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Goosebumps ReviewsBooks 25-36    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

Attack Of The Mutant

2 ThrillsSkipper Matthews is a comic book collector. He collects comics, but he doesn't read them so he can keep them in mint condition. Except for one book - The Masked Mutant. That's Skipper's favorite. He just has to read it every week because it's so well done. It is about a super villain named the Masked Mutant who can shift his molecules to become any solid shape. Every week Skipper just has to read it. When the latest issue was delivered to Skipper he started reading it right away. This issue actually showed the Masked Mutant's secret hide out. It looked like a giant pink and green fire hydrant. One day while going to his orthodontist to get his braces tightened Skipper met a girl named Libby. After talking to her he missed his bus stop and got off where Libby got off to catch a bus going the other way. He spotted a tall building that looked like a pink and green fire hydrant, just like the one in the comic book. Skipper was about to go into it when he bus came. The next couple of days he was busy, but the next time he got a chance he went back to the building. Libby was on the bus again, but when Skipper got off the bus the building was gone. How can a building just vanish into thin air? Libby lives near the building and never saw anyone taking it down. It's just so strange. Is it really the Masked Mutant's hide out? And is there really a Masked Mutant? Read Attack Of The Mutant to find out.

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My Hairiest Adventure

1 ThrillOne day when Larry got home from practicing with his band he found a new soap. He and his friends used it. The next day one of Larry's friends and Larry were going to go see another friend of theirs. When they got to the friend's house he wasn't there. In fact, his entire family was gone and the house was empty. They looked around and wondered why the family would move away without telling anyone. Their friend was part of their band and there was a practice coming up, plus he was one of their best friends. As they walked past their friend's room, a man popped out of the closet with their friend's clothes. The man told them the family had moved and that they had to get out. Later that day when Larry was eating dinner with his friend he noticed that his arms had a lot of hair on them. He went into the bathroom to shave it off, but there was nothing to use to shave it off. His friend was just outside the door and he was a hairy mess. He had to choose between total embarrassment or jumping out the window with the dog. What does he choose and how does he stop the hair from growing anymore? Read the book to find out!

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A Night In Terror Tower

4 Thrills - 1.7 KSue and her brother Eddie were in London with their family. While their parents were at a meeting they went to tour the Tower Of London. After the tour was finished, their tour guide gave them and their tour group the choice of either going to the museum or to Terror Tower. Sue and Eddie chose Terror Tower. Terror Tower was an old dungeon where people were tortured long ago. The rest of the tour group went off to see the museum. While touring, Sue and Eddie saw a mysterious caped man and they knew he was trouble. They toured the tower for a while and when they went to the top they got lost. They ran to find an exit, but they saw the caped man again. He told them not to move and he took three stones out of his pocket and started to play with them. Sue and Eddie started running again, down a long set of stairs, until they reached a door. They shoved the door until it opened and they went into a dungeon room. Hands were sticking out from all of the cells, but they realized they were dummy hands. They had to hurry and get out because the place had already closed. They found a tunnel and ran through it. The caped man followed them and when he had almost caught up to them some rats attacked them. Eddie and Sue grabbed the top of the dungeon and lifted themselves up and the rats chased the caped man through the tunnel. Sue and Eddie searched for an exit again, but they were truly lost. Could they find a way out? And what did the caped man want with them? Read A Night In Terror Tower to find out!

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The Cuckoo Clock Of Doom

4 ThrillsMichael's little sister, Tara, is the worst. She always ruins everything for Michael and she loves to get him in trouble. Michael had a birthday party and invited all of his friends. They were all having a great time at the party. Then Michael's mother asked him to carry the cake into the party. When he was coming out of the kitchen with the cake Tara tripped him and he fell on the cake. He got laughed at and got into trouble too. Nice birthday - every friend he had laughed at him. Then his dad bought an old, expensive antique cuckoo clock. His dad said not to touch it. But like all kids his age, Michael didn't listen and played with the clock. He changed the year on the clock and now everything is different. When he woke up in the morning he was only 4 years old and Tara was gone. Michael knew he should not have touched that clock. It seemed that when he changed the year on the clock that it actually changed to that year. The clock must have had a spell on it. Michael was stuck living those years all over again - only without his sister. Read the coolest book in the series, The Cuckoo Clock Of Doom, to see if he can put things back and get Tara back.

