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Fear Street ReviewsEssential Books    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

The New Girl

3 ThrillsCory is Shadyside High's star gymnast. His friend David dares him to do many things. David dared him to stand on his head and hand holding his lunch tray. He did so. That's when he saw her. She had blue eyes and blond hail she seemed really pale. She wore a blue dress. He saw her for a split second and went into a trance. Then he fell loosing his concentration into his spaghetti. He went down the hall to look for her and ran into his friend, Lisa. They had been friends for a very long time and were also neighbors. She gave him a shirt to wear so he didn't have spaghetti on him all day. Then she left. After she left he saw the girl again running down the hall. He has started thinking about her all the time so he didn't do too well on the bars at his gymnastics practice. He had a dream the she came over to him in the lunchroom and kissed him but he couldn't feel her kisses. Then he reached up to her face and his hand went right through her. Cory had been looking for her everywhere since the dream. He asked friends about her but they didn't know who he was talking about and he couldn't find her anywhere. After practice he went out into the hall and ran into Lisa. They decided to walk home together. Lisa asked him if he was doing anything Saturday night he told her no and then he asked her about the girl. She knew whom he was talking about. Obviously her name was Anna and she was a new girl who moved into Fear Street, she was in Lisa's physics class. He called the operator to get Anna's number and address. He wrote them down. He called her. Someone answered. He asked for Anna. They said they didn't know whom he was talking about. He asked if it was the Corwin house. They said it was but there was no Anna there. Cory was confused. It was Anna Corwin's house so why didn't they know who he was talking about. When Cory got to school Anna was the first person he saw. She was by her locker. He said hi to her and introduced himself to her. He told her about his phone call the night before and asked if he had gotten the wrong number. She said he didn't get the wrong number but then ran off to her next class. At the first gymnastics match Cory had just done a really good job on the mat routine and it was time for him to do the rings. He was going smoothly until he saw Anna in the bleachers. He wasn't sure if it was her but he slipped off the rings and completely messed up his routine. On Saturday night he couldn't think of anything to do and didn't want to be stupid asking a girl out on Saturday so he didn't call Anna. He decided to go over to Lisa's house. He was talking to Lisa and told her about how Anna was at the match so he completely messed up. She called him a creep under her breath. Cory asked her what she said she told him to go home. She seemed really mad at him so he left. When he got home he decided to call Anna. When he called a woman answered. Cory asked for Anna. She asked why he was torturing her like this. Then he heard someone yelling in the background that it was for her and she wanted to answer it. The woman told Cory he knew Anna was not there so he should stop calling. Cory decided to go to her house. When he went to her house he asked for Anna the man who answered the door asked if he was the same guy who was calling earlier. Cory said yes. Then the man screamed to Cory that Anna was dead and to never come to the house again because she was dead. The next day at school Lisa asked what was wrong with Cory. He told her the whole story about Anna. Later Lisa was talking to Cory. Her cousin had a friend that went to Anna's old school. She said that Anna had died and it was a very said tragedy. They went to the library to look at microfilm of newspaper obituaries and in one of them it said Anna Corwin. It said she died in the spring...

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3 ThrillsCara and Mark move a lot. They've just recently moved to a house on Fear Street in Shadyside. They have made very few friends. Mark has a girlfriend named Gena. Mark's parents don't want Mark to see Gena but have no reason why. Cara and Mark's parents weren't home yet but they didn't worry because they usually work late. They're parents install computers at Cranford Industries. They were having a small party with all of their friends when a policeman came to the door. Cara answered the door. He said that his name was Captain Farraday. He said that he was investigating a burglary a few houses down and was curious if they saw anything strange or suspicious. She told him she didn't because they were new in the neighborhood. He gave her his card and told her to call if she had any problems. So she took it and he left. When everyone left the party they started to clean up. They were wondering why their parents hadn't called to let them know they were staying out late. They went to the phone to call their parents and found out that the phone was dead. Then they heard footsteps above their head. They heard the footsteps get closer. Then they saw what made the footsteps. It was just their older cousin Roger. He was boarding in their house for a while. Mark and Cara went into their parents' bedroom to look for a note, or something to let them know that they're parents had stayed out late. They didn't find a note. Then they saw something behind a curtain. Mark went over to see what it was. It was Roger hiding in the room. He said that he was looking for a note just like they were. He said that he heard a sound and looked out the window to see what it was. Then he left to his room. Mark and Cara thought he seemed a little suspicious but thought he was telling the truth. They found a mysterious carved monkey with rhinestones for eyes in the room. They found it interesting but left it in the room. Then they were tired and went to bed. On the middle of the night Mark was still awake so he went over to the window to see if his parents car was in the driveway but it wasn't. Then he saw Roger coming out of the house and walking over to a gray van sitting on the side of the road. Mark decided not to wake Cara. He thought he should snoop around Roger's room while he was gone because he has been acting very strange lately. Mark was halfway up the stairs when roger came up behind him and asked him what he was doing up. He said that he was going to the bathroom and asked why Roger was up. He lied and said that he was going for a walk. The next morning Mark woke up and found the carved monkey on his dresser but he didn't remember bringing it into his bedroom the night before. He told Cara about what happened the night before. They decided to confront him. They went to his room but he wasn't home so they decided to look around. They didn't find much but they did find that although he said he was studying he had no notes and it looked like his stuff was never used. They searched around a little longer and found a loaded pistol in his underwear drawer. Mark and Cara went to their neighbor's house to call their parents' work number but they weren't there. So they decided to go to Cranford Industries to see if they were there. They opened the garage and found that the car their parents drove to work was still there. They thought that maybe their parents got a ride to work that day. So they drove to Cranford Industries. After going through a lot of moving around, they got into an office where a girl was to help them. They told her that they were looking for their parents and that they were computer installers. They gave her their parents' names and she looked them up. The computer said they didn't work there. So they were transferred to another guy named Mr. Marcus who looked up their name and said their parents didn't work there and never had...

