the town and he probably plans to do the same again in Spencer's body. Spencer knew he had to get his body back so he slowly took over a rat's body hoping he can get to his house with it. But he forgot about his cat, Duke! What's going on? Is Spencer going to get his body back? Is Oswald Manse going to destroy the city? To find out read Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls!

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Brain Juice

3 ThrillsMorggul and Gobbul are aliens who have come to Earth to see if human would make good slaves for their emperor or if they were too stupid. They have been hiding in Dr. Frank King's house. They thought he was the king of the humans because he was named King. They had said that Dr. King was too old and stupid to make a good slave. Then they had spotted two young kids who weren't smart but they could make smart. Lindy and Nathan had come to their uncle Frank King's house for help after a very bad day at school they were step brother and sister and they know their uncle and how he is a brain scientist. At school everyone thinks they are stupid. They failed their math test and couldn't figure out how to put together their little sister's dollhouse. They wanted to be smart. They asked their uncle if he had any ideas or experiments to make them smart. He said he had an experiment they could try. He got some grape juice and put a label that said "Brain Juice" on it. He thought that if the kids thought they had something to help them get smarter that they would study and get smart on their own. The two aliens heard Dr. King explain why he was using grape juice to make them smart. The phone rang and Dr. King left the room. The aliens decided to use their brain energizer fluid to make the kids smart enough to be slaves so they dumped out the grape juice out and replaced it with brain energizer fluid... Dr. King came back to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle happy about his idea of giving confidence to the kids. He brought it to them and told them to split it when they got home. He told them to study real hard forgetting about it and then it would work. They were so happy. That night they split the brain juice and went to sleep. The next morning they woke up and went to school. A group of kids who were really smart decided to tease Nathan by asking him some questions they knew he couldn't answer from their puzzle. Nathan was laughed at. He couldn't think of the answers. Why wasn't the brain juice working? Nathan got in trouble during class and was called up to do an equation. It seemed so hard and blurry for him than all of a sudden he saw it so clearly. He wrote and wrote and got an answer. The teacher was amazed. Amazed that he got everything wrong. Didn't do a thing right. When Nathan and Lindy got home they called their uncle to say that it wasn't working. He said to study harder. The next day they aced the math test and aced many other tests and started correcting the teacher and math book. Then they started loosing their friends because they were scared of them. Then they were kicked out of school for being Guinness and scaring kids and teachers. Than they soon got popular as the Guinness kids on TV. Some people wanted to do tests on their brain. Then when they were coming home two aliens blocked their way and told them they were going to take them to their planet as slaves... Will they become slaves? Will they be Guinness freaks any longer? Will they ever have their life back? To find out read BRAIN JUICE!

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