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Monster Blood III

Evan has to babysit his cousin Kermit for 3 dollars an hour. His cousin Kermit is a science genius, but Evan thinks he is a science nightmare. Kermit always plays jokes on Evan and always gets him in trouble. Evan and his best friend Andy start getting annoyed by Kermit, especially after he gets them in trouble with Conan the school bully. Andy's parents found some more monster blood in France and sent it to her, not realizing it was dangerous. Evan and Andy decide to use the monster blood to get back at Kermit. Evan creates a diversion while Andy sneaks a little bit of monster blood into Kermit's science mixture. Kermit thinks it is cool when the mixture keeps on growing and growing. It grows really big and then it gets out of hand and explodes all over he place. Then Evan starts to grow and grow and he notices that some of the monster blood had gotten into his mouth. If he keeps on growing, will he explode too? Read Monster Blood III to find out!

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It Came From Beneath The Sink

3 ThrillsKat has just moved into a new house with her parents, her dog, and her brother Daniel. When Kat was unpacking her dog ran into the kitchen and she followed it. He walked over to a compartment beneath the sink and barked. When Kat looked under the sink she saw some weird red eyes. Kat thought it was a cat so she reached for it, but when she picked it up it was a sponge with eyes and Kat screamed. Her parents told her it was just a sponge. Later when Kat was washing her face the sponge had moved to where she was. Then bad things began to happen. Glass got broken and her brother got hurt, and her dog disappeared. Daniel saw the sponge too and he was scared too. Kat decided to get rid of the sponge and took it out into the yard to bury it. Will this solve the problem? Read the book to find out!

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Night Of The Living Dummy II

3 ThrillsAmy's ventriloquist dummy, Dennis, keeps losing his head. Amy begs her parents for a new dummy. Amy's dad finds her a new dummy in a pawn shop and it is Slappy. He is an ugly dummy and he seems evil, but Amy deals with it and plays with Slappy. She does shows with him and has a lot of fun. Everyone likes Slappy. But Slappy is not going to be the happy dummy any more. Amy does not know what happened with Lindy and Slappy before (in Night Of The Living Dummy). Amy just practices ventriloquist routines because now she has a dummy. But then things start to happen......horrible, evil things. The same sort of things that happened to Lindy. Now Amy knows how evil Slappy really is. She thinks she should not have begged her parents for another dummy. And now Slappy is even worse than last time and is going to stay evil forever. Read Night Of The Living Dummy II to get a real thrill.

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The Barking Ghost

3 Thrills - 1.5 KDeep, deep in the woods of Maine is where 12 year old Cooper has to move. That is where he first hears it.....the barking of the Labradors. Cooper is the type of person who gets scared VERY easily. His brother Mickey always tries to scare him and play mean tricks on him and Cooper doesn't like it. He also doesn't really like the woods, in fact they scare him. He goes to explore the woods and he meets Fergie. Fergie is really Margaret Ferguson, a girl about the same age as Cooper. She tells Cooper something that really scares him. She tells him that everything is haunted. She says "dogs" and runs away. Cooper runs after her and when he catches up with her he asks why she said that. She says she doesn't remember saying that or running off. Then some dogs come and chase him to his house. He tries to tell his parents about it, but they don't believe him. Late that night he hears barking, but no one else seems to hear it except Fergie. Something weird is going on. Then Cooper sees the dogs jump through walls, but that can't be possible. Could it be that the dogs they keep meeting up with are ghosts? Read The Barking Ghost to find out the answer and watch out for those Labradors!