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The Wrong Number

4 ThrillsSchool is starting and Deena's half-brother, Chuck, is coming to live with her in Shadyside. Chuck is a troublemaker, he was expelled from his school where he lived and the only way to keep him in school was to send him to Shadyside with his father. Deena wasn't sure about him. Deena's dad works at the Phone Company and he just got Deena a new phone. Deena's friend, Jade, loves her new phone and decided it would be fun to prank call someone with it, so she calls her house and pretended she was the mall and that her sister, who was baby-sitting was the worst dressed shopper. The baby-sitter realized that it was Jade that was calling and didn't really think it was funny. Jade wanted to try it on someone who wouldn't recognize her as well so she called a nerd from school who only cares about his computer and said that she was the woman of his dreams and stuff like that. He wasn't really happy about the phone call because it was wasting his time so he hung up. Jade made Deena call a guy she like and act like she was someone else. Deena called him and made her voice all sexy so he didn't recognize her. Deena went with his dad to go pick up her brother from the airport. When they got there they got Chuck and started on their way home. Deena wasn't sure she was going to like having her big brother that she barely knew living at her house. On their way home there was a major car crash on the road so they had to stop and get out of their car. Some kid was screaming that his dog was in a car that was in flames. Chuck ran into the car to save the dog and got out alive. He was a hero to the boy and his parents. Deena was having second thoughts when she saw him do that, she thought that maybe having Chuck around wouldn't be so bad. On the first day of school everything was going fine with Deena until lunch. At lunch by, a kid in the school, had started a fight with someone but Deena was upset to see that it was Chuck and that he had a knife. Chuck was almost suspended but luckily Deena's dad convinced the principal that it would never happen again. Jade came over the next day to talk with Deena. Jade wanted to meet Chuck but he never came out of his room. So Jade and Deena started making more prank calls because it was just 'harmless fun'. But while they were on the phone they heard a click like a hang up and Chuck came into the room. He asked what they were doing and threatened to tell Deena's parents if they didn't let him in on the fun. So they let him have a try. Chuck decided not to call anyone about stupid stuff like Deena and Jade did. He called the bowling lanes and told them their was a bomb in the lanes and said he was the phantom of fear street. Deena and Jade could not believe he did that. Then Chuck called the kid he got in a fight with and scared him. Deena and Jade saw the newspaper and the front-page article was about a bomb threat at the bowling lanes. After meeting Jade, Deena and Chuck decide not to make any more prank calls because it was too dangerous. Chuck didn't understand why they were afraid of Fear Street so he decided to call a number on Fear Street to prove that bad thing don't happen, they called and a woman came on the line screaming "Help Me... He's going to kill me." Read The Wrong Number to find out what happens!

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The Fire Game

3 ThrillsJill and her friends, Diane and Andrea, were in the library studying. They had a quiz later on that day and really didn't want to take it but they had to so they were studying. Andrea said she needed some music for here gymnastics routine but she wanted it to be original. Diane recommended a friend of hers named Gabe who knew how to play the guitar and did his own music. She said he was coming into town soon. But he had lived in the city all his life and will probably thing a small town like Shadyside would be boring. Then two of their friends came in. Their names were Nick and Max. They were talking about a horror movie they watched about two guys who could make fire come out of their fingers and had many duels. Then they each got out a lighter and pretended to ha a duel with the lit lighters. Then they picked up a folder burned the edge of it with the fire. Diane Then went insane. She was angry. She said she hated fire. Andrea took the folder away from them and put it in the trash. They went into their next period classes. When Jill was in her class dark smoke started to come up outside. The fire alarm went off and they all went outside. It was a real fire. Jill looked around for the source fire and she found it. It was the library trash can, where Andrea threw the folder. School was canceled for the day. Jill and her friends decided to go out and have pizza. Andrea was upset because she had started a fire. While they were all talking, Diane saw Gabe and ran up to greet him. He was bored because there was nothing to do. The next day at school they were telling Gabe fun things he could do in Shadyside. They ssaid he could go to Fear Street, their hanted street. They agreed that it would be fun to skip school and go to Diane's parents cabin in the Fear Street woods. Gabe dared Max to start a fire to cancel school for the day but everyone thought he was kidding. Then Max went into the bathroom with the lighter and all of a sudden there was a big boom and flames shot out from the bathroom.The fire alarm went off and school was cancelled for the day. Max told them later that when he set the trash can on fire there was cleaning liquid next to it and he was lucky to get out. Then they all went to hang out at Diane's parents cabin for the rest of the day. Later on they were checking out the graveyard. Gabe told Nick it was his turn to start a fire but he wouldn't so Gabe went and lit fire to a cabin. They all ran and the fire engines started coming. They saw an article about increased arson in the paper and realized it was talking about them. Gabe had asked Jill out and they had a riomantic date in the park until they went back to Gabe's car and found that it was on fire. Gabe was very angry. The next day Jill went to Nick's house to study and saw Nick and Max drive off in the car when she got there. She decided to follow them. She followed them as the turned onto fear street. Then she lost them and her car stalled. A policeman came up to her and helped her get her car started. She drove down Fear Street and found the car. She knew they were inside the abandoned house. Then a light flased and Nick and Max ran out of the house. The house went up in flames behind them. Jill ran to the fire alarm and pulled it and went home. She Then realized that the fire game had gone too far. It got worse when on the news it was talking about it and how a man was in the house so the people who set the house on fire had murdered him. The next day the police came to her door to talk about how a policeman saw her on Fear Street before the house went up in flames...

