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Goosebumps ReviewsBooks 49-62    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

Vampire Breath

2 ThrillsFreddy and Cara are very tough. They aren't afraid of anything, or at least they weren't until they found something that could forever change Freddy's life. One day Cara went over to Freddy's house to play air hockey and they got into a little wrestling match, like they always do. This time it got out of hand and they knocked over a china cabinet. Behind it they found a secret door and decided to see where it went. They opened it up and saw total darkness, so they got two flashlights and went exploring. They followed a tunnel through many turns and finally found a door. They opened it and found a coffin. They were so curious that they opened it and found an empty bottle. Freddy accidently knocked the bottle out of Cara's hand and it fell to the floor. The bottle opened up and a green mist came out of it. It smelled really bad and made Cara and Freddy gag. Freddy put the lid back on the bottle and the smell soon faded. But now there was a person in the coffin. The person woke up and said his name was Count Nightwing. He was a vampire and he said he was thirsty. He came after Cara preparing to attack her for her blood. Cara and Freddy ran to the room with the air hockey in it, but the door closed and there was no handle on their side of it. They were trapped with a thirsty vampire who wanted to suck their blood. Could they stop the vampire and get out of there with all their blood? Read Vampire Breath to find out.

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Calling All Creeps

3 ThrillsRicky wanted to pay Tasha back. Lots of reasons! In Ricky's school, Harding Middle School, you had to earn 20 activity points or you didn't graduate your grade and you had to go to summer school. Activity points were points you got for joining an after school activity, such as sports, newspaper, or helping after school. Ricky was called the NERD at his school. Ricky didn't want to go to summer school, but the people who picked the teams in sports always fought over who would have to take him on their team. He didn't like that so he joined the newspaper. Tasha was the editor-in-chief and very bossy. She would give Ricky bad assignments, like doing reports on patches of dirt on grass fields, and then not even use them. Ricky was putting up with that though. Then one day when he was fighting to open a can of soda and it went flying into Tasha's computer. Ricky tried to clean it up but he accidently deleted the whole front page. He got kicked off the newspaper even though it was an accident. Then Tasha really needed his help with some pictures and trusted him with her father's camera. But the camera broke and Ricky got thrown off the newspaper again. Ricky decided to get back at Tasha by sneaking a message into the newspaper that said to call Tasha after midnight if you are a creep. But did he mean it as a joke or did he want the real creeps (the kind with scaly purple skin and long fangs) to start calling? Read the book to find out!

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Beware The Snowman

3 ThrillsJaclyn's dad disappeared right after she was born and her mom died when she was very young. Jaclyn now lives with her Aunt Greta. They used to live in Chicago, but then they moved to a small town called Sherpia. Jaclyn thinks it's weird. Sherpia is on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Why? Why did her Aunt Greta want to move from Chicago to the little town of Sherpia? When Jaclyn was helping her aunt unpack the van she found a weird snowman with sticks for arms, a red scarf, two coal eyes, and odd grin, and a weird, deep scar on its face. Who would make a snowman this creepy???? After Jaclyn was finished unloading the van her aunt told her to take a walk while she decorated the kitchen. The next moment she found herself outside tightening her parka. She decided to walk toward the top of the mountain they now lived on. On her way to the top she met a boy named Eli and his sister Rolanda. She told them she was going to the top of the mountain, but their response was "NOOOO!". Now why would they say no to her walking up a harmless mountain? Or isn't it quite so harmless??? Read Beware The Snowman to find out!

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How I Learned To Fly

4 ThrillsWilson always makes Jack feel bad. He loves to do it. Jack is not very competitive, but Wilson is. Jack is angry and he has had all he can take from Wilson. That's why he finds himself at the beach in the dark at an old, spooky, abandoned house, hiding from Wilson. While inside the spooky house Jack finds a book that is cool. He finds a magic book called Flying Lessons. This book teaches humans how to fly. But how can that be? Humans can't fly. But this book does teach humans to fly , and it teaches Jack how to fly. Jack wants to get back at Wilson and now that he can fly things are very different. But things don't always go the way you plan and they aren't for Jack. Instead of getting back at Wilson he is being called a UFO and things are getting really scary on Earth. Jack now wishes he'd never found that book! What can he do to fix everything? Or can he? Read How I Learned To Fly to find out!