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The Horror At Camp JellyJam

4 Thrills - 1.7 KWendy, her brother Elliot, and her family go on a vacation far away from their home. Wendy and Elliot don't want to go. They want to go to camp, not on a vacation. They think it will be boring to go driving through farmland with nothing to do. They ask if they can ride in the trailer. Nothing can happen to them in there, right? Wrong! When they are going up a mountain the trailer comes loose and they start to go downhill. They almost crash, but they land safely in front of a camp. The camp is called Camp JellyJam Sports Camp. A counselor from the camp named Buddy finds them and invites them into the camp. The camp is HUGE and it has a huge sports section. The counselors are always happy. They are obsessed with the kids always doing something to earn 6 King JellyJam coins to walk in the winner's walk. Everyone at camp is obsessed with winning and their slogan is "only the best". Wendy starts playing some sports but she doesn't do much. Her roommate Deirdre gets 6 King coins. So do Jeff and Rose. They all got to walk in the winner's walk, but the next day they disappear. What is really strange is that none of the counselors mention it. Then Wendy sneaks into a counselor meeting and finds out that all of the counselors are in a trance. She accidently goes down some steps and then she smells a horrible smell. When she gets down to the bottom of the steps she finds all the missing kids with mops in their hands. they are all washing a giant purple monster named King JellyJam. Can Wendy and the rest of the kids get away? Read The Horror At Camp JellyJam to find out!

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Revenge Of The Lawn Gnomes

1 ThrillJoe Burton's dad loves lawn ornaments, like flamingos and skunks, that are made out of plastic. Once again this year there is going to be an annual garden show and Joe's next door neighbor, Mr. McCall, is competing against him. Mr. McCall doesn't have any lawn ornaments. He is VERY strict and he is also determined to win. One day Joe's dad brings home some lawn gnomes. They're odd and spooky, but that is what they're supposed to look like - right?? And now someone has begun sneaking into Mr. McCall's yard late at night. One night Joe decides to follow whoever it is and see what they are up to. But it isn't a whoever that he sees! He sees the lawn gnomes that his dad had brought home and they are messing around. Mr. McCall wakes up to find his garden all messed up and sees Joe there with the two lawn gnomes. Joe gets in trouble and tries to tell people what happened, but no one will believe that two lawn gnomes could ruin the garden. They are all wrong and Joe doesn't know how to make them believe him. Read Revenge Of The Lawn Gnomes to find out what happens!

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A Shocker On Shock Street

2 Thrills - 1.3 KErin and Marty love horror movies a lot. They like the Shocker on Shock Street films the best because they have really cool and creepy monsters. The Toadinator, Apeface, and the Mad Mongler are some of the monsters in the film that live on Shock Street and scare everyone. The Shock Street movies are really neat and Erin and Marty like them the best. They like them so much they go to visit the new Shocker on Shock Street studio theme park. It seems like a nice park at first.......until the first scare. Their tram gets stuck in the Cave of the Living Creeps and they had a scare and a lot of people screamed, but there was no one else there. Then Erin and Marty get attacked by an enormous Praying Manthis that gives them a big scare. But it's all okay because Shock Street isn't real, is it?? Read A Shocker On Shock Street to find out.

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The Haunted Mask II

3 ThrillsSteve remembers last year and the girl who was scared of everything named Carly Beth. Everyone used to play tricks on Carly Beth and then she had a terrifying mask and scared them all. This year Steve wants to play a trick back on Carly Beth. He wants to have a really scary costume. Steve was blamed for letting a squirrel loose in the girls' locker room even though he didn't (although it was partly his fault). Because Steve was blamed they punished him by making him coach a kindergarten team. The team was made up of rude little kids who made him kick steel balls and put gum in his stuff. But he didn't let the squirrel loose, Chuck did. Chuck and Steve were friends and they were both there when Carly Beth had the mask. So Steve and Chuck went together to the same store where Carly Beth got her mask. It was permanently closed, but they found a basement door open and they went in. Inside they saw stacks of boxes and party things and some cheap masks. Then they found a scary, disgusting mask and when Steve puts it on he is definitely not himself. The mask takes over his body! Read The Haunted Mask II to find out more.

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