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The Stepsister

3 ThrillsEmily's dad died during a camping trip with their family. It was a storm and Emily and her dad went out on the boat to have fun. Emily dropped something and her dad picked it up but the boat flipped over. They both fell overboard. When Emil came up to the water her dad was gone. He had drowned. That was a while ago, now her mom had remarried a guy that Emily and her sister, Nancy, didn't like that much. His name was Hugh and he was always making jokes. His children were sent to live with them. Their names were Jessie and Rich. Jessie was the same age as Emily and Rich was younger. Rich was always very quiet and reading a Stephen King book. Emily was so excited to be sharing a room with her stepsister. When they arrived, Emily was very happy. She went to greet her new stepsister and brother. When Jessie got into Emily's room, her personality changed. She said that the room was too small and that her mother was too cheerful and enthusiastic. Jessie apologized and told Emily how hard it was for herself. Emily understood. Then Jessie said that she wanted the bed that was away from the window but Emily had bought the bed by the window for Jessie. And Jessie wanted the dresser to put her stuff in. Those were Emily's stuff. Emily was upset and Jessie said she thought they had a problem. Jessie ripped off the head of Emily's favorite teddy bear. Nancy walked in and Jessie said it was an accident. Emily wasn't sure to believe her. Emily's do, Tiger, came walking in and Jessie was disgusted of it. She hated dogs. After a few weeks of living with Jessie, Emily was typing a report for class. She had spent so long on it. She went down stairs to get something to eat and when she came back Jessie was at the computer. Emily asked what she was doing and Jessie said she thought Emily was done. Emily told Jessie she wasn't and went on the computer. She looked for her file but it had been erased. She suddenly realized that Jessie had erased her report but Jessie said it was off when she came in. Then Emily was so mad that she attacked Jessie. Her mom came in angry with both of them. Emily and Nancy were talking about how Emily had stolen Nancy's boyfriend, Josh. Emily reminded Nancy that Nancy was going to dump Josh anyway. Jessie and Emily had really gotten along after that. They went to the kitchen to make a whipped cream cake. Nancy, Jessie and Emily ended up having a whipped cream fight. When they were done they were a mess. Jessie told Emily she could take a shower first while she cleaned up. Jessie took a shower but when she got out of it she looked into the mirror and screamed. Her hair was splotched with many different colors. Everyone heard her scream and came into the room. Nancy mentioned on how Jessie spent a lot of time in the bathroom earlier and everyone looked at Jessie. Jessie got mad that everyone blamed her. Later Emily was talking to Nancy. Nancy said she was talking to her mom and her mom said that Jessie got in a lot of trouble. That everyone thought she murdered someone. One time when Emily got home she thought about how her dog, Tiger, hadn't come to greet her as soon as she entered the door. She looked around for him. When she got into the kitchen she found her dog... with a cut in his side. He was dead. Emily screamed as loud as she could...

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The Secret Bedroom

3 ThrillsLea just moved to Shadyside. She moved to a house on Fear Street. But she has had a bad start at Shadyside high. During her first week she spilled chilly on Marci's white sweater. Marci is very popular at Shadyside. Lea had made an instant enemy of Marci just for tripping and spilling chilly. Lea did make one friend, Deena. Deena was fairly popular but really nice so she was glad to be Lea's friend. When Lea started cleaning up her mess of chilly a guy started helping her. He said his name was Don. Then he asked her out on a date. Lea was surprised and said yes. She went to sit down and told Deena. Deena said it was a joke because Don had been with Marci for a long time. Lea wasn't sure it was a joke she knew Don was asking her out. Deena told her just to watch out for Marci. When Lea moved into her house it was a major fix-upper. In the attic there was a boarded up bedroom that seemed to be a secret. The dealer said there was a scary story for each house on Fear Street. She said that the scary story for the bedroom was that there was a murder there. On the night Don was supposed to pick Lea up for the date he didn't come. So Lea called him. His mom picked up and said he was over at Marci's. So Lea called Marci without thinking and Marci picked up. Lea asked for Don and Marci laughed. She asked if Lea actually thought Don was going to go out with her. She said that she dared Don to ask Lea out but Don was hers. Lea was upset and Deena was right. As Lea started to go to sleep she heard stomps over her head coming from the bedroom in the attic. She decided to check it out. She went up to the attic and tried to pry the boards but then a waterfall of blood came through the top and flowed to the ground. Lea ran to the front room and called the police than her friend Deena. Deena convinced her it was a dream and came over to her house. They checked out the attic and nothing was there. There was no blood at all. Lea was confused; it couldn't be a dream it seemed too real. When the police got to her house Lea told them it was just a dream. Deena left and Lea just sat confused. The next day Marci was telling everyone about Lea actually thinking Don wanted to go out with her. Lea was very upset. When she got home she just lay down in her bed but she heard talking noises and footsteps above her again. She went up to the bedroom and tried to open it again. But then large gigantic spikes came out of it. Lea was scared to death. She ran downstairs and realized it was just a dream. The next day the noise annoyed her so much she decided to go up there and open it up so she went up there and pried it loose to find a girl about her age in a pretty room. But then Lea realized that the girl was floating and with very pale color... It was a ghost. The ghost says her name is Catherine. The problem is that Catherine wants to come back to life and the only way to do that would be to take over Lea's body and Catherine won't stop until she gets that...

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First Date

3 ThrillsChelsea is lonely. She just moved to Shadyside about a month ago and only has one friend, Nina. She has never been on a date before. She goes to Shadyside high and is a waitress in her dad's restaurant. There are two new kids who moved into Shadyside. One of them is Will. He is in Chelsea's homeroom. Chelsea really liked him. There is another boy who just moved to Shadyside. His name is Sparks. He came into Chelsea's restaurant for some coffee. They talked for a while and he asked her out. She was surprised and didn't answer. Her dad interrupted her and Sparks got mad and stormed out of the restaurant. Sparks seemed dangerous so Chelsea didn't want to go out with him. Then, after school, Will asked Chelsea to go on a walk with him. She did. He asked her out to the movies and she said yes. Will was shy like Chelsea. He wanted their date to be a secret because it their first date. They went to the movies and to Chelsea's house. After the date the FBI came to Chelsea's house asking if she had seen a guy with curly dark brown hair and looked like he worked out because he was a crazed killer. Chelsea realized that Sparks fit the description. She told the agent about Sparks. When Chelsea was at the restaurant Sparks came by and was trying to catch her. She ran trying to dodge him because he was going to kill her. He tripped and landed on the grill and burned his hand. He told her to call an ambulance. She called the agent. Soon the agent came by with an ambulance and arrested him. Later Chelsea was at her house with Will. She told him about Sparks and how their date wasn't a secret because she told Nina about it. Will told her to invite Nina over so she did. After she hung up the phone it rang. She picked it up and it was the agent. He said that sparks wasn't who he was looking for. Chelsea was looking into the other room when she realized that Will also fit the description and he had a cord in between his hands. He was going to kill her...

