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Goosebumps ReviewsBooks 37-48    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

The Headless Ghost

3 ThrillsDuane and Stephanie are the twin terrors of Wheeler Falls at night. During the day they are just Duane and Stephanie, friends, neighbors, and normal twelve year olds. But at night they sneak out of their houses and scare people. One day Stephanie got bored and had an idea, a dangerous idea that involved the haunted house on Hill Street. A long time ago there was a sea captain who built the house for his bride. Just as he finished it he was called out to sea. His wife waited and waited, but he died at sea. His ghost haunted the house, calling "Annabel" (his wife's name) over and over. But Annabel didn't answer because she had left the house when she heard he had died. The sea captain haunted an empty house for years, then a family moved in. The family had a mean son named Andrew who was always causing problems. One day he went into a room he hadn't seen before and he saw the ghost. The ghost told him that now that Andrew had seen him that he would have to die, and he broke off Andrew's head and hid it in the house. The sea captain's ghost disappeared and Andrew's ghost appeared. Andrew's ghost was searching for his head. Stephanie wanted to go to the house to find Andrew's head. Duane and Stephanie always go on the tours that are given at the house and know the stories by heart, but this time they're not taking a tour. They didn't really expect to find it, but they were bored. And they certainly were surprised to find The Headless Ghost.

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The Abominable Snowman Of Pasadena

4 Thrills - 1.7 KJordan and Nicole have never seen snow. In Pasadena (where they live), it's always hot. There has never been snow in Pasadena. Jordan and Nicole have never even felt cold. So when their dad, who was a photographer, offered to take them along to Alaska with him they gladly accepted.Their dad was going there to take pictures of an Abominable Snowman. Trouble started when they first got there. Arthur, their guide, was angry because their dad brought them along. Arthur didn't like kids. So, they hiked to their cabin and went to bed. The next morning they went to find the Abominable Snowman, but when they got close to it Arthur got scared and made them go back to the cabin. Their dad left them in the cabin and while he was gone Arthur stole the food, the sled, and everything else and left. Jordan and Nicole chased after him for a while and they got lost. They fell into a crevasse and an avalanche closed the exit so they couldn't get out. They found a tunnel and followed it to an underground room where they found it.....the Abominable Snowman frozen in ice. He cracked out of the ice and cornered Jordan and Nicole. He grabbed the backpacks they carried for emergencies and ate the trail mix. Then he grabbed THEM and took them outside and let them go. The next time they went there they brought their dad and he took hundreds of pictures. Because the Abominable Snowman was frozen their dad wanted to take him home to Pasadena to put him in the zoo. So, he put the snowman into a huge trunk and took the plane back to Pasadena. When they got there, their dad tried to find a place for the snowman. But where could they put him? And who could take care of him? Read The Abominable Snowman Of Pasadena to find out.

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How I Got My Shrunken Head

3 ThrillsMark loves to play a computer game called Jungle King. He doesn't know why, he just likes it. He has fun going around in the game and collecting the shrunken heads, which give him free lives. Then a woman comes to his front door with a REAL shrunken head. Wow! Carolyn, the woman with the shrunken head, has come to see Mark's Aunt Benna. The shrunken head is for her. Aunt Benna works in the jungle. that night the shrunken head begins to glow and then it smiles and starts to float. Mark wakes everyone up to show them what the shrunken does, but when they go to look it is gone. His mom tells him it was just a bad dream. But the head is really gone. Then they find out that Mark's sister Jessica has it and they all go back to bed. the next morning Carolyn and Mark's mom have a surprise for him. They want him to go to the jungle to visit his Aunt. Mark thinks this sounds like fun, just like the computer game he likes so much. But it seems it might not be so fun after all, because the shrunken head has given him a power. It gave him a magical power, a strange and dangerous power. Read How I Got My Shrunken Head or your head just might shrink too!

