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Goosebumps ReviewsBooks 1-12    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

Welcome To Dead House

3 ThrillsAmanda and Josh just moved into a new house. They both think it's an odd, spooky, weird, huge house. Their new house is in the town of Dark Falls. Amanda and Josh not only think the house they live in is haunted, but they think Dark Falls is haunted too. Of course, their parents don't believe them and tell them they'll get used to it. They tell them to go out and make some new friends. So Amanda and Josh go out and make some new friends. But these new friends are probably not what their parents had in mind. In fact, they are probably far from what their parents had in mind. Their new friends want to be friends, but they don't seem to understand that friends sometimes move and don't see each other anymore. They want to be friends FOREVER. Find out how they plan on staying friends forever by reading this very first Goosebumps book!

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Stay Out Of The Basement

3 ThrillsMargaret and Casey's father is doing an experiment in the basement. Margaret and Casey are curious, but their dad says "don't go into the basement". Then they hear weird sounds while he is gone and they decide to go down into the basement. What they see in the basement is a bunch of plants. They wonder what is so important about a bunch of plants. They don't have long to wonder, because Margaret is grabbed by a plant. After a few days they notice their dad is growing leaves for hair and he's bleeding green stuff. then he tries to feed Margaret and Casey some weird plant stuff. If you want to know what happens next you'd better read the book. It will give you a thrill and a chill!

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Monster Blood

4 ThrillsEvan had to stay at his creepy Great Aunt Katherine's house while his parents visited Atlanta, Georgia to look for a house. Evan's aunt was very weird. She was deaf too. Even her cat was spooky. Evan decided to take his do Trigger for a walk through town. During his walk he bumped into a girl named Andy. Evan and Andy went to Evan's Great Aunt Katherine's house. They decided they wanted to go to a toy store to buy something so they took their money to the store, but the store was spooky too. Evan and Andy went inside and started looking around. they found some neat stuff and they both found a bottle of Monster blood. Andy said she had something like it before, so Evan decided to buy it. Later on Evan showed it to his aunt. His aunt read the label, but she read it like she was putting a spell on it. Was she? And if she was - what sort of spell? And what would it make the Monster Blood do????? Read this one, the first of the Monster Blood books, to find out!

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Say Cheese And Die!

3 ThrillsGreg and his friends, Shari, Michael, and Bird, were having a boring day. They decided to go and explore a really old, deserted house. They thought that Spidey, an old homeless guy, was living there. When they explored the basement of the house Greg found an old camera. Greg's own camera is not very good so he decided to keep the camera he found. But there's something wrong with the camera. He takes a picture of Michael and the picture shows him hurt. Not long after the picture is taken Michael is hurt in exactly the same way the picture shows. No big deal, right? Then Greg takes a picture of his car and it looks totalled in the picture. Later the car gets wrecked, just like in the picture. Greg takes a picture of Bird during his baseball game. The picture of Bird shows him on the ground gasping and badly hurt. Later Bird IS on the ground badly hurt. And the scariest picture yet is when Greg takes a picture of Sharon on her birthday and she isn't even in the picture. Then Sharon is missing! Is the camera predicting the future or creating a horrible future? Read Say Cheese And Die to find out!

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The Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb

1 Thrill - 1.0 KGabe and his parents are in Egypt for Christmas vacation, but his parents have to leave and Gabe doesn't want to go with them. So Gabe gets to stay with his Uncle Ben, who is an archaeologist, and his Cousin Sari. The fun part is that Gabe gets to go into a pyramid in Cairo. There is a curse on the pyramid he is going into, but Gabe isn't worried because he doesn't believe in curses. Gabe has a tiny mummy's hand, called a summoner, as a good luck piece. How was Gabe to know that he would be lost in the pyramid? He gets lost deep, deep inside the pyramid and he can't find his way back. Then he finds the room with the mummy, its treasure, and the curse and he is really excited about it. But the curse is really starting to worry him. He is lost in a pyramid and maybe he is going to be lost FOREVER! Gabe is really rich now, but he is stuck in the room with the mummy. Then the mummy COMES ALIVE from the curse. The mummy follows the summoner and Gabe is lost inside the pyramid. So the mummy is following HIM! What can Gabe do to get out of this? Read The Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb to find out.

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Let's Get Invisible

4 Thrills - 1.7 KMax finds a mirror, a magic mirror, on his birthday. Max and his friend are celebrating his birthday party and are on their way up to Max's room when they decide to check out the attic. It is full of old junk and trash. But there is also a mirror. They play around with the mirror for a while and then Max becomes invisible. At least that's what his friend says, but he could be joking around with Max. Everyone says Max is invisible, even his brother Lefty, but his brother is always joking with him. But soon Max wonders if it is not a joke. His brother disappears too and he realizes it is no joke. But what could be more fun than making yourself disappear? Now you see me, now you don't is they game they played. But now they are having trouble being visible. They don't want to stay invisible forever, but Max realizes that they can't control it. He decides to stay away from the mirror so it will stop. But it doesn't stop because they are having too much fun being invisible. They are just playing a game after all. What harm could come of that? None - unless you count being invisible forever as a problem. Is there a way to stop being invisible? Read Let's Get Invisible to find out.