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4 ThrillsMelissa lives on Fear Street. She is worried about a Fear Street prowler the news was talking about. She keeps seeing a shadow or a person in her room. Her dad says that it was ok. He says she is seeing things because she is worried about the Fear Street prowler. Well Melissa wasn't sure that she was seeing things. Her dad kept a loaded pistol in his room in case the prowler showed up. Melissa's birthday was soon and Melissa got a nice, new car. She took it for a drive and was having a nice time when the steering wheel turned left and Melissa didn't know why and couldn't stop it. She almost crashed into another car. It felt like a force was steering the steering wheel. Her dad put it in the shop to see what was wrong with it. Melissa had a lot of friends over for her birthday party. Including her friend Della and her boyfriend Buddy. They all brought presents so Melissa put them in her room. They went downstairs ate, danced and partied. Melissa realized she had forgotten all about time and had 10min to eat cake and open presents. She ran up stairs to find that all of her presents were unwrapped. But who would do that? Everyone at her party was her friend. They wouldn't want to ruin her party? Melissa was happy he didn't steel the presents. That night she was wondering about the weird things going on. She thought she saw something over by her window and then she felt a gust of wind so she went to go shut her window. Her room was on the second story. She looked down to the road. She started to close her window when a force tried to push her out the window. She grabbed the top so she wouldn't fall out. The force kept pushing finally it stopped. Melissa turned around and there was nothing there. Who was there? Who would try to push her out a window? She knew someone was in her room but who? Melissa told her parents about the weird things going on and they were very worried about her and said that she needed to stop watching the news about the prowler. The next day she was driving her mom's car and was thinking hard about all the stuff going on. She sped a light and wasn't watching her driving. Then an outline of a person appeared next to her and it faded it into a guy with long brown hair. She got scared and crashed into the car in front of her. Luckily it didn't do any damage, maybe a scratch. When she got home she went up to her room and the figure appeared again. Melissa asked who he was he said his name was Paul. She asked why he was in her room and he told her it was because he was going to kill her. He said that he was a ghost. Melissa didn't believe him. So he made his had go right though her body. Then Melissa believed him. She asked him why he wanted to kill her and he said because she killed him. Melissa never remembered killing anyone and she would never kill anyone. Paul barely remembered any thing. He didn't know his last name or how Melissa killed him. He just knew that Melissa had killed him and he had come back as a ghost to get her back and kill her. He said he was the one who made her car go out of control, unwrapped her presents and tried to push her out of her window and now he was going to kill her...

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The Overnight

3 ThrillsDella is part of an outdoor club at school, along with Gary, Suki, Maia, Ricky and Pete. Maia is her friend and Gary is her ex-boyfriend. She broke up with him and regretted it the next day, but he didn't want to talk to her and now she really wants him back. Suki is a girl who is trying to be Gary's girlfriend and almost is. Ricky is the class clown. He thinks he is funny but he isn't. Pete is a semi-prep in the club. Gary is the leader. Their teacher is Mr. Abner. The group had been wanting to go on an overnight. They finally planned for that weekend. Mr. Abner came into class and said they had to cancel it because he had some family problems. They were all upset. Especially Maia, because she had to beg her parents to go in the first place. Then they thought about the idea of going without Mr. Abner. Maia said no because her parents would kill her if they ever found out. Della told her everything was going to be alright and she decided to go. They all decided to go at the originally planned time without Mr. Abner to camp at Fear Island, which was behind the Fear Street woods. When they got to camp they found a campsite and got everything ready. Then Ricky brought out his Zap guns (paintball guns). They started to play as teams, girls against boys, in the woods of the island. Della got lost and just kept walking hoping her sense of direction was helping her find her way back. She stopped when she got to a ravine. They're was a guy following her she turned around and shot a stream of paint from her Zap gun. There was no one there. Then she put the gun up. There was a guy that showed up. He started talking excitedly to Della. Della kind of liked him. He was 18 or so and very cute, he had a chin with three sculls on it around his neck. Then he started talking about communication and something about how he tried to communicate with an old man and how he wouldn't. Della started to get scared. Then he told her what he did to the old man. He said that he shot him in the back with a gun. Then he grabbed Della and started to try to throw her in to the ravine. She shot him with her Zap gun and he just laughed. Then she moved and accidentally pushed him into the ravine. She went down to the bottom to see if he was alright and he wasn't breathing. Then she saw the rests of the members of the outdoor club at the top of the ravine. She told them what happened. Gary checked the man's pulse and he had none. They were all upset. They had never seen a dead body before. They decided to keep it a secret to keep Della from getting in trouble and because their parents would find out that they went on the overnight without Mr. Abner. Della was so scared... She had just killed a man. They all had trouble sleeping that night. They left as soon as possible the next morning. When they got home they had trouble hiding the secret. Especially when their parents asked them how it went. Then when Della came home from going to Maia's house to calm here down, she found an envelope in her screen door. It had one of the sculls that the man had around his neck and a note that said, "I saw what you did". They had a meeting and Gary said he got a scull too. Then Pete showed them an article about two guys who killed an old man that was supposedly rich. Then they saw the sketches. One of them was of the man Della killed. That was the old man he couldn't communicate with. Then they realized that the guy sending them the stuff was probably the partner with the man and he either wanted revenge... or to blackmail their parents. The next day they had an outdoor club meeting at school. Mr. Abner was back. Mr. Abner was so excited because he had finally come back and planned the overnight at Fear Island for that weekend...