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Night Of The Living Dummy III

2 ThrillsMore dummies, more trouble! Trini's dad had a ventriloquist act, but he doesn't do it anymore. He still has a lot of his dummies in the attic. Trini likes to play with the dummies in the attic, their dummy museum. There are all sorts of dummies. Ones with freckles, red hair, and even ones with sneers. Remember Slappy? Well these dummies might be his family! At night there are strange noises from the attic, but it couldn't be the dummies could it?Then dummies are showing up all over the place, even when Trini knows she put them in the attic. Trini thinks the dummies could not possibly be alive, but then she sees them when they were alive They are real just like Slappy was and they are causing a lot of trouble. Trini's brother Dan knows about the dummies too, but their parents don't. The dummies always happen to get Trini and Dan in trouble, but since their parents don't know they are real they think it is the kids. Be sure to throw out all your ventriloquist dummies before they get you in trouble and have fun reading this book!

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Bad Hare Day

3 ThrillsTim really likes magic. One day when Tim is at a friend's magic store, his friend shows him a cool magic trick. He puts his hand into a hole in a small carved wooden structure with a blade and has Tim pull a lever. He starts screaming and tells Tim he has pulled the wrong one. Tim is going to call for help, but he finds out it was only a trick. Tim is amused. His friend then gives him tickets to a magic show, but Tim's mom will never let him go, especially that late at night. Tim decides to sneak out and go anyway. On the way out his sister catches him and says she will tell if he doesn't take her with him. They go to the show and Tim gets chosen to be a part of the magic act. The magician has Tim get into a box and does his magic. Tim disappears! What has happened to Tim? Will he ever reappear? Read the book to find out!

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Egg Monsters From Mars

3 ThrillsBrandy is Dana's bratty little sister. Brandy gets everything she wants. If she asks for a red, white, and blue ostrich for her birthday her dad goes into the garage to paint an ostrich. Dana doesn't like it and if he asks for a red, white, and blue ostrich his dad tells him to go play with his sister. On Brandy's birthday she wants to have an egg hunt. Since it's only a week after her birthday until Easter that's not outrageous. Brandy invites her whole class to the egg hunt. While they are having the hunt Dana finds a weird green egg with blue and purple veins on it. The egg feels hot and the veins throb. Weird! Then the egg hunt turns into an egg fight. Dana puts his weird egg into his drawer and by the next morning it starts to hatch. When Dana sees it, it looks like a blob of live scrambled eggs. He brings it to a lab that is a few blocks away and find out it isn't the only one. He walks into a room that is full of them and the scientist tells him they are from Mars. That can't be true! But it is. Dana is going to leave the lab without the egg, but he can't. He has to stay in the lab forever because no one can find out about the egg monsters from Mars. How can he get out and what will happen next? Read Egg Monsters From Mars to find out!

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The Beast From The East

4 Thrills - 1.7 KGinger, and her twin bothers Nat and Pat, are going camping in the woods with the rest of their family. They get their camping spot ready, then Ginger, Pat, and Nat go off to play in the woods. They play chase and tag and they run so far they get lost. They try to follow a stream back to their camp site, but instead they find themselves in a place with sky-scraping trees, purple bushes, yellow grass, and umbrella plants. Ginger, Nat, and Pat see meet some blue and pink beasts. The beasts try to play tag with Ginger, and they tag her and tell her she is the Beast From The East. She has to tag one of them before sundown. She and Nat (Pat is missing) start to play tag because the winners get to live and the losers get eaten. When they start to play tag they get caught by snakes, which gives them points (and getting bitten gives them even more points). Then Nat gets caught by a living tree and he touches the penalty space. This puts him in a cage until dinner time, unless he eats a "free escape" tarantula. Ginger is the only one left. She starts looking for a beast to tag and then she falls into a pit. She tries to climb out, and then she notices she is on a free lunch square. The beasts come for her, their free lunch. Can she get away and save her bothers? Or will she be the beasts' lunch? Read The Beast From The East to find out!

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Say Cheese And Die -- Again!

4 ThrillsGreg Banks' teacher is Mr. Saur. The kids in his class call him "Mr. Sourball" because he never laughs at good jokes. Mr. Saur makes the kids write a true story about their summer vacation and read it in front of the class. Greg hopes Mr. Saur won't call on him to read his because he doesn't think Mr. Saur will believe the story about his scary summer with the camera. "Greg Banks", said Mr. Saur. So Greg reads his story aloud in front of the class and the whole class laughs at him. Mr. Saur tells Greg he wanted them to write a true story. Greg tells him it was a true story, but Mr. Saur tells him to prove it. Greg goes to the Coffman house to get the camera again, but the house has been torn down. While looking for the camera, Greg meets a boy named Jon. Once Greg finds the camera in the trash he accidently takes a picture of Jon. The picture that develops shows Jon with a tack in his foot. Later Jon actually gets a tack in his foot. Now that Greg has the camera bad things are happening again! Read this one for lots of chills and thrill and GOOSEBUMPS!