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Chicken Chicken

4 ThrillsVanessa is weird. At least everyone in Goshen falls says she is. They say she puts spells on people. Vanessa wears black lipstick, black clothes, has black hair, and owns a black cat. She lives just out of town. Crystal and her brother Cole don't really believe the rumors about Vanessa. Most of the kids in town find a way to play tricks on Vanessa, but Crystal never does. Crystal and Cole know that Vanessa is a regular human being. Then they start running bumping into Vanessa. When Cole is missing Crystal goes to look for him. She finds him on Vanessa's property watching the other kids play tricks. When Vanessa comes out she catches Crystal and Cole there. The next time they see her she is coming out of a store and they accidently bump into her, knocking her stuff to the ground. Then she points her finger at them and says "chicken, chicken". But nothing happens....until Crystal's friend Lucy Ann has a birthday party. Crystal's lips turn into a beak and Cole starts growing feathers. How could this be? Is it Vanessa's fault? Then at chorus Cole makes chicken noises instead of singing. Crystal almost grows into an entire chicken when she has her big moment in a basketball game. Vanessa said "chicken, chicken" and now Crystal and Cole are turning into chickens. What can they do? And can they do it before it is too late??? Read Chicken Chicken to find out!!

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Don't Go To Sleep

4 ThrillsMatt is a sci-fi maniac! He has so much stuff, especially sci-fi stuff, and his room is too small. Matt is a great sleeper and his mom says he can even sleep through a hurricane. His sister Pam and his brother Greg always pick on him when their mom is working. Their mom works two jobs a day and is almost never home. Their dad is dead and Matt doesn't even remember him. One morning Matt asks his mom if he can have the guest room instead of his tiny room, but his mom says no. His room is about the size of Pam's closet and Matt is tired of it. That night he sneaks into the guest room. The next morning when he wakes up he is a 16 year old instead of his normal 12 year old. Even worse, Pam and Gregg are 11 and 12 instead of 15 and 16. Everything is different and Matt has to go to high school. When his mom drops him off at school he is so confused he can't even figure out what class he is in. He has all sorts of problems at school that day. That night he sleeps in the guest room again and wakes up as a 12 year old again. One problem - this time he has different parents and there is no Pam and Greg. Every night Matt sleeps in the guest room he wakes up in a new life. Read Don't Go To Sleep to find out where he ends up!

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The Blob That Ate Everyone

3 ThrillsZackie wants to be a famous horror writer. He is going to write a story about a pink, slimy blob that eats the whole town. One day Zackie finds a typewriter at an old, burned down antique store. His friend Alex tells him that no one uses a typewriter anymore, but Zackie wants to use it to type his story. Alex says she would use a computer, but that doesn't stop Zackie. He starts typing "It was a dark and stormy night". The he sees a flash of lightning and the lights go out. He keeps typing.... "The wind began to howl". Then Zackie and Alex hear gusts of wind outside. He continues... "Alex and Zackie were alone in the dark house, listening to the storm". Alex tells Zackie that somehow everything he writes comes true. Zackie thinks it's just a coincidence, but Alex tells him to write the next line of the story. "They heard a knock on the door". Knock, knock - Zack and Alex hear a knock at the door. Who can that be??? And if Zackie finishes his story about a slimy blob that eats the whole town, will he also finish himself?? Read The Blob That Ate Everyone and find out!

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The Curse Of Camp Cold Lake

4 Thrills - 1.7 KSarah's parents made her go to a camp called Camp Cold Lake, which is a winter sports camp. Sarah's brother Aaron is the opposite of her and likes the outdoors. Sarah likes the mall and shopping and things like that. Sarah got off to a bad start at camp when she had an outburst at her cabin. She was on the top bunk by the window which didn't have a screen and she hated bugs. She grabbed her bag to move it, but her bunk mate Jan said it was her bag. They fought over the bag and Jan's asthma medicine fell out and the other campers saw that Jan had asthma and she hadn't wanted anyone to know about it. Sarah's other two bunk mates, Meg and Briana, played some mean tricks on her and then she wanted to leave camp. She tried to run away to the nearby town, but that didn't work. Then she pretended to drown herself. But what happened is that she really did drown herself, at least momentarily. Everyone in camp is obsessed with the buddy system and when Sarah dies, nobody's around. It starts to snow and she meets a girl names Della who wants to be her buddy.....forever. Then suddenly Sarah is alive again, but now there is a ghost following her. The ghost is trying to kill her to be buddys with her forever. And the ghost's name is Della. Read The Curse Of Camp Cold Lake to see if Sarah can get out of there.....alive!