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Halloween Party

4 ThrillsTerry's life was normal with school and his girlfriend Nikki until he got the invitation. Terry and Nikki both got an invitation to Justine Cameron's Halloween party. Justine and her uncle just moved to Shadyside. They moved into the old Cameron mansion on Fear Street. They were thinking of fixing it up. Justine say's she has no relationship with the Cameron's that lived in the Cameron mansion before. Now she and her uncle had it all fixed up for the Halloween party. Justine made a crazy guest list she only invited nine people: Nikki, Terry, Trisha, Ricky, Murphy, Angela, Les, David and Alex. Most of them weren't best friends. There was Nikki and Terry who were going together. Trisha, Ricky, Angela and Les were people Terry and Nikki knew but weren't great friends of theirs. David, Murphy and Alex were jocks who hated the rest of the people. They call everyone else the wimps. The jocks are very competitive and decided to make a competition between the jocks and wimps out of the party. The party was going to be an all night party on Fear Street... On the night of the party the Cameron mansion was completely fixed up, with decorations all over. Everyone was dancing and then the lights went out. Justine's uncle went to go fix the lights with the fuse box. When the lights came back on, there was a body on the floor with a knife coming out of his back. Everyone was silent. Then some people started laughing. It was a Halloween trick done by the wimps to scare the jocks. Everyone was nervously giggling in embarrassment and happiness. They continued dancing for a while longer than Justine called them in for a treasure hunt. They were looking for Halloween stuff like eyeballs and skeletons and so on. Everyone was checking in all rooms and finding things all over. Checking in every room but the attic. Terry decided the attic would be the best place to hide things He opened the attic door and found Alex hung with a rope, blood dripping to a puddle on the floor. But this time it was real!

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One Evil Summer

3 ThrillsAmanda failed Algebra and now has to spend her summer in summer school. They are going to their summerhouse in Seahaven. Amanda has to take summer school in Seahaven high. Amanda is happy that she doesn't have to take care of her little brother and sister while her parents are out on business. They are going to hire a mother's helper/baby-sitter. They put ads out for one. Amanda stayed at the house when everyone went to the store. Someone came to the door, a girl who had come about the job. She said that her name was Chrissy Minor. When Amanda's parents came back they interviewed Chrissy for the job. Amanda was eavesdropping on the interview. She heard Chrissy saying that she lived with her aunt Lorraine Minor because her parents died in a car accident. She needed a live-in job because her cousin Eloise returned from college which makes the house seem small between the three of them. Amanda's siblings, Kyle and Merry, already liked Chrissy. So did their parents, they asked if she had any references. Chrissy gave them her resume that had the references on the bottom. Amanda's mom called the references one had no answer, the other was busy. Chrissy had another interview to go to and Amanda's mom didn't want to lose Chrissy so she hired her. Amanda's cat hissed when it saw Chrissy and the birds, which always sang nonstop, stopped singing when Chrissy was in the room. Amanda had a strange feeling about Chrissy. When Chrissy was bringing her suitcase into the house, it snapped open. Amanda helped her pick the stuffed up and found some newspaper clippings. She asked what they were and Chrissy grabbed them from her. Then Chrissy showed her one that said that a girl named Lilith Minor was in a coma. Chrissy said it was her twin sister. Amanda said she was sorry for her and Chrissy said she shouldn't be... because Lilith was evil! Amanda was unsure about Chrissy. Amanda met this guy named Dave who had said that the animals, which act weird around Chrissy, know something about her. He lived in Seahaven all his life but he has never heard of Chrissy, Lorraine or Eloise. Later Amanda was walking by Chrissy's room and saw her floating. Amanda fainted at the sight. She tried to explain it to her parents but they thought she was imagining things. Amanda was looking outside at Chrissy and her siblings when a car veered out of control, ran over Amanda's cat, almost hit Chrissy, Kyle and Merry and crashed into their parents' car...