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Ghost Camp

3 ThrillsHarry and Alex are brothers and they do not believe in ghosts. Both of them really want to fit in at Camp Spirit Moon. When they get to camp they have to walk through a huge forest. No one else is around when they get to camp. Then they see a man gathering fire wood. Is he a counselor? Yes! The counselor says his name is Chris and he welcomes Harry and Alex to camp. Harry asks where everyone else is and Chris says they all ran away. Harry and Alex are suspicious and when they start to get scared a bung of kids and adults pop out of the woods. It was just a joke. After a while the jokes are getting on Harry and Alex's nerves. One of the girls at camp stuck her hand into a fire and a boy got a metal tent stake in his. Yet no one even says ouch! Then a girl's head falls off during a soccer game. Maybe it's because of the ghost stories that were told, but Harry and Alex don't believe in ghosts. Or do they now??? Read Ghost Camp to find out!!

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How To Kill A Monster

3 ThrillsGretchen and her step-brother Clark have to go to their grandparents' house overnight so their parents could go work in Atlanta, Georgia. Gretchen and Clark do not like to stay there because they think their grandparents are weird. Clark complained and yelled about having to go and even made fun of his grandparents. Their grandparents house was a spooky old house in a swamp and weird things go on there. Gretchen and Clark hear loud, strange noises from upstairs, but when they tell their grandparents they are no help. Grandpa is deaf and Grandma is obsessed with baking. The room upstairs that all the noises are coming from is locked. Just what is in that room making those noises??? Read the book to find out!

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The Legend Of The Lost Legend

2 ThrillsJustin's dad is Richard Clarke, a famous writer, story teller, and story collector. Justin is in Brovania with his dad and his sister Marissa. They are searching for the Lost Legend, a legend that was buried in a silver chest and lost many years ago. Now the legend is worth millions of dollars and everyone is curious about it. Justin and Marissa haven't been much help. Marissa thought she saw a weird animal and wandered off after it. Justin and Marissa didn't go look for firewood like they were supposed to and Justin almost burned down the tent. Now their dad isn't too happy with them. Justin and Marissa decided they would try to find the Lost Legend themselves. That night they heard something, so while their dad was sleeping they went to see what it was. They saw a silver dog wearing a collar with a letter under it. The letter said "I know why you're here. Follow silver dog." They figured that if whoever wrote the letter knows what they're looking for, he must know where the Lost Legend is. Justin and Marissa went to wake up their dad, but he wouldn't wake. They thought if they just followed silver dog and found the Lost Legend their dad would be happy. They got dressed and followed silver dog through the forest. Soon they were at a cottage. They went inside and there was a Viking woman. She said her name was Ivanna and that she knew what they were looking for. She told them they had to take a test to get the silver chest. But this was not to be just any test. It was a test of survival in fantasyland. Could they pass the test? Would they survive? Read The Legend Of The Lost Legend to find out.

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Attack Of The Jack-O-Lanterns

4 ThrillsIt is Drew's favorite holiday - Halloween! She and her friend Walker think that it will be an awesome Halloween, not like the year Tabby and Lee played that joke. They played a joke where Lee was invited to a party and scared everyone by making them think there were robbers. Lee and Tabby's friends Todd and Joe acted like the robbers and almost ruined the party by making everyone do push-ups for an hour. But this year will be different. Drew and Walker are getting together with Shane and Shana to get back at Tabby and Lee. They make a plan. First they get Tabby and Lee to trick-or-treat with them an let them think this is their chance to play another trick on them. Then Shane, Shana, Drew, and Walker are make them suffer. Shane and Shana aren't exactly all human and they have something planned for Tabby and Lee that isn't exactly nice. Read the book to find out what it is!

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