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Goosebumps ReviewsBooks 13-24    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

Piano Lessons Can Be Murder

3 ThrillsJerry just moved into a new house and he decides to go exploring. While Jerry is exploring the attic he finds a piano. Jerry's dad decides to let Jerry take piano lessons, but something is weird about Jerry's piano teacher, Dr. Shreek. Jerry hears creepy stories abut the students who went in for a lesson and never came out. One day Jerry's teacher tries to take his hands and after that he starts seeing a ghost by the piano. The ghost keeps trying to tell him something but he can't understand it. He thinks the ghost is telling him to stay away from where Dr. Shreek gives piano lessons. Now Jerry's not too sure about the lessons or Dr. Shreek. Read the book to give yourself some great GOOSEBUMPS!

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The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp

3 ThrillsGrady's family just moved to Florida from Vermont. His house is right by the swamp. At first he thought it was cool to live next to the swamp and he wanted to explore it. Both of his parents are scientists. His dad put radio transmitters on swamp deer from South America and see how they do in the Florida swamp. After Grady sees a crane through his binoculars he decides to follow it into the swamp. He makes his sister Emily come with him into the swamp to explore. Emily almost pushed Grady into a bog and then they both get lost in the swamp. When they were trying to find their way home they found a shack in the middle of the swamp. It looked like someone lived in it. When the door opened a man came out of the door. He looked angry. When Grady and Emily started to run away the man started chasing them. They managed to get home fine and told their dad about the man. Their dad said it was a swamp hermit he had heard about in town. After they get back Grady meets Will, a boy who lives by him. Will told him that a hundred years ago everyone who had been in the swamp came down with a fever, so now it is called Fever Swamp. Then Grady came down with a fever. It went away and then it came back. He tried to tell his parents he had swamp fever. Then he started hearing howling at night and they found the crane ripped to shreds. Then a rabbit was killed. Everyone thought it was the dog Wolf who had done it, but Grady didn't think so. He heard strange things at night. What was Grady hearing? And who was killing the animals? Read The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp to find out.

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You Can't Scare Me!

2 ThrillsCourtney is a total show-off and she seems like she's not afraid of anything. She always makes Eddie and his friends Hat, Molly, and Charlene, look like wimps. They think it's not fair. On the day of their field trip to a park, Eddie trips over a raised root and then sees a green snake that scares him. Courtney picks up the snake, totally fearless, and tells him there is nothing to be afraid of, it's just a green snake. Courtney made Eddie look like a wimp so he and his friends decide to play a trick on Courtney to get her back. They decide to put an ugly rubber snake in her lunch to scare her, but that didn't work out too well. Courtney let a teacher who had forgotten his lunch have hers and he got scared instead of Courtney. On another day they decide to drop a tarantula into Courtney's hair, but Hat accidently drops it onto Molly's head instead. They decide to use Charlene's dog to scare Courtney, but the dog runs off. Then they come up with what they think is the greatest idea. Courtney believes in monsters. A long time ago some early settlers of the town were too poor to build houses, so they set up little huts in the woods along the banks of Muddy Creek. The people of the town refused to share shelter or food with them and most of the creek people were dying. One night there was a terrible rainstorm, with lots of rain and strong winds. Before the creek people could run for safety the creek rose up and the mud buried all the people. Once a year they all rose up from Muddy Creek seeking revenge on the town. Eddie and his friends are going to get Courtney to go there. Then they can get Eddie's brother and his friends to dress up as mud monsters to scare Courtney once and for all. Can they actually scare Courtney? Or will they end up getting scared themselves? Read You Can't Scare Me! to find out.

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One Day At Horrorland

1 ThrillLuke, his friend, and his family were going to an amusement park. They travelled all over the place to get there and were circling around. Then they got stuck, which scared Luke's friend, but he is afraid of everything anyway so it was nothing new. While they were lost they saw a sign that read "1 Mile To Horrorland". Everyone wondered what Horrorland was. When Luke's dad was going to turn around and leave Luke and his friend stopped him. They got out and followed a tree-surrounded trail. After a while Luke's dad thought they were lost, but then they saw a big monster. It was green and looked like it was going to eat the family. Luke thought it was cool, but his friend was scared. The monster came closer and Luke's dad noticed it was a sign for Horrorland. Luke begged to go there and find out what it was. so, the family headed off to Horrorland. What exactly is Horrorland and what will happen while they are there? Read the book and experience the horror yourself!