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Wrong Number 2

4 ThrillsDeena still has nightmares about what happened last year. Being stuck in the tree when Mr. Faberson had a chain saw. Trying to cut the tree down and kill her. Mr. Faberson had killed his wife after stealing money from his restaurant. He planned to take the money along with a girl he was cheating on his wife with far away. But his plan didn't work out because Deena and her friend, Jade had gotten involved. Deena's half-brother Chuck had prank called a number on Fear Street on Deena's phone and heard a woman screaming "Help me... He's going to kill me..." So they decided to go check it out at the house and saw a woman dead. Then a man came downstairs and they thought he had killed the woman so chuck picked up the knife the woman was killed with and tried to attack the man with it. Then they left. After the murder, Detectives found Chuck's fingerprints on the knife and put him in jail. A guy came on the news and said he was so sad that his wife had died. And that he had seen Chuck and two other girls at his house running when he found his wife dead. They saw it was the man they saw at the house... Mr. Faberson. Deena and Jade decided to snoop around. They went to Mr. Faberson's restaurant and didn't find much. Then they went to the girl he was cheating on his wife with, Linda Morrison. She was a little help. Then they went to his house and found out the rest they needed to know but Mr. Faberson had come home and caught them there. He locked them in a room and they went out the window onto a tree and Faberson came out of the house with a chain saw planning to cut the tree down. Luckily the police came. Faberson was arrested and sentenced for life and Chuck was let go. Now Chuck is off at college. Deena and Jade are still in high school. When they were hanging out together the phone rang and Deena answered it pretending to be Jade. He said he was Jade's wrong number and he was coming to disconnect it soon. When Deena got home she got a call in the night. It was the same guy. She asked him what he wanted and he said "revenge" and hung up. Jade and Chuck had gone before and now that he goes to college he sends her a letter once a week. Jade is too busy with her new boyfriend Teddy to answer them. Chuck came to Jade's house when Deena was sleeping over. He said college wasn't working out and he wants to raise money to go to LA to take classes about movie making. Deena warned him that her parents were going to be furious with him. After he left, Jade and Deena got another call. It was the same mysterious voice. He asked them if they remembered the closet. They were shocked because they were hiding in a closet in Faberson's house when he was looking for them but they didn't tell anyone about it. Only Deena, Jade and Chuck knew about it. Then he asked if they remembered how scared they were that night and said they would be more scared soon. The next morning Deena's parents got so mad at Chuck that he ran off to Jade's house. When Deena went to Jade's, Jade got some mail with a chain saw dripping in blood that said "YOUR TURN NEXT". Jade, Chuck and Deena new it couldn't be Faberson but who else would know the stuff he knows. So they decided to go by Faberson's house to see if anyone lived there. They got there and there was a light on so they went up to the door. All of a sudden a car came out from the back of the house. They all got back into the car and it was following them. Then it became a chase. They finally lost it. Then Jade said that the woman looked like Linda. They decided to go talk to Linda. Linda figured out who they were. They asked Linda why they saw her there and she said it was because she was in the house looking for Faberson's money. Faberson called Linda from jail and threatened her that if she didn't find the money he would kill her when he got out of jail. Linda said that there was a way for him to get out of jail. If he and his lawyer could prove that the police didn't follow all rules than he can get out of jail as early as a month. Linda said that she thought that they were intruders so she chased them. Than Linda thought they wanted the money for themselves. But she decided they didn't. She said that she was going to move so that Faberson couldn't find her. Then that night on the news there was a big bulletin... Faberson has been released from jail!!!

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College Weekend

4 ThrillsTina is still stuck in Shadyside High School while her boyfriend is in college. That's why she is going up to Patterson College to spend the weekend with her boyfriend, Josh. But her parents don't let her leave by herself, so she has to take her cousin Holly along with her. She packed and went on a train with Holly to the town where Josh was. When she got to the train station Josh was nowhere to be seen, so Tina sat in the station waiting. The man who ran the place was gone so she couldn't call. She figured Josh probably forgot to pick her up. So she tried to call him but the phones were dead. She thought she saw a shadow outside so she went outside thinking it was Josh but no one was there. All of a sudden a man attacked her asking for her money. She was so scared she reached for her money. Then she heard a man's voice telling the man to go away. Tina thought it was Josh. The man who had attacked her ran and Tina saw the guy who had stopped him wasn't Josh. He came up to her and asked if she was Tina. He said his name was Chris and he was Josh's roommate. He said that Josh went camping the day before and had planned to be here on time but his car had trouble so he was stuck with his friend Steve. Chris said that Josh called him and told him to pick her up. On the way to the dorm Chris put on some music and said he loved the CD. Tina though that was strange because Josh and herself loved the CD and nobody else had heard of them. Then Chris told Tina his uncle was a famous photographer because Tina wanted to be a model. Chris said he was studying photography and would take some shots of Tina for his uncle. Tina was happy that she might have a chance to be a model. Chris showed her to the dorm room and told her he would be staying in his studio so she could have a room to herself. He gave her the number to the studio and left her and Holly in the dorm room. They heard pounding on the door so they rushed to answer it thinking it was Josh. It was a dark-haired girl. She said her name was Carla. She was a friend of Chris's. They were talking for a while. Holly asked about Chris and if he had a girlfriend. Carla told her a story about how he had a girlfriend in high School named Judy. He took her sailing one day. A storm suddenly hit and she drowned. She said he hasn't had a real girlfriend since. Chris came by and asked them if they wanted to go to a party instead of waiting around till midnight for Josh. They agreed but Tina had to hang stuff up in the closet. When she opened it she saw Josh's hiking boots. She thought it was strange that Josh would go on a camping trip without hiking boots. She asked Chris about it and he said Josh bought a new pair of hiking boots. Then they went to the party. Tina and Josh danced for fun but ended up kissing each other. Tina was upset because she wasn't supposed to do that. She already had a boyfriend. Then she looked for Holly. She couldn't find Holly. Carla said she went off with a girl named Alyssa from Holly's school. They went home and they were surprised when Josh wasn't there... Where was he and why did he go before she came? Why does Chris know all the answers? Those were just questions that Tina had, but soon they would all be answered.

