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Everworld Book ReviewsEssential Books    

Review Rating System
1 ThrillGood Enough To Read
2 ThrillsFun To Read
3 ThrillsGreat To Read
4 ThrillsGives Me Goosebumps

Search For Senna

4 ThrillsDavid had a pretty normal teen life. He went to school, hung out with his friends, and worried about girls. One of the girls he needed to worry about most was Senna. Senna was beautiful and smart, but also very, very different. One night, while on a date, Senna told David,"There will be war and I want you to fight for me." David had no idea what she was talking about, and while he was puzzled by the saying he let it pass. One day Senna was right there with David, then she was suddenly swallowed into the Earth, screaming. David and his friends April (Senna's sister), Christopher, and Jalil went into the Earth after her to try and save her. What they found was a whole new world, Everworld. Once there they were chased by Greek war gods and finally captured by Loki, the trickster god who had captured Senna. They had to try and escape from guards, snakes, and other creatures and then rescue Senna so they could return to their own world. But how could they get free? And if they got free and saved Senna, how could they get back home? Read Search For Senna to find out!

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Land Of Loss

3 ThrillsThings just have not been the same since David, Jalil, April, and Christopher got dragged down to Everworld trying to find Senna. David is sure they can find her and save her, but he doesn't know she is a witch and was just using him because he was handy. In Everworld nothing is the same as the real world. Mythological gods and creatures live there, missing ancient cultures reign supreme, animals the size of cars dwell there, and there doesn't seem to be a way to get out of there. David, Jalil, April, and Christopher desperately want to find Senna and go back to their peaceful lives on the shores of Lake Michigan. But instead they are caught in the middle of an Aztec battle with the Vikings. Suddenly, out of no where a huge, colorful being arrives and the Aztecs call it Huitzilopoctli. The war god Huitzilopoctli inspires the Aztecs, who fight harder and start to run off the Vikings, all except Loki. Loki calls for Minjor, a magical hatchet weapon, and the Vikings are then inspired as well. Loki intends to use Minjor on Huitzilopoctli to destroy him before he destroys them. The kids have an encounter with Aztec priestswho want to use them as a sacrifice. Can they escape before they are sacrificed? And if they do, can they find Senna and get back home? Read Land Of Loss to find out!!

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Enter The Enchanted

4 ThrillsJalil, April, David and Chris are still trapped in Everworld and still trying to find a way back home. What's worse, they still haven't found Senna, the reason they are all there in the first place. They meet up with the Knights Of The Round Table, and worst of all, Merlin. But they also finally meet up with a familiar face - Senna. Given that both Merlin, who is responsible for much of what happens in Everworld, and Senna, who is a witch, are there things naturally go awry. Loki shows up again in this book, and where he goes trouble follows. April is rescued from a troll by Sir Galahad and finds she really likes him, but that ends after a short while. Will they be able to get past Merlin and Loki and stay alive? Can they finally get back to their world now that they've found Senna? Read Enter The Enchanted to find out!

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Realm Of The Reaper

4 ThrillsYou'd think that April, Jalil, David, and Christopher would be used to the strange things that happen to them since they ended up in Everworld, but they still get surprised. Even though they've been hunted by trolls, entertained Vikings, fought in a war against Aztecs and their heart-eating god, encountered Merlin, met some strange alien metalsmiths, and had a chance to see a live dragon, they still are unprepared for what they find as they continue their search for Senna. Loki's last child is a goddess named Hel, who's absolutely gorgeous on one side of her and a disgusting corpse on the other. The four friends find themselves in Hel's castle, which is appropriately named since it is quite the opposite of Heaven, and they don't know what they should do. Jalil is worried, because if they ever do find Senna, she knows his deepest, darkest secret and he doesn't want ANYONE to know it. As the story goes on they find, just as Christopher predicted, Leprechauns! How can they get away from Hel and then the Leprechauns? Will they ever find Senna? Will she reveal Jalil's secret? And just what is Jalil's secret? Read Realm Of The Reaper to find out...