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Why I'm Afraid Of Bees

2 Thrills"Gary Lutz is a klutz". Everyone is always saying that and a lot of the time he is. His own family laughs at him. His only friend is his computer. Barry, Marv, and Karl are constantly beating him up. He feels his life is horrible. He is even scared of bees. He always thought he would like a new life - until he became a bee. Andretti, Gary's next door neighbor is a beekeeper. He is always tricking and playing jokes on Gary. Even though Gary is afraid of bees he still has a slight interest in them. Sometimes he reads books about them. A couple of days before he became a bee he was tricked again by Andretti, scared by Clause (his sister's cat), got fought over in a baseball game, and got beat up by Barry, Marc, and Karl. Then he got in a crash on his new bike and laughed at by his family. Yes, it was a pretty normal day for Gary. He went in to play on his computer. He read take a vacation from yourself, change places with someone for a week. Of course, Gary wasn't going to argue about it and decided to go there and do it. They told him they would call him when they found someone to match him with. They take your body and put someone who wants to be in it and they put your brain in someone else's body. Gary waited impatiently for days, then finally someone came to transfer his brain and body. But some bees got loose from Andretti's into Gary's house. The person transferred them and then something went wrong. He was yellow and black, he had wings, lots of eyes, and was very small. Something must have gone wrong because now Gary was a bee. What went wrong? Could it be fixed? Read Why I'm Afraid Of Bees to find out.

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Monster Blood II

3 ThrillsEvan and his parents moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Too bad his best friend from his old home, Andy, couldn't come with them! Evan's science teacher, Mr. Murphy, didn't believe Evan's Monster Blood story about last summer. Mr. Murphy made Evan clean the hamster cage as a punishment for making up stories. Mr. Murphy had a hamster named Cuddles, who always got Evan into trouble by running away and hiding. Next thing Evan knew Andy popped up to stay with her aunt and she had a surprise for Evan. She had a can that had held MONSTER BLOOD! Evan and Andy thought it was just an empty can, but they didn't look closely enough because the can was full. Too bad Evan didn't like Cuddles, because he and Andy fed the hamster monster blood and then he was 10 feet tall. This book will give you a thrill and a chill!

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Deep Trouble

4 ThrillsBilly and Sheena Deep are spending their summer with their uncle, George Deep, who is an oceanographer. Billy likes his uncle, who he calls Dr. D, and he pretends that he is actually his uncle's son named William Deep, Jr. Billy also likes to swim really deep. One day he is swimming in the ocean when he feels something behind him. His diving mask fogs over and suddenly he can't breath.He feels something pulling him down from behind, but it is only his sister Sheena playing round. Later Dr. D told them not to go too far because there was a report of a shark around Ilandra, the island they are near. The kids both agree, but later Billy goes beyond his boundaries so he can explore the lagoon. He thinks he sees a sea monster and he gets burned by the fire coral. The day was not going well at all. The next day a boat came and the people on it asked Dr. D to help them find a mermaid and he agreed. But mermaids don't exist. Or do they???? Read Deep Trouble to find out!

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The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight

4 ThrillsJodie loves her grandparents' farm. She gets to go there at least once a year. Even though she is allergic to almost everything on the farm she enjoys Grandma Miriam's chocolate chip pancakes, Grandpa Kurt's scary stories, and the corn fields. Stanley is Jodie's grandparents' hired man. He sleeps in the little house next to her grandparents' house with his son Sticks. When Jodie first got to her grandparents' house Stanley said something about scarecrows walking at midnight. Jodie though he was just kidding around. She had no idea that she would soon see scarecrows walk. People were always saying that Stanley wasn't too bright. When Jodie first got to her grandparents' house she noticed that nothing was the same. Her grandma didn't make chocolate chip pancakes and her grandpa didn't tell her any scary stories. Her grandparents seemed really weak and old. One day Jodie and her brother Mark went fishing with Stanley. Mark and Stanley went around to the other side of the creek and Jodie thought she saw a walking scarecrow. It looked like one of the twelve scarecrows that were in the corn field. Then she saw a scarecrow in the barn. Right then she ran into Sticks. Was he playing a joke on her? Another time Jodie and Mark were riding horses and a scarecrow jumped out and made them fall off the horses. It had to be Sticks trying to scare the "city kids". Jodie decided to pay him back by dressing up as a scarecrow. But was Sticks really the scarecrows she kept seeing? And how was that possible now that she was being chased by 12 scarecrows? Read The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight to find out!