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The Stepsister 2

3 ThrillsEmily's sister, Nancy, is back from the mental hospital. Emily still isn't sure about her sister about last year. Last year Nancy had done many horrible things to Emily and made it seem like her stepsister, Jessie did it. Then at a camping trip she tried to kill her. Nancy was angry because she had thought that it was Emily's fault that her dad had died. Nancy went to the mental hospital after that and now after a year she was going to see her again. Jessie had been using Nancy's room but now she moved back into Emily's room to share it with her. Rich came in Emily's room very angry with her. He said that she told dad about a party he went to and had some beer and now he was grounded. Rich is Emily's younger stepbrother. Emily never told on Rich. Rich was screaming and said he would pay her back. Then the doorbell rang, Emily and Jessie went down to answer it thinking it was Nancy but it was just Cora-Ann, Jessie's friend. Cora-Ann had been staying over at their house a lot because her parents have been fighting. Cora-Ann remembered that it was the day Nancy came back and she tried to leave but Jessie and Emily made her stay. Then the doorbell rang and it really was Nancy. Nancy seemed different and not as fun. They all got rested and then Nancy headed up to her room to unpack. Emily went up to her room and found her favorite perfume that her boyfriend had given her on the ground all dumped out. She was so upset. She shrieked and everyone came to her room. She blamed Nancy for it. Jessie and Cora-Ann said kit was just a drift from the open window that knocked it down. Then Rich came in and asked what stunk. Emily remembered how he said he wanted to pay her back and asked him if he did it. He said maybe. Then the next day Nancy and Emily were talking. They went into a dark room and then all of a sudden the lights went out. Nancy reached out and started strangling Emily. Emily cried out. Nancy let go and turned on the light. She said that she had to prove a point that Emily shouldn't be so scared of her. They went up to Nancy's room and talked. Nancy said that she was better and knew it wasn't Emily's fault that their dad died. Emily said she forgave Nancy. Nancy had started a mural on her wall but Emily couldn't see it, it was covered with a paper till it was finished. Later the next day, Emily was coming down the stairs and Nancy tripped her and she fell all the way down the stairs. Nancy said it was just an accident but Emily didn't believe her. The next day she was getting ready for a date with her boyfriend and she went to get dressed. She got out her favorite dress and found a large cut right through the dress. She said it was Nancy and Nancy was so upset that Emily was accusing her. Then Emily went down the hallway and saw Rich in his room with scissors. He held them up when Emily went by and said snip snip. The next night Emily went to her boyfriend's house in the car. She was going a little fast so she tried to slow down. But her brakes wouldn't work. They were loose. She almost ran into a truck but instead veered off the side and crashed into a tree trunk. The next thing she knew she was in a hospital. The next morning she was fine and lucky to have survived. Cora-Ann was sleeping over and they all had woken up late. Cora-Ann was trying to get Jessie to go in the bathroom first but Emily went in first. She started brushing her teeth. All of a sudden she had a bitter taste in her mouth and her teeth stuck together. She looked in the wastebasket and found super glue. Someone had put super glue in toothpaste. She had to go to the hospital to get it out. Nancy was getting worse. She was back to her old tricks and had almost killed Emily. How long will it be until she does kill Emily?

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The Confession

4 ThrillsJulie and her friends, Hillary, Taylor, Sandy and Vincent, all hated Al. Al used to be part of their group, he used be their friend. Just lately he started hanging out with some tough guys from a city called Waynesbridge, which is near Shadyside. They drink beer and smoke. Al has started drinking and smoking to now. Al is always drunk. Hillary, Julie and Taylor were hanging out at Julie's house. Taylor just became part of their group. She just moved here and is going out with Sandy. So she became part of the group. When they were hanging out, Al came to the backdoor. They went to answer it and saw Al. He was completely drunk. He started bugging them. Then he threw a beer can into the sink. He started asking for $20. But Julie wouldn't give it to him. Then he lit a cigarette. Julie's parents don't allow smoking at their house. So he threatened to make a cigarette burn on the counter if she didn't give him the money. Then he dropped it onto the floor. He started pestering Hillary. He said that if she didn't give him the money then he would tell the teacher that she cheated on the chemistry test. But Hillary didn't cheat; Al GAVE the answers to her. She didn't ask for them. Al was blackmailing them all. So Hillary gave him the money. When Al was leaving, Julie's mom walked in. She saw the beer bottle and the still lit cigarette and grounded Julie. Julie tried to tell her mom it was Al's fault but she wouldn't listen. After that, Al started bugging Hillary, he started borrowing money or her car. He was blackmailing her, along with Julie. They went over to Sandy's house. He told them that Al got into a fight and was suspended from school. Then Al was at the back door. He came in and stated pestering them. He looked in the refrigerator. And was asking if they had any beer. They said no. They realized that he was REALLY drunk this time. Sandy tried to calm him down and he punched Sandy and knocked out his tooth. Then Hillary went on a rampage and attacked him. Al thought he could fight and beat Hillary but he was surprised to see that she was just as strong as he was so he left. Julie was late to meeting Vincent for a chemistry experiment. When she got there he was pacing in his yard. He wasn't goofing around like usually. He was worried. He told Julie that he let Al borrow his parent's car. Vincent went out for a ride the other night in the car when he wasn't supposed to. He accidentally sped and got a ticket. Al was walking by when he got a ticket. Al threatened to tell his parents about the speeding ticket if Vincent didn't let him borrow the car. He promised to return it when Vincent got home. But now he was late. Then they saw the car come down the road. It was totaled. Al said it wasn't his fault. Yeah right. Vincent was so upset. When his parents got home he was grounded for life. Julie went rollerblading with her friends. Then everyone had left and she skated a little longer. Then when she went into the alley she found Al... Dead! Everyone thought she killed him but the detectives believed her. Then after the funeral they all went to Sandy's house. He got them into a group for a confession... He killed Al...