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My Best Friend Is Invisible

2 thrills - 1.3 KSammy knew something was wrong when he went to his room and found his window open when he knew he closed it before dinner. Also Brutus, his cat who isn't afraid of anything, is hiding under the bed. Sammy and his friend Roxanne are doing their term project together and Roxanne wants to go to the Hedge House, the "haunted" house, to do it. For their project, they are going to film Roxanne talking to the Hedge House ghost. That day after Roxanne leaves Sammy's house, he trips on something in his room....but nothing is there. The next morning at breakfast Sammy notices that Brutus is scared of something in his room and Brutus won't sleep in there anymore. Then Sammy's cereal disappears. Strange things are happening. One day at school Sammy gets called in front of the class to solve a math problem, but he forgot to study. Then something grabbed his hand and made it fill in the right answer. When he got home from school that day he found a pizza floating in the air, being chewed. His room started becoming messy by itself. then he heard it....."I help you". But there was no one there to say it. Or was there? That's when Sammy met Brent, who is invisible. Brent is trying to be Sammy's friend, but instead he is ruining his life. Everyone thinks Sammy is crazy. When Brent tries to help Sammy run on the track he actually makes him lose and Brent embarrasses him in front of people at the library. No one can see Brent, not even Sammy. Sammy doesn't want to be Brent's friend, but Brent wants to be Sammy's friend. When Sammy and Roxanne go to the Hedge House they see the Hedge House ghost. The Hedge House ghost tries to kill Sammy and Roxanne. What can Sammy do about all these ghosts and invisible friends? Can he and Roxanne get out of the Hedge House alive? Read My Best Friend Is Invisible to find out.

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Deep Trouble II

4 Thrills - 1.7 KBilly Deep is back for another summer on the floating science lab, Cassandra, in the Caribbean. He is with his marine biologist uncle George Deep, who he calls Dr. D, and his sister Sheena. Last summer they found a mermaid and had to save her from some bad guys. This year it's going to be different. When Billy is snorkeling in the water he decides to play a trick on Sheena. He scares her by acting like he is a shark. He is surprised when she falls for it, but it isn't Billy she is afraid of, there really is a shark. And it is no ordinary shark, it is giant. Luckily they both get back on the ship safely and they tell their uncle about it. He says it is weird because there are no sharks or whales around. Then he shows Sheena and Billy a strange fish he has found that looks like a 4 foot version of a fish that is normally only 4 inches long. Dr. D has also found some green plankton, a substance that fish love to eat. Dr. D tells Billy to feed some of the plankton to his goldfish and his slug. Billy and Sheena go snorkeling and find a giant jellyfish. The jellyfish captures Sheena and Billy tries to save her, but he gets captured too. But then, for some reason, the jellyfish lets them go. They get back to the Cassandra and find a giant slug with Dr. D under it. While they are getting him out, the boat tips over. Billy goes to his room (which was very difficult) and sees two giant goldfish - they are Billy's goldfish! Why is the plankton making fish grow so large? How will he get the goldfish back into their jar when they are so huge? Find out when you read Deep Trouble II.

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The Haunted School

4 ThrillsTommy's dad got remarried, so Tommy is going to a new school called "Bell Valley Middle School". In order to make some new friends Tommy joins the dance donations committee and he meets 2 people, Ben Jackson and Thalia Halpert-Rodis. Ben is always playing stupid practical jokes and Thalia is always putting lots of makeup on. Thalia finds there is no red paint for making a banner and she sends Tommy to get some. On his way to get the paint he runs into a strange girl. She looks like she is in black and white only. When he gets to where the paint is supposed to be he hears voices, but no one is there. The school is so large that Tommy gets lost on his way back to the gym. He finds himself in a weird room with a lot of statues of kids from a long time ago. Mrs. Bordon, the principal, sees him and asks what he is doing there. She tells him about the first class that just disappeared one day. They closed up the school and built the one Tommy is in now, next to the other one. Then Mrs. Bordon shows Tommy to the gym. Later, while they were at school Gretta (the strange black and white girl) stole Thalia's lipstick. Thalia panicked over the loss of that small tube of lipstick. At the dance one of the banners ripped in half. Ben and Tommy went to the art room to get some tape to fix it. they found an elevator with no buttons in it except a red one. They pushed the button and the moved sideways. the door opened up to a dark room. Someone coughed, but it wasn't Ben or Tommy and then the lights came on. People came out, but they were all strange. While Ben and Tommy are colorful, the rest of the people are in black and white. Now that Tommy and Ben have come through the elevator they can't get back. Tommy looks at his hand and notices that HE is turning black and white. Will he lose all his color? And are they going to have to stay in this room forever? What is going on at the school?? Read The Haunted School to find out.