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Go Eat Worms

3 ThrillsTodd loves worms. You might say he is obsessed with worms. He even keeps a worm farm in his basement. Todd loves to torture his sister and her best friend by scaring them with worms. He is never scared of worms himself. But one day while he is playing with his worms, having a lot of fun, he cut one in half. Even though everything was normal it seemed like all the worms were staring at him. But seriously, they can't know he cut that worm in half. Worms have no brains, or at least they have very small brains. But soon it seems like the worms are all mad at Todd. They are all over the place and even in his bed. He finds worms in his drawer and his homework. The worms are starting to get scary. Then Todd finds worms in his spaghetti! He is starting to get sick and disgusted, even by his own worms. He is actually getting scared by the worms. Beware! Watch out for worms! And be sure to read Go Eat Worms!

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Ghost Beach

2 thrills - 1.3 KIt was a boring summer where Terri and Jerry Sadler lived, so when they had the chance to spend the rest of their summer with their distant cousins Agatha and Brad they weren't going to refuse. And they especially weren't going to refuse a nice vacation in New England. When Terri and Jerry got to New England they unpacked and went to explore. There were woods, a beach, and a cemetery nearby. When they were exploring the cemetery they found a couple of neat gravestones. Then they went to go explore the beach and found a cave. It was big and old. They heard a low whistle, but they ignored it and decided to go back to the cottage they were staying in. Something in the air made them stop. They thought it was a bat, but it was just a kite. They met three kids named Sam, Louisa, and Nat. Terri and Jerry instantly made friends with them. Sam, Louisa, and Nat told them about an evil ghost who lived in the cave. Then they all went over to the beach to skip some rocks. When Terri asked more questions about the cave, Sam, Louisa, and Nat got frightened and left. Terri and Jerry decided to ask Brad and Agatha about the cave. They went home and asked Agatha, but she didn't answer. Everyday they went out and learned even more about the ghost. One night Terri and Jerry went out on the beach to find a towel they left out there. They both decided to explore the cave that supposedly had an evil ghost in it. The cave had a flickering light coming from it. Terri and Jerry went deeper into the cave and saw a very pale old man who said "Come here". Terri and Jerry were scared and both ran away, but the pale man chased after them. Why was the pale man chasing them? Was he the ghost? Was he an evil ghost? Find out these questions and more as you read Ghost Beach.

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Return Of The Mummy

3 ThrillsGabe is going to Egypt for another summer in the pyramids with his Cousin Sari and Uncle Ben. Last year Gabe had an awesome adventure in a pyramid with Sari and Ben. He has a little mummy hand called a summoner that, since his adventure last year, has been his good luck charm. He carries it everywhere. When he got off the plane in Cairo he expected to be greeted by a mummy or something like that because his Uncle Ben likes to joke around. Instead a man in a taxi uniform asked Gabe if he wanted a taxi ride. Gabe thought it was just his uncle playing one of his tricks but it wasn't. He found his Uncle Ben and Sari. Uncle Ben had invited Gabe to Egypt to see when he opened a new, never been seen before, thousand year old tomb in the pyramid. The tomb is supposed to have been Prince Khor-Ru's burial chamber and it is said to be filled with treasures. Prince Khor-Ru was King Tut's son. When Ben opens the tomb he will become famous. On the first day that Gabe went to the pyramid a woman who worked for the Cairo Sun newspaper came too. When they finally got to the tomb and opened it, it was empty. Dr. Fielding said not to enter it and mentioned that there were some words that would awaken the mummy if you said them 5 times. They got into the tomb and it was full of jewelry and had a mummy in it. That night Gabe recited the words 5 times to see if the superstition was true. After that they kept hearing footsteps in the tomb and now the mummy is missing. Where is the mummy? Did Gabe really make it come alive? Read Return Of The Mummy to find out.

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Phantom Of The Auditorium

3 ThrillsBrooke and Zeke are best friends and they both love horror movies. Zeke always plays jokes on Brooke and she always knows that it is Zeke. Zeke and Brooke are now the main characters in a play called "The Phantom". Zeke is the Phantom and Brooke is Esmerelda. Someone keeps making messages that say "Stay away from my home sweet home" and trying to scare everyone. Brooke is sure that it is just Zeke playing a joke again. Zeke gets in trouble, but he keeps telling everyone he didn't do it. When Zeke and Brooke try to tell their teacher that Zeke didn't do it, she doesn't believe them. So Zeke, Brooke, and a new boy named Brian go to the auditorium after school to prove there really is a Phantom. Their teacher catches them and suspends Zeke thinking he is there to play another joke and ruin the play. Zeke knows that going back again is the only way to prove his innocence. When they go back this time will they find the Phantom or will Zeke get in trouble again? Read the book to find out!!

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