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Silent Night

4 ThrillsNobody likes Reva. She's been cruel and cold ever since her mother died. She's very well off and her dad owns Dalby's department stores. She has a job as the cashier at the perfume counter at her father's store. Her boss asked her to go into the back and load some stocks in and she said she couldn't because she had just done her nails the night before. The boss wanted to fire Reva but her dad would never let her get fired. She has a boyfriend named Hank. She was in a car with him. She drove to a place in the middle of nowhere. She didn't even know where she was. Then she dumped him, kicking him out of the car. Then she used the line "I thought I would start off the New Year with someone a little more... interesting." He got really mad. She kicked him out of the car and he had to walk home when he didn't even know where he was. Reva's dad said he needed some workers over winter vacation. He asked Reva to find some. The job was only in the stockroom. Reva liked a guy named Mitch in her school so she called him to give him a job. Mitch had a girlfriend he was devoted to so Reva figured that if she could get him a job she could talk to him without his girlfriend, Lissa. He said he would love the job then he asked if Lissa could have a job. Reva decided to give Lissa a job but play a little joke on her. She told Lissa that she was doing work at the counter so she would need to dress in her best clothes. Reva knew that Lissa was only going to be working in the dirty stockroom. She thought it was going to be so funny. Then her cousin Pam called her. Pam wasn't very well off she was the poor side of the family. Reva didn't like talking to her but Pam just didn't get the fact that she didn't like her. Pam asked her if she had any jobs for the vacation because she needed money to buy presents for her family. Reva lied to her and told her that there were no jobs left at the store and if she had called a little earlier there would've been. Pam hung up the phone. She was really mad because she knew her cousin had lied to her. She went over to hang out with her friend Mickey's. He was with his friend Clay; they were at a store. Clay had a bad temper; he was always getting into trouble. Later Mickey's dad got fired from Dalby's. Clay thought up a good plan to rob Dalby's for Christmas presents for themselves. Everything was planned out well with the security guard at night. Meanwhile Reva found an old boyfriend of hers named Rob and decided to give him a job at the store as a Santa Clause. Pam didn't tell her boyfriend Foxy about her plan to rob the store because he had just gotten a job there and wouldn't approve of their plan. At work Reva took out her lipstick to put it on but there was a needle stuck in it so she got her lips cut. Then she got a gift. She opened it and found a perfume bottle She opened it and found that it was full of blood. She spilled it all over her white sweater. It had a card that said happy Holidays from a friend. Pam and her friends went into the store to rob it at night. When they started to rob it a security guard that wasn't supposed to be there stopped them. Clay brought up a gun and shot him. The next morning the radio was talking about a robbery at Dalby's where a guard was shot and 25 thousand dollars was stolen. Pam called Clay. Clay said the gun was never loaded and he never stole that money. Then she got a threatening call saying he saw them and wanted his share of the money that was stolen or he would turn them into the police. Pam told Foxy about the call. Later she walked out of her house and a man grabbed her. It was the guy from the phone. Reva managed to escape. She was shocked when she saw his face. Later, at the store Reva caught Mitch and Rob getting into a fight and neither of them would tell her why. Then she got another gift with a letter that said happy holidays from a friend. She opened it and screamed it was Mitch. He was dead. At Mickey's house Pam asked Clay if he had killed Mitch because Clay said he would kill whoever was blackmailing them and when Pam had been captured she saw the blackmailer's face and it was Mitch. Clay just smiled and said "Maybe"...

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Silent Night 2

4 ThrillsAfter everything that happened to Reva last Christmas, she still isn't the nicest person. Last Christmas Reva had gotten several gifts at her work. She worked at the store her dad owned, Dalby department store. The gifts had sick things in them like a bottle of blood until she opened one and it had a dead body in it. It was one of her friends. Also she was really mean to her cousin Pam and her cousin attempted to rob the store while one of the kids father's robbed the store at the same time. The kids father had robbed the store safe and shot a guard and made it seem like the kids did it. When Reva went into the store a few days later she found the man who robbed the store. Pam's boyfriend had given her the sick gifts because he didn't like the way Reva treated Pam but the last gift with the dead body wasn't his. The man who robbed the store killed the guy because he was threatening to kill his son. He put the guy in a carton that had Reva's name on it to deliver it but he didn't mean to deliver it to her. But now that she knew all that stuff he had to kill her. He was about to kill her when she ducked and he fell over the balcony and onto the Christmas tree and electrocuted. Since then Reva had promised to be nice. Whenever she goes near the balcony she sees flashbacks of the Christmas before. Now it's Christmas again and Reva is working at the perfume counter of her dad's store but now her cousin is working as a stationary clerk and Reva can't help but have her cruelty come back to her. Reva is very mean. She makes fun of the customers and when they ask for her help she ignores them. Meanwhile a man named Pres was angry. He didn't have much money because he had recently been fired from Dalby's. Diane, his friend, was upset he didn't get the job he was interviewing for. They were trying to think of a way to get money. They thought of a good way for revenge. They could rob Dalby's house and sell all of his stuff for money. Or they could charge Dalby money for getting his stuff back. Then Pres thought of a great idea. Why don't the kidnap Reva and hold her for ransom. Dalby would pay millions to get his precious daughter back so they started planning the kidnapping. They had everything planned Reva's father left and Reva was alone for a few hours and then she left for work. He was going to kidnap her then. Diane parked the car and waited for Dalby to leave. Then Pres got out of the car and went around to the back. He broke through the back door he went to Reva's room but she wasn't there. Soon he heard sirens and thought that the house probably had an alarm hooked up to the police station. He ran outside and drove off with Diane. That was a complete waste. Reva had left with her father. Next they tried to go into the store and draw he away from the counter by pretending someone's contact fell out but Reva just ignored him. Pres got into a fight and went to jail and no one had enough money so Diane called his brother and asked him to help her. They decided to kidnap Reva without Pres. At the same time Reva was being really rude she gave a woman a sample of deodorant saying it was perfume and making fun of customer's looks. She met Pam's new boyfriend and got really attracted to him and she started to go out with him behind her back. She called Reva because she was upset her boyfriend had broken a date with her again but Reva told her it was okay because she had her boyfriend over at her house. She didn't want Pam to find out. Then when she was at work she was in the stockroom when someone came up behind her and put a coat over her and dragged her off. It was Danny but she didn't know that. Diane was out in a car. A policeman almost caught her but a crash happened in the parking lot, which distracted the policeman, and they drove off. Danny got really angry and knocked Reva out. They were now on their way to being millionaires!

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The Betrayal

3 ThrillsNora Goode wants to know all about the secret behind the horrifying things happening on Fear Street and the burning in her house that never stops. What she finds out is that it all started three hundred years earlier when a young girl named Susannah Goode and her mother were burned at the stake. Both of them were thought by the Fier family to be witches. Susannah's father, William Goode, said he would get revenge on the Fier family for their deaths if it was the last thing he'd do. He cast a death spell on them all, but then goes to their house to make peace with them. Matthew Fier grabs his necklace and says a magic incantation, turning William into dust. Then the Fier family all begins to die, expect Ezra Fier. Ezra decides to get revenge on the only person who is still alive in the Goode family, Susannah's brother, who doesn't know anything at all about what is going on. Does Ezra get his revenge? And what does this have to do with Nora 300 years later? Finally, how can she put an end to it all? Read The Betrayal to find out!

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