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Night Of The Living Dummy

3 ThrillsOne day Lindy finds a ventriloquist's dummy in a trash dumpster and decides to keep it. Lindy names it Slappy. Slappy is weird and ugly, but he is a lot of fun. Lindy has a lot of fun making him walk and talk. everyone likes Slappy. Lindy does everything with Slappy. Kris, Lindy's sister, is jealous because she thinks Lindy is getting more attention. Lindy knows Kris is jealous. Kris decided to get a dummy of her own. Then WEIRD things start to happen.....very weird things, nasty things, evil things. But who is making these things happen? Is it the dummy causing all of this evil, weird, and nasty stuff happen? No way! A dummy can't be alive. He couldn't have caused all the trouble. Or could he??? Kris will soon find out. And you will too if you read Night Of The Living Dummy. Enjoy!

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The Girl Who Cried Monster

3 ThrillsLucy tells a lot of monster stories. She is always trying to scare people, but she tells TOO MANY monster stories. Everyone is sick of them. Her family knows almost every story she tells them is a tale. Lucy's dad and mom make her go to a summer reading program to keep her occupied during the summer. She has to go see Mr. Mortman, the librarian, once a week. She has to give a short report and answer some questions about the book she was assigned for that week. If she gets six gold stars then she earns a book. She says "Big Deal!" The librarian is kind of weird. He always has wet hands. One day Lucy discovers the librarian is a monster. She tries to tell people but she tells so many monster stories NO ONE will believe her. Not even her mom or dad will believe her. The monster knows who she is and is coming after her. If only someone would believe her! This is a great story for those who like the tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. You will have a fun time reading The Girl Who Cried Monster!

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Welcome To Camp Nightmare

4 Thrills - 1.7 KYes, Camp Nightmoon is a normal some ways. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They play games and sleep in cabins. The camp is in the middle of nowhere, but that's pretty normal for a camp. But they have no nurse at the camp and then people are starting to act pretty weird. The people at the camp keep announcing these strict rules, like no sneaking out at night and no going to the "forbidden bunk". Then Billy's counselor tells them about Sabre, the "it". Then while they were all unpacking there were two snakes in Mike's bunk and he got bitten. Later that day while they were playing scratch ball, the counselor threw a ball at Colin's and he had to go see Uncle Al, the demented camp director. Crazy things just kept happening. Then one night Jay and Roger sneaked in to the "forbidden bunk". Billy heard a lot of screams and Jay came back screaming that "it" had eaten Roger. And Jay wasn't joking. Then Billy asked Larry what happened to Roger and he told him there never was a kid named Roger at camp. Once again there is something weird going on at this camp and now Billy's parents aren't answering his letters home anymore. Even more kids are disappearing. Why would his parents send him to such a dangerous place? Don't they love him? Or did they not know how scary it is? And why does Larry keep acting like nothing is going on? Something is wrong and Billy knows it. Camp Nightmoon is turning into Camp Nightmare and Billy could be the next one to disappear. Read Welcome To Camp Nightmare to find out if he can avoid Sabre get out of there.

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The Ghost Next Door

4 ThrillsHannah's neighborhood has someone new in it! Hannah had a dream about her house being on fire after she and her brother were camping out in the backyard. The dream seemed very real to Hannah. Now there is a boy named Danny who has moved in next door, but Hannah never even saw him move in. She's been home and bored all summer and she never even saw Danny or his family looking at the house. It was also weird they way she met Danny. He ran into her with his bike and said he didn't see her, even though she was wearing bright green and orange. Also he keeps disappearing so oddly and he has been hanging out with 2 troublemakers who want to get the postman. Hannah notices a shadow chasing her. Is it just her imagination? She has so many questions and no answers. Maybe Danny's a ghost. When she goes next door to knock on the door she can see Danny's mom in the kitchen, yet she doesn't even hear the knocking. Why not? Is she a ghost too? What is going on next door? Read The Ghost Next door to find out!

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The Haunted Mask

4 ThrillsEveryone tries to tease or make Carly Beth scared because she is scared of EVERYTHING! Carly Beth and her friend go to a pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin for Halloween and on the way Carly Beth saw a mask store, but it was closed. Carly Beth was afraid of the pumpkin patch and the dark. She and her friend saw all the pumpkins were rotten. Finally they found a good pumpkin, but Carly Beth was scared by the two boys from her school who were always scaring her when they popped up wearing pumpkin suits. At school the next day the same boys put a worm in her sandwich, which also scared her. She decided she wanted to get back at the boys, so she went to the mask store she had seen. The owner said it was closed but he gave her a minute to find a mask. Not knowing that it was a secret, Carly Beth walked into a room where there were some scary masks. She picked one out, but he told her she couldn't have that one. While the man was busy Carly Beth took the mask. Now it's Halloween and Carly Beth REALLY isn't herself anymore. Now she scares everyone, including herself, when she wears the mask. Read The Haunted Mask to give yourself major GOOSEBUMPS!!

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Be Careful What You Wish For

3 ThrillsSamantha Byrd is on the basketball team but she's not very good. She was picked because she was tall. Samantha has a lot of accidents and the girls at school, especially one on the basketball team, make fun of her for it. One day Samantha dropped her ball and some kids got it. They tossed it around and kept it away from her. While she was trying to get her ball back she tripped and found a necklace on the floor. She put the necklace on. The kids who had her basketball tossed it up into the air and it got stuck in the ropes. Samantha had to climb up tp get it, but her foot got stuck in the rope and she fell. She was unconscious for a while and everyone made fun of her for the rest of the day. On the way home from school Sam ran into a woman, Clarisa, who said the necklace was hers. In order to repay her for giving back the necklace Clarisa said she would grant Sam 3 wishes. How does Sam use her wishes? And will she ever stop being picked upon? Read the book to find out!

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