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Discover The Destroyer

4 ThrillsApril, Jalil, David, and Christopher have to go on a trip to get back the treasures stolen from Nidhoggr the dragon by the leprechauns, after running into him in the underworld. They have to go into the fairyland to get them, and Nidhoggr has given them a time limit to being back his treasures. In order to make sure they get back on time, he has exchanged their hearts with rubies, which will last only six days. Once they give him the treasures, he will replace their hearts. When they get to fairyland, with a little help from a nymph, and are immediately discovered there. Senna tells the fairy leader that April is a witch, which makes them angry. When David and Jalil come up with a plan to get the treasures and April and get out of there, Senna tries to stop it. David has to stop Senna and he's the only one who can. But will he and, if so, how? David is forced to use drastic measures on Senna, and even has to resort to a little violence to stop her. Who knew he had it in him? Even with David's help in stopping Senna, the plan may not work. Can the kids get April and the treasures and get back in time to get their hearts exchanged? Will the fairies stop them first? Read Discover The Destroyer to find out!

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Fear The Fantastic

4 ThrillsDavid, Christopher, April, and Jalil spend part of their time in the real world and part of it in Everworld, a change that can occur anytime they fall asleep. This time they find themselves heading for Olympus, home of the Greek gods. Ka Anor wants Olympus for himself and Zeus intends to stop him any way he can. They run across Ganymede and Dionysus on the way to Olympus, but Christopher doesn't accept anything in Everworld easily, especially the inhabitants. He feels they are not as good as humans, a racist attitude, and this comes back to haunt him in the real world when he loses a job because he disagrees with the racism there. Ganymede has asked them to join his group and they all go out into the land. They find a party where a god has been captured by the Hetwans and they free him. He joins the group and goes with them toward Olympus. They have to get to Olympus or the gods will get eaten and they will all die. Along the way, Ganymede gets killed and Christopher feels it is his fault. Zeus asks them to join him in his battle and although it is not a battle that is one they belong in, they are forced to take sides. Do they go with Zeus or Ka Anor and the Hetwan? Easy choice, even though it's not one they wanted to make. Can they survive this battle and get back to the real world? Will Zeus and the other Greek gods retain control of Olympus or will Ka Anor seize it? Read Fear The Fantastic to find out!

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Gateway To The Gods

4 ThrillsThis story takes place after the fight with Ka Anor and the Hetwan aliens, so I would recommend reading the other Everworld books before this one. Jalil, David, April, and Christopher have to to the Mt. Olympus to try and help Zeus and the other greek gods in stopping the Hetwan, who are invading. Ka Anor has gotten more powerful than ever and nothing can stop him. Jalil, David, April, and Christopher hope that by working with the gods, they will be able to defeat him. Their skills and knowledge of the "real" world have helped them in the past in Everworld, and it does once again. The interaction between them and the gods in this book is excellent, as are the descriptions. Zeus is said at one point to look, "... like a dignified, older man. Kind of like Sean Connery with more hair and a gray Ulysses S. Grant beard." However, the gods are not the great gods of legend - these gods fight among themselves and get angry at the smallest thing. At one point David points out it is no wonder they cannot stop the Hetwan, which is true enough. But can Jalil, David, April, and Christopher get the gods to work together and not against one another? And can they do it in time to stop the Hetwan? Read Gateway To The Gods to find out!

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Brave The Betrayal

4 ThrillsDavid, Christopher, April, and Jalil find themselves in a world even more strange the ones they have seen before. In this world everything is upside down, literally. They end up there because they refuse to make an animal sacrifice to an African god, even though Senna wants them to, and this is their punishment. Along the way to trying to figure the world out, and to get back tot heir own world, they come to realize that the "real" world and everworld are not two distinctly different worlds like they thought, but rather that there is some blurring of the edges of them. To think their day started out routinely enough. All they did was trade a chemistry book for a knife. After all, the knife could protect them. How could a book protect them? Besides, the Coo-Hatch are like them, lost in everworld and looking for a way out. What could go wrong? Since this is everworld, things do go wrong. The Coo-Hatch use the information in the book and their own knowledge to come up with a new weapon that they plan to test on David, Christopher, April, and Jalil. What will these tests do to them? Will they be able to escape? Read Brave The Betrayal to find out!