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Werewolf Skin

4 ThrillsAlex loves to take photographs. He's going to his Aunt Marta and Uncle Colin's house out by Wolf Creek. Alex lives in the city so the sight of trees amazes him. Uncle Colin and Aunt Marta are always so nice. They love taking pictures too and are photographers. Alex plans to photograph everything. Uncle Colin and Aunt Marta live in a small house in between two other houses, one nice house and one ugly, dirty, old house. The creek they live by is called Wolf Creek because there used to be wolves there, but there aren't any now. Alex's aunt and uncle seem to be scared of the people who live in the old house, the Marlins. But their other neighbors are their friends and their daughter Hannah is Alex's friend. Alex goes out to photograph the woods but when he leaves he forgets his camera. He has to go back to get it but it's night. His aunt and uncle have two requests: don't go next door and don't go out late into the woods. But his camera is there. While he is getting his camera he hears a beast cry and the sound of it eating something. At breakfast the next morning Uncle Colin told him it was just the Marlin's dogs. But for some reason everyone keeps mentioning werewolves and Hannah says that the Marlins are werewolves. Could that be possible? Alex is going to find out because he has his camera ready to go out late at night and photograph the Marlins. What he doesn't know is that he is in for a real scare. Read Werewolf Skin to find out what that scare is!

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I Live In Your Basement

1 ThrillMarco's mom is so over-protective that she has an excuse why he can't do anything. "Don't do that, you'll poke your eye out" or "don't climb that tree, you'll break your neck" or even "don't fill the bathtub so full, you'll drown." She doesn't let him play sports and he is not allowed to go to his PE class. One day he sneaks out to play softball with his friend Jeremy. When he gets there he sees his other friends. He runs up to Gwynnie to ask her something while she is practicing her batting. Then bam! Gwynnie's bat swung right toward's Marco's head. When Marco woke up he was in his house staring at the ceiling with a bandage on his head. His mom said "I told you not to play baseball" and she went into the kitchen. The phone rang and for some reason Marco's mom didn't answer it, so he did. It was a strange kid who said his name was Keith. He told Marco he lives in his basement. Later when Marco told his mom about the call she feels his forehead and made him lie down. She told him that he might not be perfectly ok yet because there is no phone in the room he is in. The next day Marco felt better but at night he heard Keith talking to him. When his mom asked him who he was talking to, he told her Keith. She thought the bump on his head was maybe worse than she originally thought. The next day Keith was in Marco's bedroom. Who is Keith? WHAT is Keith? Does he really live in Marco's basement? These questions will be answered if you read I Live In Your Basement.

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Monster Blood IV

4 ThrillsEvan Ross can't stop thinking about Monster Blood. It's green, runny, comes in a can and once you let it out it starts growing and growing. Evan has had three experiences with Monster Blood on the loose. The first time he ran across Monster Blood it was a big green blob that sucked up everything in its path. The next time he saw Monster Blood was when Cuddles, the classroom hamster, ate some of it and became huge. The last time he was near Monster Blood Evan himself accidently ate some and became giant and had the whole town chase after him. So now Evan hates the color green, because Monster Blood is green. Evan has nightmares about the stuff and so does Andy, his friend who was there when he first found some monster blood, as well as the other two times. this time Evan has to stay at his Cousin Kermit's house while his parents go out of town. Kermit lives in the same town as Evan, so it's not too far from his house. Evan doesn't like going to his cousin's house for a lot of reasons. For one thing Kermit's mom, Evan's Aunt Dee, puts hot sauce on everything she serves. Also Kermit lives next door to Conan, the town bully. And then Kermit is always down in the basement working on experiments. On his way to Kermits' house Evan saw Conan, but luckily he decided not to beat him up today. But when Kermit ran out of his house Conan went ahead and beat them both up. When they got in the house Aunt Dee asked what had happened. Kermit, as usual, blamed Evan and said he picked a fight with Conan. That night Andy woke Evan up in the middle of the night to show him something. It was Monster Blood. The only strange thing is it was blue, not green. Kermit came out and took the can out of Evan's hand and opened it. Evan tried to shut it, but then Conan came out into the yard and got shocked by Kermits' electric fence. While Kermit was holding the can upside down a little blue creature came out and started hopping all over the place. Then it went to the hose, turned it on, and started drinking water. It drank until it exploded. Pop! Then there were two, but the second one was even meaner. Then they both started drinking water and made four. The blue blobs kept multiplying and multiplying. The problem is that each time they multiple they get fiercer. How will Evan get rid of the blue blobs? Will they multiply so much they overcrowd the city? Then the Country? Then the world??? Read Monster Blood IV to find out!

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