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Inside The Illusion

4 ThrillsTold from Senna's point of view, this book shows us what things are like from that side. Unfortunately, that side of the story is no more pleasant than you would imagine. Senna has had things in her past to make her a bit messed up and now she has no concept of trust or true friendship. She is more powerful than we ever imagined and hungers for more, and she is very confident as well. The gang ends up in the Everworld version of Egypt, complete with Egyptian gods. While there Senna sees her mother for the first time since she was small. For her entire life she has lived with her dad and step-mother and not ever known her mother. Then when she does finally meet up with her, her own mother tries to sell her out. Is it any wonder that Senna becomes more obsessed with taking over Everworld than with helping the others get back home for good? We are able to see what she is thinking and find out some of why she is the way she is. And why she doesn't really consider the others as her friends or try to help them find the way home. Will she ever get beyond her past and have a normal life or will she always thirst for power as a replacement for the love she never got from her parents? Read Inside The Illusion to find out.

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Understand The Unknown

4 ThrillsDavid, Christopher, April and Jalil are being held by Neptune underwater in the lost city of Atlantis and they need to get up to the ocean surface to get home. They have to make sure Neptune stays happy just to stay alive, which makes it difficult to get free. Not only do they have to deal with Neptune, but Merlin is in the city as well trying to find Senna. And worse yet, nothing that goes into Atlantis comes out, except the gods. David decides he has to make sure Merlin doesn't find Senna, even though he has no idea how to stop him or how to get himself and the others out of Atlantis. On top of everything, back in the "real" world David meets up with a strange woman. She tells him he needs to close the gateway between the worlds, but once again he doesn't know how. Can David, Christopher, April and Jalil escape from Atlantis? Can David keep Merlin from finding Senna? Can they ever go home and stay there for good? Read Understand The Unknown to find out!

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Mystify The Magican

3 ThrillsThe team, along with Senna, has gotten away from Neptune and are now up on the seashore in Eire, which is old Ireland. It is a time of magic, of leprechauns and druids. The druids and Merlin work together, and what Merlin wants right now is Senna. There's also a BIG problem - Senna and everyone else aren't allowed to leave Eire for any reason. Senna brings in her own Neo-Nazi army from the "real" world through a portal to take care of Merlin, but who she brings may be more dangerous than Merlin and the others in Everworld ever were. Senna plans to use her army to not only stop Merlin, but to take over and rule. As usual Senna has not thought things through, and even she is in danger. Danger is nothing new to the gang since they first came to Everworld. Can they stop Senna? Can they stop Merlin? Which side do they want to take? Can they survive what looks to be a big battle and get back home? Read Mystify The Magican to find out!

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Entertain The End

4 ThrillsEveryone was standing on a hill looking back at the remains of Merlinshire after being led out of it through a tunnel by Merlin himself. Merlinshire, once a great town that existed in the Everworld version of Ireland, was burned, gutted out, and ruined. During the fight that had all but destroyed everything, the battle with Loki the god of mischief, Loki's son had been killed, as had King Camulos. The fight, influenced by the weapons brought in by the kids from the real world, was no longer the usual battle that was waged in Merlinshire, but rather one of technology. The king's family, Queen Goewynne and Princess Etain, had survived and escaped with the others. But the most shocking fatality, the one that was a stunner for everyone, was the death of Senna. Without her, how would April, David, Christopher, and Jalil get back to the real world? And how can they make things right in Merlinshire and Everworld while they try to figure out how to get back? The answer might lie with Hel, who has never been defeated and who has no sympathy for them, who'd just as soon see them dead. Can they work things out with Hel and save Merlinshire? Can they help the Princess and Queen? Can they find a way back home? Read Entertain The End to find out!

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